The Demon God Has Reincarnated to Another World Chapter 3: Glenn Veron


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"Hmm let see ...should I use my previous art?, Heaven Annihilation Art, It will make me cultivate faster and the power I'll get will be overwhelming."

After a moment of consideration Grindor shook his head "nah if i cultivate this art i will reach the peak in forty years, me coming here would be pointless, let's pick an art that's hard and slow to cultivate, celestial grand flames art? No to flashy, ahh here it is Hell Fire Incinerating Art!! hard to cultivate and requires many things to level up!!" Grindor smiled as he spoke.

"What is the first requirement to the first stage again? Let me remember ahh i got it!!" Grindor thought for a moment

*Hell Fire Incinerating Art*

Stage 1: (Greater fire)
- absorb energy from the sun and cultivate the art close to a fire/ absorb flame stones.

Stage 2:(purple flame)
- kill and absorb unique mortal stage beast.

Stage 3: (dark fire)
- kill various fire type earth stage beast and absorb beast core.

Stage 4: (white flame)
- kill various fire type sky stage beast and absorb beast core

Stage 5:(molten lava)
- cultivate inside a volcano with a dense heaven and earth energy.

Stage 6:(primordial fire)
-absorb the primordial fires

Stage 7:(Hell fire)
-combine the primordial fire and hell flame

Stage 8:(Celestial Hell Fire)
- kill a fire type God beast and combine the hell fire and the life seed of the God beast.

"Cultivating under the sun or absorbing fire stone huh? If I'm not wrong Gran has some fire stones in the drawer" Grindor thought as he prepared to walk to the drawer but quickly remember something.

"Uhh this body is too weak i can't even walk until 9 months old, sigh... I miss that old body of mine, I only need a week to walk and a month to hunt beast." Grindor thought "no worries I'm an overlord after all let me strengthen this body first." Grindor exclaimed as he gather energy on his body and cast a spell.

"Basic strengthening art: minor strength" Grindor spoke as a white light covered his body.

"Now i have the strength of an adult man" Grindor smiled and stretch his body as he walked to the drawer. He open the drawer and found the fire stones. "Here it is, let me absorb it all, hehehe" Grindor said as he laugh.

Fire energy flow through his entire body and felt that his hands warmed up. As he flick his finger a little fire appeared , as he closed his arm the fire vanished.
"Initial stage of greater fire,Good" Grindor exclaimed

Grindor wanted to practice using the greater fire but he felt a presence approaching the house, he immediately run back to the crib and acted playing on his toys.

A minute later he saw two people entering the house. They're faces are covered with black mask that will make them undoubtedly look a thief.

"Hey are you sure there are fire stone in this place?"the man said to its partner.
"Yes trust me I saw Gran put fire stones in the drawer one time and it numbered over 50, if we can sell it, it will surely be a huge sum" the other man said reassuring its partner.

As the two continued to walk to the drawer, Grindor thought a plan to pin its crime to them. He flick his finger and a fire appeared, he throw the fire to the curtain and started to cry very hard.



Outside their house Gran heard someone crying, As he looked around to find where that noise is coming from he saw a smoke coming out on the window of their house.

"Glenn" Gran shouted and run towards their house worryingly.

As he enter the house he saw two men standing beside the drawer and its son crying. He quickly rush out to save his son and used a water spell to stop the fire and trap the thieves. But as he activated the spell the two men throw some smoke bombs on the floor and the smoke covered the area.

"cough..cough.." Gran coughed and use a wind spell to clear the smoke covering the area. He realized that the two men and his fire stones that he put on the drawer ain't there anymore.

"D*amn thieves" Gran cursed "at least nothing bad happen to you Glenn" Gran looked at his child and smiled.


After the incident Gran quickly made a trip at the city hall to report what happened, As the mayor heard the report it quickly dispatch the city guards to investigate the case and inform the residents to be careful.

As the residents heard what happened they become cautious, But as Grindor heard the conversation of Gran and the mayor,He can't help but laugh inside of his head.

And then a week later some house have also been robed by the thief/thieves they mostly lost their fire stone and spirit stones.

The mayor and the residents became very alarmed and worried as half of the houses in the city have been robed. After a month later it stopped and the city become peaceful again.


"The fire stones are becoming less and less effective, ah well I've already achieve the late stage of greater fire, He he he he he" Grindor laughed as he recall the past months experience "those dumb blocks still didn't figure me out, He he he!!, I have to admit being on this one year old body greatly benefits me. Grindor thought
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