The Charm of Soul Pets Chapter 683: Silent and Remote Forest, Seducing Scen


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“This, since that’s the case, then we’ll sell this for 80,000 spirits. I hope Lady Xiao’s friend can find the heavenly immortal ice this time.” Elder Huang didn’t make too many negotiations on the price.

Information’s price was in itself very volatile. Lady Xiao had already said very clearly that soul pet palace gave quite some information that was faulty. Elder Huang knew of this too, so he, of course, had to make some slack in terms of pricing.

Following, the faction elders all continued to auction off the soul items in their hands. However, Chu Mu no longer had any attention on that because he clearly remembered that Lady Xiao mentioned that the person asked her to buy it a few days ago!

Other than Liu Binglan, who else was constantly looking for information on Wordly Immortal Ice? Chu Mu immediately focused his soul remembrance into a voice and sent it to Lady Xiao, “Lady Xiao, is this friend of yours soul palace Noble Woman Liu Binglan?”

Lady Xiao specially glanced at Chu Mu. She knew this man was the most outstanding young generation member of soul palace Chu Chen. However, she was secretly wondering how this Chu Chen knew that the friend of hers was Noble Woman Liu Binglan.

“She is.” Lady Xiao didn’t hide it and nodded.

“Where is she right now?” Chu Mu quickly asked again.

“In the nearby cities, why are you looking for Binglan?” Lady Xiao said.

Chu Mu’s eyes brightened. He didn’t expect to find Liu Binglan in Wogu City.

“Can you help me tell her that I, Chu Chen, am in Wogu City……” Chu Mu replied.

“Transmit that message? She might not want to see you.” Lady Xiao clearly didn’t know Chu Mu was Liu Binglan’s son.

“If you tell her my name, she will come see me.” Chu Mu said.

“Oh?” Lady Xiao raised an eyebrow, clearly questioning Chu Mu’s words but also curious.

Soul Palace Chu Chen was a very famous young generation member of soul palace and had fame all throughout Tianxia Realm, but even then, he was still a large distance away from soul palace noble woman’s position.

Lady Xiao understood Liu Binglan well. She almost never went to see outer people. Many people in soul palace and even palace masters had never seen this mysterious noble woman.

What astonished Lady Xiao was this young man didn’t say that the noble woman would agree to see him if his name was said. Instead, he said the noble women would come forth and see him. This didn’t make any sense.

“Okay, when I hand this information scroll to her, I will tell her. But you have to be prepared to be rejected.” Lady Xiao was curious but didn’t ask much.

Chu Mu nodded and didn’t say much more.


Afterwards, Chu Mu sold the heavenly devil insect soul pet egg for 9000 spirits. Adding on Lady Xiao’s 41,000 spirits, Chu Mu gained a total of 50,000 spirits.

And, before Chu Mu still had 10,000 spirits left, meaning Chu Mu had a total of 60, 000 spirits. As for the remaining 3000 spirits from Luo Hei and Sun Qiming, Chu Mu was saving that for soul pet food.

A first rank emperor rank beast type soul crystal appeared on the auction house. Chu Mu spent 10,000 spirits to buy it. Now, if he could find a bug type emperor rank soul crystal, Chu Mu could strengthen little hidden dragon from sixth phase to seventh phase.

Little hidden dragon becoming seventh phase may not match emperors, but after this strengthening, when it was eighth phase, little hidden dragon could probably match pseudo emperor ranks!

It was a pity that the auction never had any bug type emperor soul crystals. Chu Mu was disappointed, but could only go and look for it through other means now.


After the spirit emperor auction ended, Chu Mu directly left great Chu family. Originally, Chu Tianren was going to go back to the Wogu City residence.

Chu Mu and Chu Tianren both didn’t stay in great Chu family. Once the spirit emperors left, most people stayed while only some people left for further places overnight.

“Hei hei, I have a date, you kid can go back first.” Just as they were walking out of Great Chu Family, Chu Tianren laughed licentiously and said to Chu Mu.

Chu Mu could guess that Chu Tianren probably allured some female noble woman in the great banquet and wanted to enter her room late night and do some dirty deeds.

“You’re not young anymore, careful of your body.” Chu Mu reminded Chu Tianren.

Chu Tianren immediately fumed and said, “Don’t say nonsense, I, Chu Tianren remain strong (in all factors)!”

Chu Mu was speechless towards Chu Tianren. He could only walk silently down the mountain path himself.

In the night, the Chu Mountain was full of guards, so the mountain steps were still full of lights at midnight.

Chu Mu walked a strange path. After summoning night thunder dream beast, he directly passed through the mountain path full of trees and took a quieter small path towards Wogu City.

Once Chu Mu reached spirit emperor, soul remembrance was more sensitive. What caused him to be very helpless was, when he was passing through what was supposed to be a lonely forest, he could always sense in places where moonlight didn’t reach a lot of slightly tipsy yet rushed breathing, adding a bit of an undertone to the bleak night.

“These people……” Chu Mu shook his head bitterly. After a large banquet, there were always pairs deep in love or promiscuous partners that would get together crazily afterwards, meaning this silent forest became their best grounds for release…...

Chu Mu was rather conservative in the matters of relationships. These actions of release in the wild, though may not be unacceptable, were things he wouldn’t ever do; it was too wild.

Of course, he was thinking of that. However, if Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi were walking around in a moonlit forest without anyone around ,and a spark accidentally started, who knows if the conservative Chu Mu could stop Ye Qingzi’s heart-pulling allure and also get wild like these people.

“Ah, you really came, that’s amazing!”

Chu Mu was just thinking about these people’s lack of control when a soft but sexy voice came from aside.

Chu Mu was confused and turned around to find that, under a tree with moonlight and shadows, a mature and curvaceous woman laid against it and stared at Chu Mu with coquettish glances.

When Chu Mu passed through this, he didn't know this would be the sacred grounds for men and woman alike. And since it was to go home, he didn’t specially go quickly.

Yet, he didn't think he would accidentally walk by, and a single woman would flag him down. This caused Chu Mu to feel strange.

She used soul remembrance to send it into Chu Mu, so that was definitely directed to Chu Mu.

“I think you have the wrong person.” Chu Mu said lightly. Looking through the darkness, he somewhat felt that the graceful mature woman was familiar.

“Are you not Chu Chen?” The female stepped small steps slowly over, swaying her hips like an alluring snake as she slowly neared. Her red lips and delicate nose combined with a few strands of hair drooping down created an even more absorbing scene.

Chu Mu examined this woman who was nearly five meters away, he suddenly realized that this woman stayed by him during the banquet and mentioned something beside Chu Mu.

Of course, Chu Mu didn’t mind it then since too many girls were sending signals to Chu Mu and whispering to him, saying things that Chu Mu couldn’t even understand…...

However, Chu Mu finally knew what the few words she uttered by his ears meant…...

This caused Chu Mu to laugh bitterly.

Passing by being mistaken as coming for a date, this is hard to explain.

“Speaking of which, why did I walk this way? Could it be my subconscious wanted this?” Chu Mu asked himself.

When selecting the way back, he almost subconsciously selected this place and subconsciously walked all the way here. Thinking back now, in normal situations, he should have just followed the chu mountain path back to wogu city. He didn’t need to take a shortcut at all.

“On the banquet, you were surrounded by too many girls. I didn’t have time to talk to you much. Now, we have all night to slowly talk to each other.” The mature and sexy woman was already very near Chu Mu as she put an extra emphasis on “slowly talk”, sending a slight shiver down one’s spine.

A special scent came through and flew into Chu Mu’s lungs, causing Chu Mu to feel something in his body stir.

This arousal came very swiftly. Even when Chu Mu hugged Ye Qingzi closely and felt her soft skin, he didn’t feel it as quickly as this.

“En~~~ don’t worry, there’s no one here~~~~~” The girl’s voice was very soft, sparking imagination in everyone’s minds.

Seeming to sense Chu Mu’s eyes start to become unfocused, the woman pressed herself against Chu Mu, her chest lightly rubbing against his as she hugged him. Lifting her beautiful face up, she let out a string of charming chuckles.

It wasn’t that Chu Mu had no interest in sexy women. His clear thinking and logic meant that he only wanted to be close to women he truly loved. These primal desires Chu Mu usually controlled and threw away.

This wasn’t Chu Mu’s first time in contact with a woman, but for some reason, this time felt much stronger than before. It was like a voice was telling Chu Mu to hug this sexy woman and enjoy. No one will know, no one will care, and the night will be great…...

“What’s wrong, what’s with me?” As Chu Mu’s body was burning, he constantly asked himself.

“Men, why need to restrict yourself? It’s just a need, as well as proof of being young…..” For some reason, Chu Tianren’s corrupting voice sounded in Chu Mu’s mind, like telling Chu Mu to do things he shouldn’t be doing.

Chu Mu felt his body growing increasingly uncomfortable.

Now, he felt that he needed to release himself, strip this woman bear and enjoy her soft body as much as he liked to release this.

It was just like how Chu Mu would uncontrollably hug ice when nightmare flames burned his soul to try to cool down.

“No!! Something’s very wrong!!”

“Why am I here, is it true that I stepped here by coincidence?”

“This smell…… is this an aphrodisiac!” A logical voice sounded in Chu Mu’s mind amidst the brink of exploding.

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