The Conqueror Chapter 1: Eric


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The green grass, bright sun, blue sky, and dreamy clouds. It was a perfect day, not too hot and, not too cold. In this seemingly perfect day, a young boy is working in the field, his name is Eric. Plowing the dirt for hours upon hours, his muscles became sore, and glistened with sweat. Around him were other men and women in the same attire working. They were all slaves.

Eric was bought earlier this year, about 4 months ago. He would wake up at 8, drink water, milk if he was lucky, eat slice of a bread, and go work in the scorching heat for 8 hours straight. He would then take a 2 hour break, and work for 2 more hours afterwards. It wasn't just Eric, this was the routine for every slave owned by Mr. Jones.

Although Eric had it fairly easy, and other slaves were treated much worse by their masters, he was not content. Who would be? Why would anyone want to work for free? If you worked for somebody else compensation was to be expected. Not only that, Eric was born a leader. He was arrogant, and hated the thought of working for somebody else, especially without pay. He wanted to take over. Ever since the second week of him working in the fields, he wanted to take over the farm, and estate.
However, how could a lowly slave do that by himself? After all he was still a slave, and to own land one couldn't be a slave. He had to be a citizen. After working in the farm for 4 months, he had already gained Mr. Jones' trust, and knew almost everything about him. He was just waiting for the perfect opportunity.

Time passed by, and Eric was getting ready to sleep. It was around 8 o clock. Before going to sleep, he would go work out. He knew that in this world, only the strong could survive. He had heard stories from other slaves about mages, and warriors. Most of the other slaves were middle aged, so they knew a lot more about life than him.

Actually, Eric himself wasn't sure about his heritage. He didn't have any memories about his life prior to being sold as a slave. The furthest he remembered was him waking up with chains around his neck, hands, and legs. It was cold, and honestly he didn't want to remember.

Therefore, once he conquered this farm, he would eventually move out. He was not going to be satisfied with living a boring life. The other slaves might be okay with it, but he was still young, and had many years to live. He dreamed of one day being a supreme expert, and the sole ruler of the entire world, and along the way find out more about himself. It would be hard to achieve, but not impossible. He didn't give up hope, and would strive to make it happen. He did 40 sets of punches, 40 sets of kicks, and meditated for an hour. Every punch, and kick was slow, but firm. If one paid close attention they could tell that his punches, kicks, and form, everything was the same in every set. He was not only improving his physical body, so that he would have a good foundation, he was also perfecting his own training routine. At about 10 o clock, he went to sleep.

When he woke up, it was around 8 in the morning. He ate the breakfast, Ms. F had prepared and went to go work. It was nothing new. He would be planting new crops, while harvesting new ones. If no crops were to be harvested or planted, he would look after them.

At about 5 in the afternoon Mr. Jones showed up at the farm. He would usually be filing paperwork, or attending to other business, but for some reason he decided to come today. It must've been a special occasion. "Hello Master, it's rare to see you here. Is there a special reason for your arrival?" Eric happily said that with a smile. However in his mind he was cursing him out. "Just you wait, one day you will be dead and this will all be mine."

"Haha yes, I have good news. Mr. Elias from Blackwood city is making a visit to our farm. He's a prominent business man, and a-never mind, don't worry about it. Anyways, he wants to buy this farm, and is coming here tomorrow. We need to be welcoming, and especially not hostile. Since you're my most trusted slave, I'll leave you to escort him around. Make sure to treat him with utmost respect. He's not somebody we can afford to offend."

"Okay Master, I understand." Eric said with a smile on his face. He was raging inside. When Mr. Jones called him a slave he wanted to kill him there and then, but his life would be worse if he did. He was able to restrain himself. He grinned. He didn't know who Mr. Elias was, but if even Mr. Jones was scared of him, this might be an opportunity, an opportunity to be free.
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