The Charm of Soul Pets Chapter 1018: Group Revival Technique?


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“Hahaha, you still dared to come. Today, you will all die here!” a mad laughter echoed from the city lord’s residence.

On top of the tall plant wall, a middle-aged man could be seen standing there. His eyes carried a trace of cruelty and especially when he saw the pool of blood and flesh within the plant walls, he resembled a bloodthirsty wild beast!

This person was the present Spring City City Lord, Feng Sheng. He was considered a strategist, so naturally he had already prepared this trap. As for the underground river path, he had learned about it from a Mu Family member who had defected.

There were extremely few people that knew of the secret path. Moreover, it was used as a form of retreat; nonetheless, Feng Sheng had created an ingenious plan to intentionally leak this information to the three great palaces, and lure their elite attack team into a trap!

Once the elite team was killed here, taking over the opposing city wouldn’t be difficult at all!

“Senior City Lord, there will be entertainment for you tonight.” an adjacent Scar eccentrically laughed.

Whenever City Lord Feng Sheng could witness slaughter, seeing blood spill, it was a form of entertainment for him.

However, tonight City Lord Feng Sheng was ostensibly already fed up with this form of entertainment and he whispered something quietly in the Scar’s ear.

When the Scar heard his words, he suddenly laughed and said: “City Lord is a genius!”

After speaking, the Scar swept his gaze on the surrounded three great palace members and used a mental voice to say: “You should understand that you will certainly die tonight. However, City Lord is a kindhearted person and has given you a method to survive and safely leave this place. This method is that you must kill a team member, and the City Lord will grant you pardon!”

Once he finished speaking, the ugly laughter of the Scar and City Lord could be heard!

Shen Kun’s face was ashen. Even after losing 1/3rd of their members, they were still being humiliated like this!!

“Kill those dog things!!” Shen Kun knew that there was no path to retreat anymore. He also had absolute faith that this kind of humiliating and treacherous game wouldn’t arise in his team!

Hearing the words of the Scar, Chu Mu sneered.

If he hadn’t entered this surprise attack team, their plot tonight indeed could have caused the entire team’s defeat. It was unfortunate…

Chanting an incantation, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier and Ice Air Fairy simultaneously appeared!

Both had already reached the peak emperor rank. With their existence, what did it matter if they had been ambushed?!

“Kill your way over!” Chu Mu ordered the Devil Tree Battle Soldier and Ice Air Fairy.

It had been a long time since the Devil Tree Battle Soldier had engaged in a group fight. It stepped forward and in front of its allies. Its thick roots buried underground.

When the Soul Alliance members saw a warrior species rank Devil Tree Battle Soldier step forward in front without any awareness of danger, they began to let out mocking laughter. Immediately, a series of elemental techniques bombarded its location!

“O~~~~~~”the Devil Tree Battle Soldier let out a roar. Its hands abruptly slammed the ground and roots rapidly began to grow up from underground, coiling into an enormous plant wall!!

“Hong hong hong hong hong!!!”

Several hundred elemental techniques landed on the plant wall, but the plant wall still stood strong, protecting all of the elite team members!

Shen Kung and the team members were all stunned. They never expected a Devil Tree Battle Soldier to be able to command the area!


Before everyone had reacted, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier let out a roar!

In an instant, the surface of the earth terrifyingly ruptured and countless roots transformed into thousand meter long pythons that shot out of the ground, moving their bodies as they pleased. They caused a large number of soul pet trainers standing on the buildings to spit out blood after striking them!

The wildly dancing snakes left the remaining number of soul pet trainers and soul pets as well as buildings a considerably less amount. The Soul Alliance elemental soul pets hiding in ambush were also met with a horrible death!

A single technique caused miserable cries to ring out from the ambushing army. Seeing the enormous vines sweep through a huge area, the elite team was stunned!


As the Devil Tree Battle Soldier was displaying its might, the Ice Air Fairy completed its incantation.

Star Falling Frost!

Ning’s pair of hands pointed at the sky and a frosty cloud condensed in the dark night.

The frosty cloud began to rain down starlight-like frost that softly fell on the northern side of the ambushing army. It then quietly melded onto the skin of the Soul Alliance army members...

“Gezhi Gezhi Gezhi~~~~~~”

Freezing noises began to ring out. After the star frost filled the area, the originally high spirited ambushing army mysteriously froze up. After one of the aide’s soul pet’s wind type techniques slashed across, suddenly hundreds of soul pets shattered, transforming into destroyed frozen flesh!

Such a horrifying scene caused the ambushing army to turn pale with fright. Nobody expected two warrior species ranked soul pets to release such terrifying techniques. In an instant, the army went into chaos!

However, all of this had yet to end. After Ye Qingzi and Mu Qingyi summoned their soul pets, the state of the fight instantly changed. The cries of misery no longer rang out from the three great palace members. Instead, they came from the ambushing army of Soul Alliance!

“Qingzi, can you see how many people you can save? I’ll deal with the city lord.” Chu Mu said to Ye Qingzi.

Ye Qingzi nodded her head. Immediately, she brought a number of support soul pets to the plant walls.

The plant walls were covered in blood, resembling a huge pile of messy corpses.

“Yin, Flower Life!” Ye Qingzi gave the Bell Noise Concubine an order.

The Bell Noise Concubine quickly chanted an incantation. Like a little girl swaying its skirt, its flower petals began to dance and a soft light halo rose up!

Flower Life was the Bell Noise Concubine’s group healing technique. Its mere incantation took an entire 10 seconds!

Once the incantation finished, the enormous halo of light suddenly transformed into a large flower bud that enveloped all of the members, dead or alive, in the plant wall inside!

“Life Exchange!” Ye Qingzi chanted.

The Bell Noise Concubine controlled the countless blood vessel-like stamen inside the flower bud. The stamen rapidly began to absorb the blood flowing on the outside, changing it into life force. It then reimbued it into the soul pet trainers and soul pets that were still breathing!

All of the wounded and practically dead soul pet were enveloped by an enormous life force support fluid!

As Ye Qingzi was saving them, Mu Qingyi immediately made her way over and summoned a plant world soul pet. She protected the wounded since while they were being saved by Ye Qingzi, they were still extremely weak.

“I can only save 2/3rds of them.” said Ye Qingzi.

Mu Qingyi was stunned. The people inside the plant wall had suffered from an elemental explosion from over five times the number of people. There were probably only a few hundred thousand people, and four thousand soul pets who survived. If Ye Qingzi could save 2/3rds of the perished, this meant that two or three thousand soul pet trainers and soul pets would be able to survive!

Mu Qingyi knew that Ye Qingzi’s soul and support abilities were extremely high, but she didn’t realize that they were this high. What difference was this from a group revival technique?

Ye Qingzi obviously didn’t have a revival technique because a revival technique meant bringing back someone from the dead - actual death.

However, from her teacher, Ying Rong, Ye Qingzi had learned that revival techniques genuinely existed. Unfortunately, Ye Qingzi was far away from this level, and she hadn’t found suitable revival spirit items and revival soul techniques or soul pets with revival techniques.

All she could do right now was prevent life force from escaping the wounded members and them reimbue them into their bodies.

Since the ranks of these people were rather low, their life force was rather low. The peak emperor rank Bell Noise Concubine could give them a huge life force energy with a single healing technique. Moreover, the legendary medicine Ye Qingzi would give out were priceless and could heal high class emperor ranks. A single medicine could save a monarch rank creature as long as it still had a single breath left!

In this situation, she indeed could save 2/3rds of them.

Of course, if this group suffered another one or two wave of explosions, Ye Qingzi would only be able to save an extremely small number of lucky people from the pile of bloody corpses.


Once Chu Mu, Ye Qingzi, and Mu Qingyi’s soul pets entered the fight, Soul Alliance’s members grew nervous. They continued to send out spirit emperor experts, but they were ultimately and without any suspense instakilled by these three people that only summoned peak emperor rank soul pets. The elite team and Soul Alliance team watching were stunned!

The ambushing team had far greater numbers than the elite team. Unfortunately, with the peak emperors leading the way, it didn’t matter that there were more enemies. The battle quickly turned into a one-sided slaughter!

In a short while, Chu Mu had already killed his way to the city lord’s residence.

Feng Sheng and the Scar indeed had a bit of strength, but Chu Mu would only need to spend a bit more time to get rid of them.

“Who… who on earth are you?!!”

Feng Sheng’s three main pets were killed one after the other, and his face had completely changed.

As for the Scar, all five of his soul pets had died, and he had turned into a weak cripple that laid on the ground.

The two of them never expected such a well-crafted plot would completely fall apart because of three people. Watching the ruined City Lord Residence and the ground filled with Soul Alliance corpses, the bloodthirst in Feng Sheng’s eyes no longer remained. He could only stare, full of fear, at the young man with killing intent abound in front of him.

“If you go down right now and kill your subordinates, I will leave you alive.” Chu Mu calmly said to City Lord Feng Sheng.

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