The Dreams of a Goddess Chapter 16: 1.14 Fu Xiong


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"F**k off," Lu Ru pushed him away and turned her attention to Fu Xiong. "Don't mind him. He's my cousin, the Mayor's son. Ignore him."

"What?" Qiu Feng was flabbergasted.

Cousin? How were they cousins?

"Your mother is my mother's sister," Lu Ru told him before approaching Fu Xiong.

"Xiao Ru, come here," Fu Xiong patted on the seat next to him.

Lu Ru followed and sat next to him. What happened next had caught her completely off guard. Fu Xiong had French kissed her in front of everyone that was looking at them. Lu Ru tried to push him away with wide eyes but the hands that creeped onto her body were very firm into heir grip. It was a while before they separated with heavy breathing.

"You're needed," Fu Xiong whispered into her ears. "I still love you but I have seen that your eyes reflecting nothing. It seems as if you want to reach out but can't because you haven't found the right one. I know you are emotionally unstable. I will help you just this once because of pure feelings. You came to me crying. I will do anything for you but you should stop depreciating yourself. You shouldn't put your value to be based on what people think of you. Put value based on yourself to choose where you go in life. I know it may make you go onto the road of suicide but look at yourself. You're doing your best in being determined for what you want and now? If you do this and nothing is left, where is your purpose? Look broadly across the horizon. Don't think about the obstacles that haunt you. If you want to face them head-on, you must do it with reason to move on for a better life and look back saying that 'I made myself better and this is where I got in my life'. 'I have grown more than what I was before.' Don't end up in the same place where you started. Please."

His concern had touched Lu Ru's heart. And with the original soul's attachment, Lu Ru had not noticed that tears leaked out and had stained her makeup.

"Why?" she spoke touching her face when she had felt wetness on her face. "Why am I crying?"

Fu Xiong pulled her into his arms and whispered, "Cry all you want. When you're done, I'll take you somewhere you'll like to see."

Lu Ru and Fu Xiong were all in their comforting atmosphere that they had forgotten Qiu Feng who was frozen stiff when he heard that Lu Ru was his cousin. He had blocked everything around him because he couldn't register the new information about them being related. And when he came out of his stupor, he was welcomed by the sight of Fu Xiong and Lu Ru snuggling while Lu Ru continued to cry in Fu Xiong's arms.

He had thought that he knew Lu Ru the best when he saw her when they were little but he thought wrong. They had been separated since the day she left. It would've been counted as 16 years since they last met. And this meant that it was the same year that her brother started getting closer to her.

Qiu Feng had wanted to speak up but someone had blocked his way towards them.

"You're not allowed to trespass through here. This is the VIP section and I believe that you are new here?" a waiter had Lu Ru's order and being the veteran employee here, he knew that the man in front of him did not frequent here most of the time.

The waiter knew Lu Ru because she was always helping out whenever her brother came. When the waiter knew that Lu Ru had found the truth and came here alone without her brother, it had meant that she did not want to be associated with him at all. Lu Ru had been a great help because she focused really hard during her work. Sometimes, he had thought she went overdrive but he soon realized that she never remembered anything was basically an empty shell that did anything that he would give her and she would perfect it. He wanted to repay her for the many things that she had contributed to the bar that grew to this day.

The waiter had coincidentally seen the gun in his hands and quickly manhandled Qiu Feng for the gun because there shouldn't be any guns unless it was the Jox gang and he was obviously not. The waiter immediately the bouncer and they escorted Qiu Feng out the bar.

The waiter resumed his order for Lu Ru and placed her order in front of the cuddly people.

"This is an order for Lu Ru for this margarita," the waiter served it and left them.

The waiter did not need to tell them how much it cost because her drinks were always on the house and even if she did drink a lot, she did contribute the most to the bar and the owner of this bar was Fu Xiong, the person that Lu Ru was currently with.

Their relationship could be told by the way they interacted but they knew Lu Ru wasn't actually looking for real relationships but someone who could comfort her to make up for the time that she never got comfort.

Lu Ru took the margarita despite still crying and chugged it down in a frenzy. Fu Xiong wanted to tell her to hold back but he couldn't because he knew that Lu Ru hadn't drunk in a long time and the last time she drunk was a year ago when she had escaped to find him and literally spilled everything to him. It was also the time that she had a fling with him.

Mind you, the original Lu Ru did not remember the times that she spent with her brother inside the room but she was conscious of picking up random information during the times that she was not. Despite being an empty shell, Lu Ru had her suspicions after time had passed and Lu Zhen never mentioned her parents again like they never had feelings for each other. And when she escaped, Lu Ru had caught bits and pieces of her parents through a recorded conversation that she wiretapped one day on her brother's phone. She wanted to know what he did when she wasn't with him and happened to be informed that she did not think could be useful.

And so, the Lu Ru now, she just wanted to quickly end her tutorial world. She would use anything that the original Lu Ru had at dispense to her advantage. No feeling attached to any one of them. Well, the current Lu Ru had an improved impression of Fu Xiong and so, this time, she was going to spare him because he wasn't a bad person. He wasn't like Lu Zhen, a scheming liar.

Fu Xiong watched her as she chugged down the drink and put it down. He could see the relief in Lu Ru's tensed shoulders. Lu Ru had stopped crying and was about to stand up to leave but Fu Xiong prevented her by grabbing her wrist.

"Xiao Ru, go wash your makeup. You don't want to go out not looking pretty," he reminded her subtly that she had just bawled her eyes out and her makeup was destroyed.

Fortunately, the point had gotten through Lu Ru and she headed for the bathroom and started washing off her makeup.
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