The Dream Heaven from past Chapter 9: All New


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After that what happened in the cafe. Hyun Roo was all broken as she has got that job after too much struggle and lost it because of Baek Hyeon. She was all mad at him. She again started finding jobs and was wandering here and there as she can't face Rose as she had helped her a lot finding that job. And was helping a lot but Hyun Roo can't even repay her. She decided not to go home until ,she found a new job. After searching a lot she got a job and that job was to wear a stinky dress of a fox which is all covered an have to sell the pamphlets of their shop.

She after thinking a lot decided to do that job and wore that dress and covered her face with that fox's face.

She stood on the foot path and was trying to give those pamphlets to the people going here there. But was unsuccessful as no one was interested in that no one was taking them and throwing it away as a trash. But it was the source of money for Hyun Roo at that time she was trying hard to give them to people but no one as at all interested.

At last she decided to attract everyone by singing she thought maybe that would help her getting some crowd near her. And started singing.

" When I first saw you
you were 12.
I felt the light of love coming from you
My heart skipped a beat
I felt the love's heat
For the first time..

I followed you to see you everyday
And when you saw me you smiled
My heart started fluttering...."

And She kept on singing and the viewer started coming 1 then 2 then 4 then 15 and then it didn't stopped. Her eyes were closed and she was just going on and on She didn't even opened her eyes once and there was silence all over as no one was there and only Hyun Roo's voice was moving in the air.

After the song hot over she gently opened her eyes and saw a hundred of people standing there and seeing her when she came back to normal everyone standing there clapped and appreciated her song and the sound of claps were too loud. Hyun Roo's eyes were full of tears as she was never praised like that in her life it was all new for her. She was standing as it was just a dream. Everyone there started putting dollars there for her and they were putting the dollars one by one and praising her. She collected about 320$ She was too much happy and gave every one the pamphlet. When she was going back two people stopped her and asked.

" Miss can we talk to you for a minute?"
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