The Devil's Sleeping Beauty Chapter 226: Not a Chapter 4


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Mello: How many questions do we still have left, Ms. Berri?

Berri: A couple of it but I have summarized some since some questions have the same ideas in it.

Ren Shiyuan: Then we should get this finished as soon as possible.

Berri: Aye, aye, you don't have to tell me. *drinks a glass of water* Now then, let's s resume! The following questions are for Mello.

Mello: Finally! I've been waiting for this!

Berri: Let's begin. Mello, will you still pursue playing the piano even if you took criminology?

Mello: Playing the piano is my hobby, I never thought of being like my mom who was a professional pianist once.

Xia Meilin: Zhenzhen's job has given him a huge inspiration you see.

Nian Jiezhen: *smiles sheepishly* I'm happy that I was able to inspire someone.

Berri: How about inheriting your father's company?

Mello: Right now, I don't have an interest in the business. My dad is still young and has enough strength to keep it going until my brother grows old. Let my brother be the one to take the company.

Lu Yifeng: I plan on retiring next year.

Mello: What? No way! At let my sisters graduate first so that they can take care of the company instead. *pouts*

Lu Yifeng: I already have plans with your mother so you have to endure it until they graduate.

Berri: You two can discuss this once you get home, for now let's go with the next question: Mello if you're already in your marriage age, are yoy going to get married first or are you going to wait until your sisters have found their princes?

Mello: That depends on what will happen in the future. *smiles*

Berri: I see. Oh well... Now then, there are questions for Yong Biqi but sadly she is not here so all I can do is give her a call. Hopefully, she won't mind it if I ask a question to her. *takes her phone and calls the place where Yong Biqi has been imprisoned*

Xia Meilin: She's a crazy person you know.

Berri: I know but the question is interesting so I want to ask.

Guard: *answers the call* Who is this?

Berri: The great BerriApplepi, I want to talk with Yong Biqi.

Guard:... But...

Berri: Do you want me to use my magic wand on you and turn you into a frog?

Guard: I-I'll gets her...

*shortly after*

Yong Biqi: You wanted to speak with me? *she asks with a lazy tone in her voice*

Berri: Yes. I have a question from a reader and it would be nice if you can answer it.

Yong Biqi: I'll give you five minutes of my time.

Berri: Okay! The reader wanted to know your sorrow, to at least understand your perspective. He also wanted to know about your desire for killing.

Yong Biqi: My sorrow? *she laughs* Do I have one? Ah, you mean that slut Yong Sining and that bastard Xia Bolin? If I can go back in time, I would have done it again and kill them with my hands. I always get my revenge. Xia Meilin is there right? *she laughs* Sweetie, mommy will be coming soon for you.

Xia Meilin: *frowns* That's impossible.

Nian Jiezhen: Don't worry, she won't be going anywhere. Her death sentence is in a few months time, she won't be coming back after that.

Yong Biqi: Ah! I know that voice! *laughs evilly* Hahaha! I will-

*tut tut tut*

Berri: *sighs heavily* She just won't give up, won't she?

Xia Meilin: I told you that she's a crazy person.

Berri: I suddenly feel so nervous. I don't want her to come after me you know.

Ren Shiyuan: *he laughs* As if she can do that.

Berri: Now then, the questions left here are all for me. Before I end this show, I would like to thank my lovely readers for their continuous support and because of you all, this fanservice chapters has been released!

*everyone claps*

Berri: Now then for the questions, let me summarize it all. For those who are asking about Mello's love story, I will be writing one for him after I write NJ and RS' love story. The epilogue part of XM and LY's story will continue in details in Mello's story so you all have to wait until then. I already have written the novel for LBB and LXY, it is entitled "Ten Years Late: The Bullied Husband." You can know more about Xia Sinian, especially when his POV is coming up in the following chapters in that novel.

For those who are wondering about the ending of the villain, Yong Biqi is in prison and has been sentenced to death. While waiting for that her life in prison is not easy.

As for Feng Ning, you'll be able to see his part in Mello's story so I can't spoil you all *winks*

To the readers who are wondering about the original bad ending that I have planned for this story. I was actually going to kill LYF after XM has forgiven him. He was killed when he protected XM from Yong Biqi then Nian Jiezhen arrived in time before Yong Biqi would have killed XM.

I have read a question that is I were given a chance to go back in time, will I write the same story or will I change a few bits of it?

Actually, I'm planning to add and delete a few scenes in all the chapters of this novel since I have found something lacking when I read it. I will start re-editing it by the end of May.

So I guess, that would be all! Thank you for your patience and support! I won't be saying good since I know that we will be meeting in 'Ten Years Late: The Bullied Husband!'. See you there! (^^)
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