The Charm of Soul Pets Chapter 1019: Take Down Spring City


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Feng Shen finally knew what it meant to ridicule himself. As a city master, he naturally couldn’t really kill his subordinates. With two soul pets left, he had to fight this man.

“Kill this man.” Chu Mu didn’t waste his time with such a man, and gave devil tree battle soldier a command.

Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s roots quickly passed through the last two soul pets of Feng Sheng, causing roots to writhe within the two soul pets like veins, quickly draining all their life.

In a moments time, the two soul pets lost all signs of life and laid onto the ground like a corpse. Devil tree battle soldier. Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s wounds from the previous fight healed up as a result!

The Ying Scar aside saw that devil tree battle soldier completely healed up and fell into despair. He had given up multiple main soul pets just to leave a mark on this devil tree battle soldier, yet a single life force absorb caused all his efforts to be in vain!

Chu Mu didn’t spare anyone. After giving a command, the city master Feng Sheng and Ying Scar both became corpses.

Having killed the two generals left in the city, the remaining soul alliance army wasn’t of any threat, especially with top tier emperor ranks.

Blood started flowing through this ruin like city area. With the rainy season, the entire region became a sloshing blood pool that washed around, unable to flow into the sewers properly.

The rain fell on their faces, causing Shen Kun to finally awaken from his killing, and realize that the battle seemed to be over.

Under the lead of top tier emperor ranks, the elite team was unstoppable and didn’t suffer many losses, easily beating many of their enemies. Seeing the ground full of corpses while the elite team was relatively well preserved, Shen Kun couldn’t even believe it himself that they had won!

Of course, Shen Kun knew that without the three people’s powerful aide, this ambush easily would have killed them all, so he was even more thankful and grateful for the three of them.

“Elder Shen Kun, bring those wounded members to city master fort. The city master fort has quite a few soul teachers that can be captured to heal your members.” Ye Qingzi said to Shen Kun.

Shen Kun hurriedly nodded and told the rather unharmed soul pet trainers to come forth and help the wounded members.

“Go save them first, they’re more wounded.” Ye Qingzi pointed at the people within the plant wall.

“They…..aren’t they dead?” Shen Kun stared blankly.

Having been absorbed in killing, Shen Kun naturally didn’t notice Ye Qingzi casting spells on the people that seemed to already be dead.

“I gave them a group healing spell, many of them should still have their lives. Let’s save them first.” ye Qingzi said.

Shen Kun nodded and quickly told everyone to bring all the wounded members into the relatively intact city master fort.

The mission hadn’t been completed. After all, once the soul alliance army received news of this, they would bring back the large army to take spring city back. That would be another tough fight.

After cleaning things up, they still had the fighting power of around 1500 people. These people had to be spread out on the city wall to prevent soul alliance from taking the city back.

“Elder Shen, the frontier team had 321 deaths and 684 surivvors. They lost around a third of their soul pets. The rest have their wounds under control.” The sub commander quickly ran over to tell Shen Kun the statistics.

At first Shen Kun was ready for a heavy loss, but hearing this, he felt something was wrong.

“Are you sure you didn’t get the statistics mixed up?” Shen Kun asked.

However, even if they got it backwards, having a third survive was a miracle!

“No, Lady Ye is a very outstanding soul teacher and support soul pet trainer. She casted a group healing spell that saved everyone that had a chance at living, reducing our losses to a minimum!” The sub commander said excitedly.

Shen Kun didn’t even say another word and hurried to the medic ward.

When he saw six hundred people and thousands of soul pets receiving healing calmly, including the frontier team leader, he was too emotionally moved to speak.

It was because of a commanding error on his part that nearly caused three thousand people to die. Shen Kun was constantly guilty about it. Having six hundred people of a thousand person team still alive was the greatest news amongst the bad news!

“Unbelievable, truly unbelievable!!” Shen Kun said.

“Yes, I’ve never seen a soul teacher with such remarkable soul arts, she’s truly an angel!” The sub commander said.


The following matters didn’t require Chu Mu’s attention. War was war. When it came to wanxiang realm’s tens of thousands of cities and millions of armies, Chu Mu could only affect a small area at a time. Maybe it could affect the war slightly, but it was negligible. To truly win the war, Chu Mu had to get stronger and make sure their higher powers could compete against soul alliance!

After taking the city down, the soul alliance army’s morale disappeared along with their supplies and escape route. Seeing that they couldn’t take down Wufang City after a while, they had to bring everyone back to then try to take over spring city.

After the siege, three palace regained their energy. Seeing the enemy retreat, they decisively chased up all the way to spring city.

Spring city’s door had been locked shut already and had six thousand monarch rank soul pets guarding it. The soul alliance army was locked between its own city’s high standing plant and rock walls. After a gruelling fight, they escaped towards the west!

Three palaces didn't choose to keep chasing. When the soul alliance escapees ran towards the forest, chasing after them may not allow them to kill many. The task at hand was to ensure spring city was fortified!

The army that entered the city quickly took over the command of the city. Those unwilling to submit were naturally killed without hesitation.

“Shen Yue, I told you not to be a part of such a dangerous event, look….. If you died, where would I go to find such a pretty woman like you.” Ye Wansheng walked into city master fort and dragged Shen Yue out first.

He heard in Wufang City that Shen Yue’s army was ambushed, and killed his way out in anger, causing the morale within Wufang City to raise greatly and allowed them to retake all the ground they lost.

No matter what, seeing Shen Yue safe, Ye Wansheng was relieved.

“It’s because of your sister and her two friends that I’m fine, or else I would probably not be standing there.” Shen Yue said.

In reality, Shen Yue was fine. She herself was powerful, so even after getting ambushed, escaping wasn’t hard for her. However, others would have died without the three.

“My sister, which one?” Ye Wansheng lifted an eyebrow and asked.

Ye Wansheng roamed the world, and often had some women who had unclear relationships with him that called themselves sisters. When Shen Yue mentioned it, he naturally had to clarify.

However, the moment Ye Wansheng said that, he felt a cold breeze pass by his neck.

“You have many sisters?” Ye Qingzi said coldly.

“I wasn’t talking about those women, I meant Ye Qingzi.” Shen Yue said angrily but in her heart, she was laughing at his misfortune.

Ye Wansheng turned around to see Ye Qingzi and quickly smiled, spewing out, “My good little sister, there you are! I’ve missed you for so long…… Speaking of which, Qingzi, you’re getting even prettier. That’s strange; when you were with me, you were always just an ugly duckling, but why are you now an angel after staying with that man for a while……”

Ye QIngzi was speechless about her blabbing brother. Originally, she felt good about seeing her only family, but his words quickly caused her to want him to leave immediately.

Ye Wansheng was also puzzled. How could he meet Ye Qingzi here? If she was here, then Chu Mu must be nearby too. Thinking of recent news, that man was like a god; Ye Wansheng couldn’t wait.

“Aha, that’s what I mean, Chu…… Fangchen you definitely are here!” Ye Wansheng quickly saw Chu Mu walk over.

Chu Mu saw Ye Wansheng and smiled, “Long time no see.”

Aside Ye Wansheng, when Shen Yue heard that the man was Chu Fangchen, she stared blankly, and looked more in detail before noticing some resemblance the figure had with Chu Fangchen.

“So you are Chu Fangchen.” Shen Yue met Chu Mu in the past but would never have expected Chu Mu to become this powerful afterwards. She was naturally even more in awe than she was previously.

There were no outsiders there. Shen Yue was Shen Mo’s sister and Ye Wansheng’s wife, so Chu Mu’s identity didn’t have to be kept an absolute secret.

“This beauty is…..” Ye Wansheng’s eyes were sharp and didn’t bother exchanging words with Chu Mu, instead noticing Mu Qingyi.

Mu Qingzi was still wearing her veil, but the thin veil couldn’t block her beauty and spirited character.

“No need to introduce yourself……” Ye Wansheng lead and quickly said, “I know, this must be the all powerful, descendant of King Mu, heavenly concubine of soul alliance, titled the “war goddess” of human realm, the strongest female soul pet trainer in human realm - Mu Qingyi!!”

Mu Qingyi gawked, not expecting ye Qingzi’s brother to be this much of a clown. She simply smiled politely, and didn’t say anything back.

Aside him, Shen Yue opened her mouth wide. She looked at Chu Mu and then at Mu Qingyi, still not daring to believe what she saw.

The two were truly gods now. Shen Yue didn’t expect their aides in the battle to be them. No wonder soul alliance was destroyed. No wonder their top tier emperor ranks were as frequent as secondary soul pets!

“Chu Fangchen, you truly are good, sounds like the rumors were right…… At first I thought it was impossible for a brickhead like you, but now that I see it, you truly have some talent, I admire you.” Ye Wansheng said without filter.

Ye Wansheng’s comment caused three people’s expressions to shift dramatically.

The first was Ye Qingzi. She wanted to throw him into a vat of poison for a while. The second was Chu Mu. After all, Ye Qingzi was beside him, so such words couldn't be said. Was he purposefully framing him? There was nothing between him and Mu QIngyi, and the rumors were all slander against Mu Qingyi.

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