The Gamer Fruit Chapter 21: Chapter 20 - Damsels causing distress


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After a heated discussion Robert decided that Bobby should be included in the plan again, his winning aguments mainly being threats and the shield changing hands.

"Hmph" Bobby was about to curse Robert with his mom being in the company of many men and finding his father would prove to be a challenge, a nusery rime the marines often used but held it in and just gave a unhappy snort instead.

1 hour and 34 minutes later.

Clearing out the demons proved no challange after Bobby and Robert began to work together and since the demons couldn't understand english they warning didn't help them until it was too late.

After picking up about 2000 berry and throwing the molten knifes in the inventory, Bobby and Robert passed through the portal to the seventh floor.

After entering the seventh floor a blue screen warning of a rare encounter appears.

The succubus Duckface and her twin sister Twerk has appeared randomly seventh floor.

"Hey Robert what's wrong says Bobby in confusion while looking at Robert with his eyeballs a few centimeters to far out of their sockts.

"What in the Fluucking world." Roberts scream of unwillingness can be heard echoing through the dungeon.

"Nevermind let's go there is no way around it. I just want it over with." Says Robert with a glum look on his face.

Robert and Bobby easily defeated the next groups of devils with the bait and nuke tactic when..the ground begin to shake. Around the left corner a figure appeared that covered well everything from the floor to the celling and that figure was wearing a string bikini.

Robert and Bobby faces turned pale at the thought of fighting and getting squashed like a pancake if that female elephant get's on top of you.

"Inspect" Commands Robert.

Twerk Fireborn
Title:Second Daughter of the Lava Forger
Lvl 27
HP 6010/HP 6010

"Is-s that what you were warned about. I could have used that information, as a yet another point to why I didn't want to be here! You are not asking me to be bait agian right.Right?" Says Bobby while he turns to Robert.

"You.Will.Do.It" Says Robert with a smile that didn't look friendly at all.
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