The Demon Against the Heavens Chapter 196: Running like a Rabbi


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Lumia entered the arena first, followed by the others.

The little girl's tiny size made the audience's eyes open wide.

Was this the King's disciple team?

A little girl and a cat walking in front of everyone?

In short, their entry was not exactly the equivalent of Medusa and Aiako's.

Then, why was the cat covered from head to toe with wounds and blood? If before they had been seen as hopeless, now none of the spectators in the Colosseum gave them a minimal chance of victory.

"Have you seen the beast of the group?"

"Yes, but is it injured?"

"Apparently they have had problems during training. Faced with the challenge against Medusa's team they have panicked. Once you lose focus, it's easy to seriously injure yourself in training."

"Such idiots," laughed another.

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"If that's their formation, I did well to bet all my savings on Medusa's team."

Vlad didn't seem particularly interested in all the shouts and whistles the team was receiving. Instead, his eyes were fixed on Atlanta.


Snowflake, hearing the crowd mocking them, was already enraged.

Frankenstein looked at Margherita with a very serious expression. That woman was known as Orma's most promising scientist. She had invented several artefacts that could take the life of a Third Phase warrior in a split second.

Lulu, meanwhile, had already casted several Healing Skills on Snowflake. They needed to be at their best to win.

Among the audience, the only one who did not speak was perhaps Caliban who, in one of the stages reserved for the most important figures of Orma, sweated profusely.

"I know you're a friend of my boyfriend," said a girl sitting next to him with a strange smile. The pitch-black fringe almost covered her eyes, creating a great contrast with her milky white skin. The dark tunic she wore seemed about to burst at the breast, tempted to reveal everyone an aphrodisiac sight.

"Miss, I already told you that I have no idea where Helial is," said Caliban, trying to remain calm. Several years of negotiations made him able not to stammer even in front of big shots of Orma. However, the problem with Circe was not her social status, but, well, her character.

Looking at her black-painted nails, Circe pursed her lips slightly and then put her green eyes on Caliban for a split second: "What are the merchants for if they are useless?"

A shiver ran down the young man's back as he tried to force a smile.

"Stop harassing people. He doesn't know where he is," said a metallic voice.

An imposing black armour walked in small steps towards Circe, and then sat down next to Caliban.

"Shouldn't you be getting ready? I heard you have a fight right after this one," commented Circe, sarcastic.

"I'm not you," said Pseudonym with a hint of mockery.

Caliban was literally about to cry.


How did he end up between the two greatest monsters of his generation? His talent was not bad, but placed in front of those two he would better dig a hole to hide for a lifetime.

With tears in his eyes, Guiccia's son could not help but remain silent and hope not to be involved in an altercation between those two monsters.

"Apparently, the real protagonist of this day has yet to arrive," said Star scratching his chin. "The King's disciple seems to have decided that his sister, at the venerable age of ten, was best suited to carry his team's insignia!"

Lumia looked at the commentator with a flash of contempt in her eyes; that light, lasting a fraction of a second, was tremendously similar to the one often found in Iblis' gaze. Spending so much time with the Devil had also changed her attitude.

"That's all, a couple of brats and a fatally injured cat?" Aiako laughed aloud, "I hoped the fight would be more interesting."

Vlad looked at Medusa's group, making calculations. He then looked at his teammates. "Lumia, can you defeat Medusa in a one on one fight?" Asked suddenly the scarlet-haired young man.

"50-50, I'm not sure," the girl said with a shrug.

The two did not worry that everyone could hear them. They had exposed their thoughts, not caring about Medusa's presence.

Medusa's eyebrows shot upwards, while a disgusted expression appeared on her face: "Did your brother run away like a rabbit and send you to take his place? Don't you realise I can tear you apart in a split second?"

As soon as the woman's words fell to the ground, a terrifying pressure enveloped the Tristia Team. Medusa was using her Aura to squeeze them.

The audience immediately started screaming and applauding. They were there to witness a grim spectacle, not a fair fight.

Helial's group felt a suffocating boulder on their hearts.

Lumia snorted coldly and suddenly clenched her small fist. As if hitting a gong by her side, her punch flew in the air.


Medusa's pressure disappeared immediately and she took two steps back.

"My brother, two weeks ago, was enough for that little bitch of your sister and those four retards in her group. I am enough for you."

Iblis had repeatedly told Lumia that if she decided to pursue an independent and selfish path, she would probably achieve offensive results equal to or even greater than those of his brother. Lumia's crystal-like talent was something incredibly terrifying. Being, moreover, a material to be modelled from zero, Iblis had fun continually testing her.

The little girl had such a carelessness for her life that any challenge the Devil would throw at her, as long as it was aimed at improving herself and being able to protect her brother, she accepted it as if it were nothing.

Silence reigned in the stands now.

The pupils of the two Immortals, of all the bigwigs, of Circe, Pseudonym and Caliban, narrowed to slits.

What kind of power was that girl supposed to have to push Medusa back like that with one punch in mid-air?

Aure tilted his head a fraction.

Although only a few had been able to see it, Lumia's had not been just a show of brute force. No, Helial's sister had found the exact spot where Medusa's Aura flowed, hitting it at the exact spot where balance was generated.

It wasn't just about being strong: to develop such senses at the age of ten, one would have to start training in the cradle.

If Helial had done this, however incredible, no one would have been so stunned. But if his little sister, who was only ten, had been able to make Medusa step back with a single punch, what would her brother have been capable of? 

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