The Devil's Sleeping Beauty Chapter 225: Not a Chapter 2


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Lu Xian Yu: Madam Author, when will you ask questions for me?

Berri: If I picked your name then it would be your turn, for now, please wait patiently. *shuffles the cue cards before she looked at it.* Oh my! This question is for all the couples here.

Li Bingbing: If it's for all the couples then... Shouldn't Nian Jiezhen and Ren Shiyuan be here?

Berri: They've told me that they'll be arriving a bit late because of Ms. Nian's case. So while we're waiting for them, let's start with Ms. Li and the second master. The question goes... What do you love, hate and tolerated about your partner?

Li Bingbing: *she looked at Lu Xian Yu* Uh... should you go first?

Lu Xian Yu: *smirks* I can wait, besides, isn't it always 'ladies first'?

Li Bingbing: *sighs* Fine. *she clears her throat* What I love about Lu Xian Yu is that he is always there for me to depend on. As we all know, I've been through a lot. I couldn't help but be amazed at his persistence. I have learned to love him... *she looks at him* And I am thankful that he didn't left my side even after all the bad things I did to him.

Lu Xian Yu: *he smiles as he holds her hand and kissed the back of it* I won't accept any other women as my wife except for you.

Li Bingbing: *grins* See how hard I made him fall for me? *she chuckles* This is why he always lose our little games.

Lu Xian Yu: *he raises a brow* You only win because I let you win.

Li Bingbing: *she rolls her eyes* Whatever you say, babe. Anyway, next is the thing I hate about him is...*she looks at him and frowns* I hated him to the core when he destroyed my four hubbies.

Berri: *gasps* He did?

Lu Xian Yu: I can never tolerate someone else calling her "wifey".

Li Bingbing: They're not real! They're the best security software I ever made you know!

Lu Xian Yu: Do I look like I care?

Li Bingbing: Fuck you!

Lu Xian Yu: *he smirks* Oh don't worry, sweetheart, you can fuck me later.

Mello: I suddenly feel bitter for being the only single one here. (TTATT)

Berri: *cries* You're not the only one! *she looks at LBB and LXY* Please answer the questions straight and stop feeding me butter gourd.

Xia Meilin: You'll find the one for you soon, Ms. Berri.

Berri: I hope so... (TT^TT) *she sighs* The same question is asked for you Meimei, Mr. Lu.

Lu Xian Yu: Hey! I haven't answered the questions yet!

Berri: You have ten seconds to answer the question.

Lu Xian Yu: *pouts* That's not fair, you know.

Berri: One...

Lu Xian Yu: I love everything about my wife and hate nothing about her. As for what I tolerate, my special ability is to eat her cooking.

Berri:... I don't think that last remark answers that question.

Lu Xian Yu: Have you ever tried her cooking?

Xia Meilin: Why? Is she a bad cook?

Li Bingbing: *glares at LXY*

Lu Xian Yu: Bad cook? Hahaha! She's the best in the world! *he smiles at LBB* I love your cooking.

Berri: *ignores LXY and LBB* Well then, Mr. Lu, Meimei, it's your turn-

Ren Shiyuan: Sorry for being late. *enters the stage with Nian Jiezhen*

Berri: *grins* Finally! Welcome, Mr. Ren and Ms. Nian. Please take a seat over here. *she points at the sofa in front of her*

Li Bingbing: *she whistles when she saw NJ's height* You're taller in person.

Nian Jiezhen: *she took a glance at Li Bingbing* And you... you're shorter.

Li Bingbing: *her face darkens* Bitch, what did you just say?

Ren Shiyuan: There, there, you two. *he looks at Bingbing* Bingbing, please forgive her, my princess is just sensitive about her height and I know that you are too so let's not argue anymore, okay?

Xia Meilin: *chuckles* I guess she's still the same. *hugs Lu Yifeng arm*

Nian Jiezhen: *she notices XM's action which made her roll her eyes* You're still at it? I'm not going to steal brother Yifeng from you.

Ren Shiyuan: Hey! Who's stealing who? Jiezhen is mine so back off! *glares at Lu Yifeng*

Lu Yifeng:...

Berri: We're here to bond not to fight so, please behave. Where were we earlier?

Mello: *he went and sits beside Author* Love and hate.

Berri: Oh yeah! So Lu Yifeng, Xia Meilin, please answer.

Xia Meilin: I love how patient and understanding my husband is. *smiles* I hated him back then but right now, I don't feel any hate for him.

Lu Yifeng: *he leans and kisses her forehead before he turns to Author* You have to wait and listen for days if you want to know what I love about my wife.

Berri: Uh... let's go on with Mr. Ren and Ms. Nian instead.

Nian Jiezhen: Shiyuan is a sweet guy, that's all.

Ren Shiyuan: *pouts* That's all? Princess, I'm hurt.

Nian Jiezhen: *ignores him*

Ren Shiyuan: Are you still mad at me for hugging your friend?

Berri: Please discuss this somewhere else. If you won't be answering the question then I will have to ask the next one.

Ren Shiyuan: *ignores the Author* Princess, please talk to me.

Berri: *sighs* Next question... is for Xia Meilin and Lu Yifeng. How do you maintain passion in your relationship?

Lu Yifeng: I don't really think of 'maintaining'.

Xia Meilin: *she nods* Yifeng and I love each other so much, we don't really worry about how to keep the passion in our relationship. To make a relationship strong and going, both of the parties should be honest with each other. It's important if you talk your problems out with each other. When you two become a couple, you become one and as one, you have to work together. I trust my husband the most and he does the same for me.

Lu Yifeng: Yes, trust is an important factor in a relationship. I don't know why I was given a second chance in life but I am glad that I was able to travel back in time to correct my wrongdoing. I may still be a bit possessive of her but I am not as tight as back then. They said that the memories of your life will flash in front of you when you're in the verge of dying and that's what happened to me. I realized my sins and I want to be a better person for the woman I love.

Berri: What was your reaction when you learned that you traveled back in time?

Lu Yifeng: Surprised and confused at first but soon after, I wanted to pursue my wife in a right way.

Li Bingbing: But you forced her to marry you.

Lu Yifeng: I was a coward, I was afraid that if I don't marry Meilin at once, she might end up flying to Feng Ning.

Xia Meilin: *she chuckles a bit* If it was the me who still has feelings for Ning-ge, I might really fly back to him after my concert in this country. Thinking back to it... I'm glad that Lu Yifeng forced me into marriage or else, I might regret not being with him...

Berri: Ah, I'm so touched with your love story. Well, DSB is a story about forgiveness and redemption so I am glad that you forgave him and gave him another chance. How many kids do you two plan to have?

Lu Yifeng: After this one, no more. *he says with a serious face*

Xia Meilin: *she nodded* This is our fifth child and I think I have already enough children to deal with. I will be taking care of Xiao Yang and this upcoming child, having two young ones isn't easy.
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