The Emperor's System Chapter 46: Vengeance


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While Curt was conducting his search, the Wind chasing horse and Silver were now having another heated debate on the ground.

"Oh, you look so wet, I'm sorry, it just difficult for a beast to control their body in mid-air..." Silver spoke sarcastically, as he felt his pent up anger alleviating, and he stared at the miserable Wind chasing horse.

"Oh, fatty, does your fat somehow affect your bladder control?" The Wind chasing horse was really reconsidering the idea of becoming fat, it had always been prone to cold, and so it was always envious of those beasts with a layer of fat to warm themselves up, but now it wasn't so sure anymore.

Silver wanted to bite this ignorant Mule to death! Why couldn't it just speak properly, why did its every word sound like an insult?!

"Shut up, you are nothing more than a low breed!! You are just a Donkey with ridiculous dreams of grandeur!! And if you don't shut up, I will shit on you next!!" Silver roared, but this time, it was in the human language.

"Damn, you can't control your bladder as well as your bowels, that is just disgusting, With all these kinds of problems I'd rather suffer through the cold and stay thin, besides we're in a desert now, so there's no point in adding fat." The Wind chasing horse spoke in such a low voice that it seemed to be talking to itself.

Curt, who was frustrated by his failure to find anything valuable, heard that roar and stood petrified, why did the beast sound so furious? But then he remembered something that gave him a terrible sense of foreboding.

His 'Mystical Donkey' didn't have many flaws, sure it was a low breed among the Wind chasing horses but it was loyal and adorable. Yet, for some reason, his beast had this incredible habit of annoying other beasts.

Nick could hear Silver's thoughts right now especially since it was talking to him directly into his mind, "Master!! Remember that one meal you promised me?!! Just let me eat this Donkey instead, okay? Please master, I think I might just kill my self if I get insulted anymore!"

Silver sobbed and yelled like a little child, Nick felt his heartache, Silver was his first pet, he definitely couldn't let it suffer at the hand of such an ugly beast.

And so, he began coaching Silver in ways to properly insult someone." Now there is no reason to be angry at its words, and you should try to be as calm as you can when you retort, remember violence isn't the only answer, just watch how I drive this Mule to despair!"

Curt had been worried slightly when he heard the roar but was soon relieved to find the beast had not attacked, worried about what would happen if he waited too long he sped up his search as he made even more of a mess around the saddle.

So, Nick and Silver began double-teaming against the Donkey, Silver fired the first shots.

"Hmph, my master is helping me now, and with his intellect and mine combined we will destroy you!!" Silver said excitedly.

" plus zero is still zero..." said the Donkey innocently as it scratched its head with its front right hove.

Silver didn't get angry and only translated what the Donkey said, Nick smiled like that insult didn't matter as he disappeared and appeared behind the Donkey's back, smiling in an evil manner he launched his deception fist.


"Heee.....Hooo..." The Wind chasing horse felt so much pain that it actually yelped, and weirdly, it sort of resembles that of a Donkey's.

Silver was speechless, "But said that violence wasn't the only answer..."

"Yeah I did, but it is the most simple and direct one." Nick was amazed at how he was speaking words of wisdom left and right.

"My Mystical Donkey!!" Curt heard the miserable cry of his beast and immediately turned savage as he roared and flew frantically to his mount.

At this time Nick had used the Crimsom step technique to return to his previous position and was now looking curiously at the Wind chasing horse as if wondering what was wrong with it, and by his side stood two kids, seemingly just as curious as Nick was.

Dean and Maggy didn't see Nick attacking the Donkey, so their curiosity was an honest one, but Peter was different, he stood there with his jaw hanging down and his knees buckling, instinctively protecting his little buddy...

The Wind chasing horse breathed in and out hoarsely. When had it ever experienced such pain, all it now wanted was to die, it looked down and found that it had now lost its most precious jewel and with it, left its purpose to live.

"What happened to you buddy, tell daddy Curt what's wrong!" Curt spoke to his mount mournfully, he couldn't understand what was going on with it, he couldn't find anything anywhere no matter how hard he looked.

"Heee..."The Wind chasing horse slowly removed its hoves from its crotch to show it to Curt.

"Barf...whar...barf...what the fuck happened your...?!!" Curt didn't finish his word as he just stared dumbly at the Mule's crotch.

The Wind chasing horse was regretting everything, why did it have to be a playboy, if only it had stuck with one of the women that chased it, now it would die while being the last of its kind, the only Mystical Donkey in existence, such a tragedy.

"What happened?!!"Curt's eyes were red and had a look of a crazed beast as he demanded an answer from Nick.

"Well..."Nick felt really embarrassed, was he going to say he was offended by a donkey, and he had crushed the beast's family maker to teach it a lesson, no, he should come up with something more intelligent.

"Well your Donkey got a little horny and was unable to ignore the beautiful beast before it, and so it started circling my beast, looking for an entrance..."Nick almost laughed as he listened to his own explanation, but he continued, stifling his laughter.

"But you see, my beast is male, and the only entrance just happened to serve as an exit zone only, if you catch my my pet got angry and stomped at the equipment used for trespassing, your lucky it didn't kill your beast, it is really sensitive about these things, your beast should be thankful..."

Silver sobbed loudly all of a sudden, its years of accumulated prestige and glory were now marked with a stain it could never get rid of, it would forever be known as the mighty beast that got drilled by a Donkey, Nick really had destroyed his hard-earned reputation.

Curt didn't believe Nick and was about to attack when he heard Silver wailing mournfully, and what terrified him was the aura Silver mistakenly release during his cry.

"This...beast, is it in the transcendence realm?" Curt asked in a low voice contrary to his angry beast-like state from before.

And god knows when, but Nick had appeared right beside Curt, and his arms were over Curt's shoulder as he replied in a depressed manner.

"Yeah, what do you think of my pet, I had asked my people to get me an immortal beast, but sadly it got lost in the mail, sigh you really can't depend on the mail service these days."

Curt didn't understand most of what Nick said, but he did notice Nick calling the beast a pet, and the beast didn't object as it continued it wails as if it wished the heavens could hear it.

" didn't rent this beast?!!" Curt asked hoping with all his heart that it wasn't true.

"Oh, no, it isn't worth renting, I found it on the streets begging for change, so I took it in out of pity."

Silver wailed even more miserably, oh, how it wished it could just die, this was so difficult, to be insulted but to not be able to retort.

"Damn it, you deserve this you Donkey, didn't I tell you that we were only here for an inspection and to not cause problems!" As Curt said this he violently kicked his beast in the stomach and quickly turned his back on his mount in order to appease Nick.

The Wind chasing horse was furious, it had just suffered from the most horrid attach, and when it had expected its daddy to help it take revenge, its own daddy actually attacked it!

Angry wasn't enough to describe the Wind chasing horse's emotions right now, as it eyes turned dark and a crazed smile surfaced on its lips, and its legs slowly retracted on the ground as if it was going to use its hind legs to attack, but weirdly the area it was aiming at was Curt's beloved jewels.

Nick looked in horror as he saw what Curt's beast was doing, oh, he should quickly tell Curt!

But how would he tell it to him, also what if Curt didn't believe him and the beast changed its mind midway? Nick didn't want to be called a liar when he was just trying to help someone, besides, he despised those that spoiled surprises, and didn't want to be one of those people.

Staring expectantly at what was about to unfold, he threw looks of motivation at the vengeful beast.

The Wind chasing horse became even more emboldened when it saw Nick rooting for it, as it fiercely kicked out with all its strength while thinking, 'Let us, Master and Mount, reassemble each other more!'



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