the commander's pregnant wife Chapter 58: Chapter 29: His Visi


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Five hours after Leila and Emily's abduction....

A woman slowly opened her eyes. She was first blinded by the light coming from the light bulb but after a few blinks, her eyesight has now stabilized and she could now observe her surroundings.

It was now five in the morning and she was currently inside one of the hospital ward that she was very familiar with as this is the military hospital inside their camp.

She even inspects her own body and saw that her body is still weak and numb as when she tried to move her limb she couldn't lift it, probably because of the drug that was included inside her drink but, fortunately she could feel that her body is slowly healing, may be a few more hours and the drug inside her body would completely wear off.

As she was contemplating what she should do next after she remembered what happened earlier at the party, Vincent came inside her room and was surprised to see her awake.

"It was nice seeing that you're now awake Lt. Madrigal", Vincent said this while he is approaching Lt. Madrigal's bed.

Lt. Madrigal tried to lift her hand to give a salute to her former commander which is Vincent that is now Col. Gen. Adrianno's Secretary, but unfortunately her limbs are still numb and powerless.

As Vincent saw what she was trying to do, he hurriedly stopped her.

"No need for such formalities Lt. Madrigal and besides, I'm no longer your superior so you don't need to overexert yourself and calmly lie down there", Vincent said as he was standing a foot away from her bed.

"Thank you, sir", Lt. Madrigal said.

Vincent started to inquire her about her condition which Lt. Madrigal informed him that she's fine though apparently, she could not move any part of her body due to the drug's effect but, she knows that in a few more hours the drug would lose its effect.

"That's good to hear that you're fine. Now, I came here to not just inquire about your health but you and me both know that we should talk about some serious matter right now", Vincent said as he explained the purpose of his visit.

"Yes, sir. I understand that you might want to know about what happened at the party", Lt. Madrigal agreed to Vincent's explanation.

"Now, I want you to tell me what did really happened inside the women's comfort room at that time?", Vincent inquired with his serious tone as this was the job that Nicolas relegated to him, which is to protect and take care of Lt. Madrigal as they do not know when their opponent will strike back or anything and also to question her about what really happened inside the comfort room at the time that Leila and Emily were abducted.

Lt. Madrigal narrated what happened at that time. She said that after an hour of drinking, Emily stated that she wants to go to the comfort room to relieve her. And so, she together with Leila accompanied Emily to the comfort room.

She doesn't know what happened but, while they were walking towards the said area, she started to feel that something is quite not right with her body and she started to feel dizzy. Once they made it inside the comfort room, she started to lose control of her body resulting in her collapsing on the floor.

Fortunately, she didn't get any injury from it, but, while she was on the verge of losing her consciousness, she saw that Leila which is the only one conscious among the three of them was assaulted by the two women who come inside the room and they hurriedly put a cloth on Leila's face which made her lose her consciousness.

She tried to fight back the drug's effect on her body but, to no avail she could only manage to last for a few more minutes though her eyes is half closed so that the culprit would not took notice at her.

She heard a zipper being zip and saw that they swiftly changed and swap Leila and Emily's clothes with their own clothes and they managed to do it in a span of only three minutes.

She even heard that the one of the attacker's phone rang, though she couldn't hear it but, fortunately she heard the woman said a certain location and she just deduced that they were going on that said location.

She even heard the other woman asked her partner what they should do with the excess baggage which is her and Leila. The other woman said that they should take her with them as she saw their faces, in which it was Leila which they are referring to, while her, which were as immobile as a log right from the start and feign losing her consciousness, was left inside the room so that no one would suspect anything wrong if they saw a dead body inside the comfort room.

She tried to fight the effect of the drug but she only last for that whole five minutes and slowly she succumbed to darkness.

A few moments of silence engulf the area after Lt. Madrigal narrated what they had experienced a few hours ago.

After a while, Vincent started to talk.

"I should now report this to boss. Also, I assigned two soldiers to guard your doors while I'll be away, I'll come back after a few hours", Vincent said hurriedly and started to walk towards the door when Lt. Madrigal stopped him.

"Sir, I also want to help. That's why, once the drug's effect wear off, please include me in the operation", Lt. Madrigal said as she looked at him with her pleading eyes.

"You have the gall to tell me that you want to help when you can't even lift your own fingers. Your job right now is to recuperate and wait until you went back to your optimum state", Vincent said and started to open the door and went outside her hospital ward.

Lt. Madrigal started biting her lip as she was really angry at herself as it was all her fault why they are now in this state. If she just became more vigilant during that time she could have prevented this thing to happen.

She was really upset to herself but she also know that now is not the right time so wallow on her regret, she must think of a way to help even though it will take a while before she could help them.

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