The Dreams of a Goddess Chapter 17: 1.15 Messed Up


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It had taken a few minutes for the makeup to come off and for Lu Ru to clean herself up. In fact, she want even ready because she had knocked into somebody after she came out of the restroom.

"Oops, I'm sorry," Lu Ru was pushed back by the force that she was unexpected of while she had walked out of the restroom.

She had glanced in the person's direction before pausing. She had felt that his eyes were familiar. Undoubtedly familiar.

Same with the man that had caught a glimpse of her hair dancing in the slight wind that brushed past her. He had seen that look before but yet, he could not pinpoint as to where he had seen that expression from.

Lu Ru had taken away her glued attention to him because she had realized that there was someone waiting for her to come out.

"I have to go. But, um, nice to meet you," Lu Ru slightly bowed before excusing herself while the man looked at her back.

He was thinking that she was going to a girlfriend of hers but he was wrong. He had seen her run towards the owner of the bar that he wasn't familiar with. The girl had immediately attracted his attention but seeing her go with another man was quite off-putting for him.

Meanwhile, Lu Ru caught up and took her hand purse that had slipped her mind when she got out of her seat towards Fu Xiong from him.

"Thanks," she mumbled as she took off before Fu Xiong could talk to her properly.

Fu Xiong looked at how fidgety Lu Ru had been when she had come back to see her hand purse in his hands and sighed. He still couldn't become someone in her heart. Lu Ru was at a low point when she met him and making her see the man in him was impossible for him to do as Lu Ru never really looked at him that way.

He just stayed in his spot for a few seconds before following Lu Ru out the bar and to escort her to the car so he could show her where to go. He had caught up to her and unknown to them, the man that Lu Ru had bumped into earlier had followed them.


"What are they talking about?" the man spoke to his driver as he sat in the passenger's seat in the back.

"There's nothing of importance. They're reminiscing the times they met before," his driver answered. "Boss, why are we doing this?"

The question had made the man in the back made the atmosphere drop a few degrees lower and the driver knew to shut up.

"She will be mine," the man slowly said as he looked towards the two people outside, mainly focusing on Lu Ru.


Lu Ru had talked with Fu Xiong quite well and they had enjoyed the view of the sea on the mountain. They had reminisced of the days where she would just look out the window whenever she escaped to see Fu Xiong. Usually, Lu Ru would cry at the times that she visited him but the days she looked out the windows were the days that they would have short conversations. They talked rather shortly but the silence comforted them when they didn't talk.

They had thought they would end the day with silence but Fu Xiong spoke.

"Why do you want to do this?" he asked.

"Why?" she uttered in the thought of his words. "Because--"

Before she could finish, a headache came her way. Lu Ru had thought her memories were all complete another flash of memories that were foreign to her, flew into play in front of her.

Fu Xiong had seen the pain Lu Ru was in and tried to help but Lu Ru pushed him away. It was odd that Lu Ru pushed him away but something in her eyes changed when she looked at him.

"There's nothing," she said. "There's nothing to tell you. Mind your business. Be grateful that I didn't blackmail you."

Lu Ru had become a stranger to him within seconds and he could not help but be a little startled with their sudden status change. Fu Xiong had thought she would continue but Lu Ru walked away uneasily.

"Wait!" Fu Xiong shouted for her.

Lu Ru had stopped for him to continue.

"I can drive you back to your house," he continued but Lu Ru just ignored him and kept walking.

Lu Ru took out her phone in her hand purse and opened to see the time. It was midnight and the flower shops were not open. Lu Ru could not express the disbelief that she had just experienced.

She had received new memories that happened before and after her escape. She had thought this was not correct so she called out her system.

"Mir. Why did I get new memories? I thought that I already accessed all of it?"

[Replying to Host, the original Lu Ru may have wanted to keep it to herself. When she had surrendered her body to our existence, maybe she didn't want us to invade her privacy. If we have seen all the times that she had spent time with Fu Xiong and Lu Zhen, we can suspect there was quite a gap in the original Lu Ru's character. If they had spent time together, it is possible that something happened.]

"Have you seen the memories?" she asked again.

[What Host can see, I am able to detect new information on what Host receives. However, if the memories you received were private to the original's, I cannot pry into things that do not belong to Host. I only receive the memories that were left in public knowledge. Secrets of the original Lu Ru cannot be retrieved unless Host finds it. Nevertheless, what Host finds will forever be to Host's knowledge. I do not have the ability to share the knowledge Host finds.]

"Then can I explain it to you and you help me?" she spoke to Mir again in hopes of having someone accompany her in her journey.

[This one is to Host's service.]

"Then, if we were to say, Lu Zhen and Lu Ru fought the day she had escaped, perhaps she had a miscarriage? If that's what happened, does it associate it to Lu Ru crying at Fu Xiong's place?"

[If Host is implying that Lu Ru had a miscarriage with Lu Zhen's baby, then that is so. It can explain why the unprotected sex was unusual if Lu Ru did not get pregnant.]

"What?!" he mind exploded.

She had not noticed that the minuscule observation that Mir had could connect all the dots that she already thought was connected. It seemed that she needed more learning of the worlds that was to come.

"And I think she miscarried twice," Lu Ru spoked softly, making Mir talk once more.

[If Host says twice then it may have made the original Lu Ru resentful of both of the people. And so, if Host went to see Fu Xiong, it can disrupt court procedures and drag Host into becoming the victim, witness, and maybe defendant/client. Host can act OOC but remember, plotlines may change based on your decisions contrasting to the original Lu Ru's feelings.]

Lu Ru had seriously gone into a mess that she stirred. Because that she did not find the secret of the original Lu Ru earlier, she was bound to show up to court. And she had to have an alibi so she had to do the following actions that awaited her.
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