The Gamer Fruit Chapter 23: Chapter 21 - Davids VS Goliath


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"No No.No" Repeats Bobby while shaking his from side to side.

"Death is the only ending for deserters" Says Robert this time not smiling while a manabomb begins to form on his palm.

"O-Okay I get it" Stammered Bobby fearfully not doubting for a secound that Robert will finish him off.

"How cute a couple arguing but don't worry after you have a feel of my bootay regardless of sexual orentation you won't let go.. cause you will turn to stains on my bootay cheeks. Don't try to resist. You two are not a match for my bootay." Says Twerk.

Seeing the bloodstains covering her body Bobby begins to shake from fear and turn teary eyed. Attempting to beg Robert with puppy eyes Bobby gave his best sad child face he could but.. Aftert seeing Robert just lifting his eyebrow Bobby knew he had a even stronger demon in his party and finaly relented.

"Haa" Yells Bobby is giving his best warface as he tried to trip Twerk by putting his full body weight on her knee.

"Haha.Time do die brat. Bootay Smash." Yells Twerk before she turns around and sits down bootay first.

"Nooo" Yells Bobby in despair when the booty covered the ceilling.

"Manashield"Commands Robert while he launched it toward Twerk using two manabolts to propel the manashield forwards.

"Ehh" Exclaimed Twerk in suprise as she felt something solid like a wall cause her to lose balance and fall front first.

Bang.The entire dungeon shook under her weight but the demons on the current and upper floors were used to it and payed the earthquake no mind, only stopping to say a prayer for the unlucky man to earn Twerk's adoration before going about their daily rutine.

"Manabomb" Commanded Robert before sending it towards Twerks right foot covered in varts.

Boom."Oww" Screamed Twerk in agony as she suffered the same fate as Biggy.

Bobby turns toward the sky and said a prayer for himself knowing that Robert has no place in heaven after his dirty fighting style came to light.

"Manabolt.Manabolt.Manabolt" Repeats Robert turning Twerk to swizz chesse.

"Please spare me!" Begs Twerk with tears in her eyes between her screams of agoney, crawling away as her knees and feet were crippled before she got a chance to run away.

Robert does not respond but climbs on top of her instead shooting at her neck and the back of the head.

20 minutes later

Robert turns to reveal a terror inducing sight because he was covered from top to toe in brainmatter and blood but the wide smile on his face that not even the joker can compare to, Bobby is sure would give him nightmares.

Ding. A blue screen appeared. You have defeated the rare encounter: Twerk. You have earned two levels and the skill:Push
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