The Dreams of a Goddess Chapter 18: 1.16 Visiting the Dead


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So...I've been thinking about the choices I gave you and I think I might've reneged on my decision for choices. Thinking over what would happen, I will give you the surprise of the ML later. No one will know the ML until I give out some clues. It does not mean that the most voted will be the ML. Just so you know. I've been thinking about it and it hasn't crossed my mind until. ML is still mysterious. But I guarantee the ML is amongst the choices I gave you. Don't pull back on me now.

And she had to have an alibi so she had to do the following actions that awaited her.

It was midnight and so Lu Ru went to find a hotel in the city to stay for the night. Lu Ru wasn't really prepared when she got to her home city and so, she knew it was going to be a hassle if she was going to change the original Lu Ru's feelings.

Lu Ru went into a luxurious hotel that Lu Ru remembered in her memories despite having quite a lot of bad feelings associated with it. It was the closest to the cemetery she needed to stop by tomorrow morning but it was the only hotel she knew that she had connections with and knew.

Lu Ru walked to the front desk to see a familiar face of her acquaintance when she came to drop off information.

"Ahh, Liu Jiang ah~" Lu Ru smiled towards him. "Do you have the room reserved?"

"Lu Ru?" the man spoke with raised eyebrows. "Why're you here?"

"What?" Lu Ru looked offended. "Do I have to report to you about what happens to me?"

"Well," the man flushed. "Weren't you always with your brother?"

"Don't. Ever. Speak. About. Him," she seethed as her eyes darkened. "Got it?"

Liu Jiang saw her eyes darkening and knew that she was not in good terms with him.

"Then, if Lu Ru needs anything, here's your key to the room. Is there anything you need?" Liu Jiang steered away from mentioning Lu Zhen and gave her the keys.

"Can you buy me casual clothes? I don't have any clothes other than this," Lu Ru agreed on the offer.

"By casual, please elaborate more on what kind," Liu Jiang said.

"Just get me formal office clothing with the pencil skirt and loose white blouse," she answered, about to take off but she remembered something. "And don't forget the earrings. Choose any earring that would look good on me. Thank you."

Lu Ru took the keys in his hands, flashed him a smile and walked towards the hallway with the elevators and pressed her card onto the scanner.

The hotel was very private and everything had to be accessed with a room key card so Lu Ru felt safe in the hotel despite coming here often with her brother. She was not going to let her bad memories haunt her with the hotel that could be considered first class in her standards.

Lu Ru had nothing to do after she went into the hotel room that was reserved only for the Jox gang purposes so her being alone meant that other people from the Jox gang that needed to be here for a meeting could not come it because she had the highest authority as she was the one who contributed the most information to the Jox gang. Everything that she racked for the Jox gang could be considered more than Fu Xiong's contributions.

It was already past midnight so Lu Ru decided to sleep for the time being because her body was tired. Her body was reacting to the memory that the original Lu Ru kept from the current Lu Ru and she had to acquiesce to her body's needs. Everything that exhausted Lu Ru for the day had swept itself out of her mind as she drifted off into sleep.

The morning had come and Lu Ru woke up naturally to the light that shone into the room. The hotel room that Lu Ru was in the fourth highest floor in which many people would use when there were meetings so obviously, with Lu Ru just there to sleep was different from the vibe that the floor was supposed to emit.

Lu Ru did not feel like moving from the bed but she had to because she had to visit the cemetery. A knock resounded on the her door as she had rolled off the bed. Lu Ru crawled to the door and stood up to turn the knob. When she opened it, she saw Liu Jiang carry a set of clothing that matched her description yesterday.

"Did you sleep well last night?" he spoke, noticing how messy Lu Ru's hair was and her eyes were like a panda's.

"Mmm," Lu Ru groaned as she was not accustomed to having visitors to wake her up. "It's fine, I guess."

"You've been crying, that's why I am asking. Your eyes are like a panda's and puffy as if you cried for hours. Tell me. What happened?" Liu Jiang was like a big teddy bear for Lu Ru to hug but unfortunately, he was taken and Lu Ru just stood where she was as she cleared her mind, hearing what Liu Jiang wanted to ask her.

"Nothing," she grumbled as she took the set of clothing from his hands and looked at him in the eyes. "Thank you."

Lu Ru was not in the mood to continue talking because she didn't like waking up to noises and endless chatter. For Lu Ru to be able to endure Liu Jiang's chatter when he visited, it was a feat that Lu Ru achieved enduringly.

Lu Ru received the clothing and set it to the side before taking another small nap until she saw it fit to visit the cemetery. Lu Ru changed into her formal clothing and put yesterday's clothes into a bag and carried her purse before leaving the room vacant for cleaning.

Lu Ru did not bother eating breakfast and left the hotel at noon to visit the flower shop. She walked into the flower shop and quietly chose out two daisies before walking out and checking out at the cashier.

She took it as a silent day in which she did not want to talk much about anything and walked towards the cemetery slowly. Her mind only thought of one thing: her stillborn children. She lost them since they were little. Being tortured by Lu Zhen when he thought that she was escaping and being unstable when she met Fu Xiong, she lost two babies in her womb. She had secretly snuck to the hospital to diagnose herself if her future chances of having children would ever be affected.

Fortunately, Lu Ru was not affected that deeply in the womb but it had put trauma to her mind. Lu Ru became organized and started loving and taking care of her body more.

And before she knew it, she stood in front of the two small memorial tablets engraved with the names, Lu Kong and Fu Chen respectively dated as stillborn babies.

"Lonesome is a solace.
My heart is stone.
Stones are mourning,
Words are blurring,
Forever, I will remember you,
on the day I looked up to the rainy sky
pouring down on me.

-Lu Kong"

"A mother dreamt, a future for two
Soaring skies, follow the light
Two souls born, only to see
Their lights, gone in sudden peace
However, they shall rest
In eternal peace
For the world, may have forgotten
But a mother's love never wavers
Even in death, forever remembered.

-Fu Chen"

She read the memorial tablets she set under the blooming tree, standing alone in a field of memorial tablets. She remembered the feelings that rose up in her heart when she visited the cemetery for the first time. The loss of Lu Kong and Fu Chen had impacted her emotionally and standing in front of the tablets again, nostalgia hit her again in the face like it was a darkness in her heart that would never be erased.

Surrendering to Lu Zhen and loving Fu Xiong were the two situations that made Lu Ru regret her decisions. However, having two babies that she then lost made her realize there was light in the darkness. It made her realize if she continued to live in the darkness, she would never get out of the ongoing cycle of helplessness.

Lu Ru could only see blurriness as the tears she held came back full throttle. She gently touched her face that was drenched with tears before breaking down, huddling close to her knees.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry," she chanted while sobbing her heart out to herself in front of the memorial tablets.

From afar, the same man came and saw her and stood still in his position in thought.

"Is she...the tiger?" the man checked his arms to see the tiger tattoo pulsing in vigor as he stepped one foot closer to her location.

Small drops of water soon landed on the ground and a servant stood next to the man with a prepared umbrella above him.

"Master, we must get going. Your father is urging you to meet the new miss that you will be arranged for marriage," his servant reminded.

"Tell father that I will not marry her. I will marry her," he huskily voiced as he pointed to the woman in front of their vision.

Her kneeling position did not give his servant much impression of the girl but his servant knew that he could not say much more. If his young master dared to love another, then the order must be relayed to the Master.

"Yes, young master," his servant obeyed. "I'll be calling Master to relay your answer."

His servant pulled out his phone and dialed the Master. Soon after, his servant started responding.

"Master. Yes. I'm sorry to say young master is not going to marry the new miss," the servant answered. "The young master has set his sights on another woman. He seems very interested and he will not be coming back home until later. He says he is sorry that the new miss will not be welcomed in his presence from now on."

The other side of the phone was quiet and the servant hung up the call, assuring that the Master will know what the young master implied.

The young master will be introducing a new miss, not the Master.
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