The Emperor's System Chapter 45: Make it rain?


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Silver was contemplating whether it should slap the dumb ass human and his malnourished donkey away, or if it should swallow them sneakily to satiate its hunger when Nick mentally ordered it not to take action.

Nick was terribly bored right now, and he could just see from the man's appearance that he would provide some form of entertainment, which was why he stopped Silver from taking action.

Curt sat on his Wind racing horse as he began analyzing his targets, he first looked at the kids, he could see from high-quality clothes they were wearing that they came from a really rich family.

Then he looked at Peter, who seemed to have adapted quite well to flying and was now calmly cooking something, he was cooking by following a recipe Nick gave him, and even though it couldn't possibly compare to Nick's personal cooking, it was good nonetheless.

Curt was a Gathering realm rank five expert and could immediately tell Peter's cultivation wasn't that high, in fact, it could be considered nonexistent since he was still on Spirit realm rank six!

Finally, Curt's eyes slowly focused on the last target, Nick. Nick had intentionally released his cultivation base to make the hairy-chested man feel welcome, and it seemed like it did since the man shot Nick a gentle smile.

"Hello there, my name is Curt, I am part of the border control here, and I'm in charge of inspecting every traveler that passes by, do you mind landing for a thorough inspection?" Curt spoke in a calm yet authoritative manner.

Nick just smiled in interest and quickly understood, that the man in front of him was one of those that liked to role-play a little before any action, Nick really despised people like Curt, that didn't jump into action and took their sweet time acting, why can't people ever be as upright and straight forward as him?

Noticing Nick had ignored him, Curt wasn't angered, but felt pity for Nick instead, why were lots of people going deaf these days, he wondered, as he unsheathed his sword and made a throat-cutting gesture.

Nick, of course, understood the meaning of curt's display but he played dumb as he waved at Curt while smiling as if he had taken Curt's gesture as a greeting.

Curt scratched his head in a confused manner, that sign had never failed him before, maybe he didn't do it right. Feeling like that was the most logical explanation, he repeated the gesture again.

And in turn, Nick waved even more vigorously.

Curt could only sigh in resignation as he put on a very fierce-looking face and pointed to the ground, even a dumb blind person could understand what he meant now...maybe not blind, but a dumb person could.

Yet Nick just stared at him innocently with his head tilted as if asking, what do you mean?

Just as Curt's anger was about to manifest itself in the form of an attack, Peter who was busy cooking came over to Nick and started 'translating'.

He slowly walked up to Nick's ear and whispered, "Sir, I think the man wants us to land so he can rob Us!!"

Nick really wanted to keep the mid-air game on much longer, but Peter and his big mouth ended the game against his wishes.

So Nick acted as if he was an idiot that just understood the whole matter, as he immediately ordered Silver to land.

Silver was having a heated conversation with the Wind chasing horse in the beast language, while Nick and Curt were 'talking'.

"Hey big beast, why are you so fat?" The Wind chasing horse asked sincerely, it had tried to fatten up so many times, to see no success, and being in the desert didn't help its situation, and now that it finally met a fat beast, that it could ask for advice.

"I'm not fat, I have fat, just because you have fingers doesn't mean you are finger, right?!!" Silver shared the wisdom it received from Nick to educate this ugly donkey.

"Yeah, whatever you say fatty, just spill some of your secrets!" The Wind chasing horse grew impatient, why did everyone these days spout so much none sense?

"I'm not fatty!! I am Silver!!"

"Sure you are, and I guess I'm a Wind chasing horse!" The Wind chasing horse replied in a sarcastic manner.

"But you are a Wind chasing horse!" Silver started questioning its eyes, what was wrong with this beast, can't it tell what it was?

"Sure I am, and I guess you are the legendary Dark nightmare that rules over the Barren forest!" The wind chasing horse, now felt that Silver was stupid.

"Yes, how did you know?" Silver asked curiously.

The wind chasing horse sighed at Silver's stupidity. First, it said it wasn't fat, then it called a Mystical Donkey, a Wind chasing horse, then to top it all of, it was now claiming to be the Dark Nightmare!!

Curt had always been embarrassed to call it a Wind chasing horse, so he pretended that it was a new breed of beast, and named it the Mystical Donkey, and after hearing this all its life the Wind chasing horse believed it completely.

"Hey, did you know, my master is about to rob your master?" The 'Mystical Donkey' said. It had given up on the secrets of fatness since Silver was too dumb to know anyway, and decided to taunt it instead.

"Yes, I know he will try, but sadly, with my masters ruthlessness, your master might not even get to keep the hairs on his chest after my master is through with him." Silver replied wrily.

But then Silver felt like a lightbulb went off in his head as he stared sharply at the Wind chasing horse and asked, "Hey, let me ask you, how long can you entertain the ladies with your weapon before you get exhausted?!!"

Silver asked this in hopes of finding someone with worse stamina than it.

"What, I didn't know male beasts got exhausted from such a simple action, I usually play with them until they are tired...maybe your not doing it right...?" The wind chasing horse looked genuinely confused.

Silver was furious, what was there to be wrong about, there is a hole and a stick, you just put a stick in a hole, who could possibly get that wrong...for the second time!

It was at this moment that he heard Nick's command to land, and even though it was furious at the ass in front of it, it couldn't refuse Nick and went in for a swiftly landing.

But before Silver could even land, the abnormally cocky Donkey got in front of it, as if racing to see who would reach the ground first.

Yet Silver didn't chase it, instead, it looked at the sky as if it was thinking about something, and it did something so ridiculous that even Nick couldn't believe.

Nick saw the ugly mule cutting in as if to show off its dexterity, and even though silver could outperform the mule by a mile, Nick ordered it to accept the loss.

But soon, he received a message from Silver that said, " Master, I need to pee."

And before Nick could object, it let loose, Curt and the Wind chasing horse almost drowned as they fought for their lives in a comical manner.

Nick was feeling sorry for the two when he heard vigorous clapping from behind him, he turned to find Maggy and Dean clapping while staring intently at the scene beneath them.

Soon Silver landed and so did the wretched Wind chasing horse.

"You did this on purpose!!" Curt roared at Nick.

"I really didn't, how was I supposed to know you would dive in beneath me?" Nick replied honestly.

Curt felt that his anger would not be alleviated unless he robbed them dry today, and so he jumped onto Silver's saddle and started searching violently.

"What are you doing, sir?" Nick asked.

"Robbing you!! I am robbing you!! Do you hear me, this is a robbery!! I will take every single Spirit stone you have hidden!" Curt said in a crazed manner.

Maggy and Dean were scared, as they turned to Nick for guidance, but he replied with a nonchalant look that said, ' Don't worry, he can't handle your big brother, don't be scared', and just like that all their fears were washed away.

And soon they also started wrecking the place looking like they were having a lot of fun.

"What are you kids doing?" Curt asked curiously.

"We are helping you search for Spirit stones, and we will divide it fifty-fifty after we find them, okay?" Maggy said earnestly like she was conducting a serious business deal while Dean kept searching.

"You want to share the Spirit stones, hmph!!!" Curt snorted before unsheathing his sword and placing it on the table by his side, this was a warning to Nick, to keep the kids in check.

Dean looked at the weapon, then at Nick, before walking over to Nick and asking him why Curt dropped his weapon all of a sudden.

"Oh, that, it's a gift, why don't you accept your uncle's gift, he did give you his personal sword as a gift so refusing him won't be appropriate." Nick imparted moral values to little Dean.

Curt didn't even look at the weapon after placing it down and had gone over to another area to carry on his search, Dean calmly walked to the sword and admired it for a while before he picked it up, not forgetting to bow to his 'Uncle' before walking back to his sister to show off.

Peter just stood there in horror, what in the world was going on, were these kids perhaps crazier than Nick, and what kind of advice was Nick giving to these kids, uncle's gift my ass...

Nick, of course, was vigilant, with his crimson step technique it was impossible for Curt to harm the kids in front of him, so he was simply having fun.

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