The Devil's Sleeping Beauty Chapter 226: Not a Chapter 3


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Berri: Little Sun?

Mello: Lu Yang is the name of my little brother. *grins*

Berri: Oh my! So I guess Mr. Lu ended up naming him!

Mello: Mom fainted after giving birth so dad was forced to give my brother a name.

Berri: Whoa, Xiao Yang is so lucky then.

Xia Meilin: *pouts* I was supposed to name him Eli (Avocado)...

Li Bingbing: *laughs* Seriously, Meimei?!

Xia Meilin: It's cute you know. *huffs*

Berri: Well then, moving on... *reads the next question* the next question is for LBB and the second master's children.

Li Bingbing: They are not here. They're at school you know.

Lu Xian Yu: What is the question about anyway?

Berri: A reader wanted to know about how they feel about your wife's 2D hubbies.

Lu Xian Yu: *he frowned* I destroyed them before they can even meet them.

Li Bingbing: *she sighed* That's why I had to install their favorite cartoon characters in their phones for security reasons instead.

Berri: *she chuckles* Poor them. The following questions are for Mr. Ren and Ms. Nian. *looks at them* Are you both up for the question?

Ren Shiyuan: *he smiles at her after he pacified his partner* Yes, we are.

Berri: First question, if you two had met each other before you were able to have feelings for Xia Meilin and Lu Yifeng, would the two of you have fallen for each other?

Ren Shiyuan: I might have.

Berri: How about you, Ms. Nian?

Nian Jiezhen: Maybe? Although it's hard to tell. Shiyuan and I met because of Xia Meilin. If it weren't for her, then we have a low chance of meeting since our line of works are different.

Berri: You got a point. How often do an actor and an SSA meet, right?

Ren Shiyuan: Except if there's a case in my workplace, I could have met her.

Nian Jiezhen: But that's not the case between the two of us. I live abroad and work there while you're working here. Meeting each other will be very hard. By the way, what question is next?

Berri: *she clears her throat* Well, the question is... Have both of you thought of having a chubby baby?

Ren Shiyuan: *he grinned* I was supposed to give an announcement later at the end of this show but since the question has been brought up, I would like to proudly announce that my princess here is carrying my child!

XM and LBB: She's pregnant?!

Lu Xian Yu: *he smiles at Ren Shiyuan* Congratulations, Mr. Ren.

Mello: I'm going to have another cousin? *grins* How many months are you pregnant, sister Jiezhen?

Nian Jiezhen: *rubs her tummy* I'm still on my first month.

Berri: *chuckles* No wonder she's so moody earlier. Congratulations to the both of you. After three years of marriage, the two of you are finally having a child.

Nian Jiezhen: Thank you, Ms. Author. *smiles sweetly*

Xia Meilin: I bet the child will grow up to be so tall, the parents are tall.

Nian Jiezhen: That's why I'm praying for a son.

Ren Shiyuan: Son or daughter, they will surely look as pretty as me!

Berri: *chuckles* We will know it once she gives birth. Moving forward. The question is for Mello and Mr. Lu. How will you react if your Xiao Xing and Xiao Chun are being pursued by men, especially playboys.

Lu Yifeng: Kill them all.

Mello: I may be working as a detective but I will turn a blind eye in that. I have you back, dad.

Li Bingbing: Poor girls...

Lu Xian Yu: I probably would do the same for our only daughter.

Ren Shiyuan: If I will have a daughter, I will never let anyone dirty touch her!

XM, LBB, NJ:...

Berri: Oh dear... I just saw an alliance between fathers and son has formed...

Xia Meilin: *facepalms* I give up.

Lu Xian Yu: *he looks at his wrist watch before he turns to his wife* Oh yeah, we should get going now.

Berri: Eh? Already?

Li Bingbing: *she smiles a bit* Yeah, our son has a fever and he's in the hospital so we really can't stay long here.

Berri: Wait, let me check if there are still questions before you leave. *looks at the cue cards*

Li Bingbing: Please hurry up.

Berri: Yes, yes. *continues to search* Ah! Found one! Let me read it quick. This question is for Li Bingbing: Why did you fool around with other men when you already love Sisi? Also, knowing that you are just having fun, why did you sleep with LXY irresponsibly without protection?

Li Bingbing: First of all, I always made Xian Yu here wear protection back then. *she says seriously* The only times where we didn't use one were during the charity gala, but I'm pretty sure I didn't get pregnant there since I took a contraceptive pill after. If I got it correctly, I might have became pregnant in our last night together after I was forced to live with Xian Yu.

Lu Xian Yu: I was drunk at that time so I didn't use protection, that part was actually my fault/so don't blame my wife for it.

Li Bingbing: As for the fooling around, my heart was broken and I tried to use those men as a rebound. Don't tell me that men are the only one's who are allowed to do that. *She huffs*

Berri: Calm down, Bingbing. *pats her back* Don't be angry, alright?

Li Bingbing: I'm not angry. *she crosses her arms*

Berri: The next question might get you mad so please promise me that you won't.

Li Bingbing: What's the question?

Berri: You have to promise me first.

Li Bingbing: Fine, I promise.

Berri: Why treat your daughter, Lu Mengjie badly back then? Did you ever hate her?

Li Bingbing: *frowns* I never hated my daughter. She may be a little monster while she was small but I never hated her. I know that I am an irresponsible mother for making my daughter feel unloved but during those time, after Sisi died, I was too focused on my son with Sisi because of their similarities. I may not have noticed it myself but during those times... *she pauses and looks down* Xia Liqin is the only one that reminded me of Sisi. I focused on him because I saw Sisi on him. I know that I was in the wrong for leaving my daughter behind. She has grown up and had Sisi as her father, I should have known that she would be hurt too.

Lu Xian Yu: *he rubs her back gently* That's all in the past now so don't think about it okay? *he turns to the Author* Can we leave now?

Berri: I'm sorry for bringing up a sensitive question, Bingbing.

Li Bingbing: It's alright. *she smiles a bit*

Berri: Well, I don't want to hold you back anymore so you can leave.

Xia Meilin: Bingbing...

Li Bingbing: See you later, Meimei, Jiezhen. *smiles*

*LBB and LXy has left the stage*

Xia Meilin: Ms. Author, you of all people should have known how sensitive Bingbing is even if she doesn't look like it.

Berri: *lowers her head* I'm so sorryyyy!!!
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