The Charm of Soul Pets Chapter 378: Accidentally Capturing a Mature Binding Wind Spirit


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Chapter 378: Accidentally Capturing a Mature Binding Wind Spirit

After the Li City battle, Chu Mu had been baptised by the Jade Spring Holy Blood and his strength had already taken a step towards the fourth remembrance spirit master. When he went from Dun City to Tianxia City, he had reached the fourth remembrance spirit master level.

Yet, the Jade Spring Holy Blood’s effects didn’t completely end there and it pushed Chu Mu towards the fifth remembrance spirit master. With the White Nightmare’s present threat, he finally entered the fifth remembrance spirit master level!!

The increase of soul remembrance meant that his soul was getting stronger and the moment his soul got stronger, his own consciousness would prevail. Gradually, the White Nightmare’s soul was suppressed by Chu Mu.

As Chu Mu’s soul remembrance increased, the burning soul pain slowly became weaker. This wasn’t actually because his soul temperature had lowered, but because his soul’s ability to endure had grown stronger.

The devil flames on his body that weren’t under his control submitted and Chu Mu’s own consciousness gradually recovered. His pale white face now had a trace of blood red in it.

Heavily gasping for air, Chu Mu wiped away the sweat on his forehead and cracked a smile. His soul remembrance increase to a certain level meant that he could increase the ability for his soul pets to mentally endure. This meant that the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s demonic techniques would be significantly strengthened. This was another increment increase for Chu Mu’s strength.

A fifth remembrance spirit master. Looking at things from a pure soul remembrance level, Chu Mu was probably stronger than the second grade’s experts because a majority of them were in the spirit master level!

“Nie~~ Nie~~~~”

The White Nightmare’s wild schemes had been suppressed by Chu Mu once again. This vile nightmare seemed to sense Chu Mu’s imposing grandeur and could only obediently kneel in the soul pet space. It didn’t dare make any more moves.

“There’s nothing to be guilty about. Devouring the souls of others is your instinct.” Chu Mu pacified the danger from the half devil and felt the White Nightmare’s mood change. He didn’t have any hate towards the White Nightmare and instead placated it in a neutral tone.


The White Nightmare faintly let out a shout, and obediently stayed there. The White Nightmare was indeed afraid of Chu Mu, especially after his strength had gotten stronger. It was extremely afraid that Chu Mu would get fed up with its wild schemes one day and banish him.

What this nasty nightmare hadn’t expected was that Chu Mu didn’t even cruelly attack it, instead he placated his guilt and sins that stemmed from his instinct. This made the White Nightmare feel slightly moved in his gradually maturing heart...

Chu Mu had never discriminated against any soul pet before, including this wildly scheming White Nightmare. In his opinion, this White Nightmare’s devouring was an instinct that it couldn’t control. Blaming and punishing the White Nightmare was of no meaning.

Moreover, if it wasn’t for the White Nightmare’s perpetual pressing threat, Chu Mu’s strength could not have increased so quickly. Therefore, Chu Mu would never treat the White Nightmare like he treated an enemy and had always considered the White Nightmare to be his soul pet.

The increase of soul remembrance caused his mind to recover to a rather full state. Upon realizing that he was in the depths of a place where he had no path to follow, Chu Mu’s brows creased.

Looking as far as he could in all four directions, aside from the chaotic wind, there was nothing else. For a moment, Chu Mu didn’t know which way to walk.

“When did I become a good person?” Chu Mu examined the wounds on his body and bitterly laughed as he spoke.

If he hadn’t saved Ting Lan, he wouldn’t have gotten caught up in danger. Chu Mu gradually discovered that his character seemed to have changed.

“Night!” Chu Mu chanted an incantation and summoned the Night Thunder Dream Beast in front of him.

Jumping onto its back, Chu Mu had it first head in a certain direction and used the movement to feel the fluctuations in wind strength.

Chu Mu presently had no sense of direction, but he knew that by heading towards the direction where the wind was weaker, he would definitely be walking towards the no wind zone.

Chu Mu didn’t walk for too long when he quickly discovered a woman riddled with injuries curled up on the ground. This woman had clearly been unconscious for a period of time already. Her clothes were in tatters and blood stains had appeared on several spots of her white skin; her head of long hair was fluttering with the wind.

“Ting Lan?” Chu Mu had the Night Thunder Dream Beast walk towards the unconscious woman and then held her in his arms as he fed her an eighth level healing medicine.

Ting Lan’s injuries were showing signs of recovering, but there would be definite difficulty in having her wake up. After all, the dizzying effect of the ninth rank wind type technique was extremely powerful, and the dizzying strength had nothing to do with defense...

Chu Mu saw that he was unable to rouse Ting Lan and could only carry her onto the Night Thunder Dream Beast. He brought her along as he headed in the direction where the wind zone was growing weaker.

After proceeding for a period of time, Chu Mu discovered that this place wasn’t that far from the wind pit area from before. Moreover, when he looked behind, he was even able to see an enormous wind pit; this evidently was the effect created by the tenth rank wind type technique from before.

“Tenth rank. This is true strength!” looking at the wind pit which he couldn’t see the end of, Chu Mu’s heart was billowing. He didn’t know when he would be able to reach this realm, after all, his soul pets at the moment didn’t even have a technique that could produce the might of a ninth rank. The difference between a ninth rank and tenth rank was further an enormous chasm that required an increase of several levels before finally reaching it.

This place was still extremely close to the incomparably powerful wind type soul pets so Chu Mu knew that he couldn’t stay here for long. Promptly, he had the Night Thunder Dream Beast speed up and rapidly left this terrifying wind zone.


Suddenly, a weak voice sounded in Chu Mu’s ear.

Chu Mu remembered this shout; it was the sound of the Binding Wind Spirit; only, this sound didn’t seem as clear as before. Instead, it seemed to be dying.

Chu Mu quickly realized something. He grit his teeth and took advantage of that powerful wind type soul pet not appearing to perhaps successfully capture that child Binding Wind Spirit!

Indeed, as he moved leftwards, a petite and delicate creature appeared in front of Chu Mu’s eyes. It had clear and limpid eyes and under its body was circling a special stream of air. The Binding Wind Spirit looked exactly like a naturally nurtured small fairy. When it was silent, it gave people a feeling of pity and harmlessness.

Moreover, next to this child Binding Wind Spirit was also an even more mature Binding Wind Spirit. This clearly was the eighth phase high stage Binding Wind Spirit that had attacked Chu Mu earlier.

Presently, this Binding Wind Spirit’s body was covered with injuries, as it had suffered a heavy blow from the powerful wind type technique. It was dying with the child Binding Wind Spirit and didn’t have any fighting strength.

“The Binding Wind Spirit is also wounded. This means that the soul pet that created the tenth rank wind type technique is a different species that these Binding Wind Spirits.” Chu Mu looked at the Binding Wind Spirit in front of him and revealed a delighted expression on his face.

It seemed that after escaping from a calamity, there had to be good fortune. When Chu Mu had previously seen the Binding Wind Spirit fight against the Linyin Beast, he had developed a great interest in this soul pet. Right now, his fortune was extremely good as he had encountered this defenseless child Binding Wind Spirit. Thus, emotions were surging in his heart.

Chu Mu hastily grabbed Ting Lan’s hand and took her only soul capture ring from her hand. He jumped in front of the child Binding Wind Spirit without any fighting strength and slowly chanted a soul capture incantation.

Chu Mu had presently already reached the fifth remembrance spirit master and his soul capture ability had gotten stronger. This wounded child Binding Wind Spirit ostensibly could not break free of Chu Mu’s powerful soul bind!


As he was chanting the incantation, a soul pet’s shout rang out once more in his ears.

The Hurricane Fairy!!

Even without needing to turn around, Chu Mu knew that a few hundred meters away, the four Hurricane Fairies were rapidly charging towards this place.

The tenth phase Hurricane Fairies had signs of being wounded, but these guards flew here bravely without thought of personal safety. They were determined not to let this human take away the child Binding Wind Fairy they were protecting.

Chu Mu knew that even if the tenth phase Hurricane Fairies were wounded, it would be extremely hard for him to deal with them. Promptly, he sped up the soul capture incantation.

“Qing~~~~~Qing~~~~~~” struggling next to the child Binding Wind Spirit, the mature Binding Wind Spirit let out a series of sharp and angry cries. This eighth phase ninth stage Binding Wind Spirit’s intelligence was extremely mature and it knew that the moment this huma completed the incantation, the child Binding Wind Spirit would definitely be captured. Therefore, it began to unceasingly move towards the child Binding Wind Spirit in attempt to stop the human’s actions.

Although the eighth phase ninth stage Binding Wind Fairy had been wounded and wanting to capture it was easy, the chances of signing a soul pact with it was extremely low. Since there wasn’t much meaning in taking it away, the truly valuable one was the child Binding Wind Spirit.

Chu Mu’s soul capture target happened to be this child Binding Wind Spirit.

When the Hurricane Fairies neared three hundred meters of him, Chu Mu finally finished the soul capture incantation. The soul capture light flickered in between his two hands and transformed into a star-like halo that fell on the child Binding Wind Spirit.

Seeing the soul capture halo’s appearance, Chu Mu’s heart was a bit excited because in merely a second more, this Binding Wind Spirit would belong to him!

Under the envelopment of the soul capture halo, the child Binding Wind Spirit didn’t have any place to dodge.

However, just as Chu Mu figured the soul capture halo was going to envelop its body, the adjacent mature Binding Wind Spirit suddenly flew in front of the child Binding Wind Spirit. Letting out a sharp cry, it unexpectedly used a technique Chu Mu had never seen before and forcibly transferred the soul capture halo onto its body!

Technique transfer!

Chu Mu was stunned, completely not expecting this Binding Wind Spirit to have such an ability that could transfer a technique that was originally being used on another soul pets body onto its own!

The soul capture halo fell on the eighth phase high stage Binding Wind Spirit’s body. The Binding Wind Spirit could have originally relied on its intelligence to defend against this human’s soul capture technique, but it never expected this human’s mental strength to be much stronger than its own!

After struggling numerous times, this eighth phase high stage Binding Wind Spirit was ultimately unable to escape Chu Mu’s soul capture ring, and was forcibly collected into the soul capture space!!