The Charm of Soul Pets Chapter 1017: Encountering an Ambush


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“Truly strange. That strategist even gave us a map so that we can try a number of routes. He even said that the terrain is rather complex. Yet, why do I feel like it’s very easy to find?” muttered Shen Kun.

Following the raiding team, the three thousand people continued along the snaking river underground, reaching the area underneath the natural lake.

The natural lake was situated in the southern side of the middle part of the city. It wasn’t far from Mu Qingyis’ former home.

The reason they had so easily found this place was because Mu Qingyi was extremely familiar with the underground river. With her leading the way, they walked through at least a lot fewer wrong paths and arrived directly at the natural lake.

“Send a few demons first to see if there are any guards.” Shen Kun said to his aide.

One of the aides immediately brought a rather elite demon soul pet trainer to a small cliff beside the natural lake to search if there were any traps in this inner garden.

After searching, they didn’t find any traces of enemies. Shen Kun took out a city map and said: “This is the place we will first attack. There should be a number of experts situated there so everyone needs to be careful.”

Shen Kun ran over the offensive logistics with everyone again, before everyone emerged up to the ground level and entered the inner city garden.

Chu Mu didn’t have any opinions towards these actions. He just had to follow them.

The inner city garden was very large. Originally, it was part of the Mu Family Empress’ property. However, it now looked abandoned. It probably had been a long while since somebody had cleaned it up.

Beside the lake, weeds were growing which acted as a perfect cover. The three thousand people passed through the weedy lakeside to a small forest as they slowly approached the city street outside the palace walls.

They continued to send a group of demons forward to scout the route ahead before they would follow.

After ensuring there were no ambushes, the three thousand demons all entered stealth modes in the night, quietly passing through the street outside the palace walls.

Outside the Mu Family’s property, countless impressive buildings had been constructed by Soul Palace. There were various pavilions, high walls and profound courtyards. They were sumptuous and not lacking in elegance. Fortunately, most of the soul pet trainers who lived here had already gone to attack Five Fragrance City so most of what was left here was the family members of the soul pet trainers.

Due to the existence of the neutral factions, neither side slaughtered innocent people. Yet, throughout history, there were many wars with different armies and regimes where even if there were only two sides, neither engaged in innocent slaughter.. One reason for this was that if that city was captured, the leader would have to take charge of these citizens in the future. Another reason was that there were an innumerable number of soul pet trainers who didn’t care for worldly affairs. A particular city could be closely tied to an expert because of his or her relatives. While this soul pet trainer would not be able to oppose the entire faction, he or she would at least be able to kill a few of the faction’s leaders with the flip of their hand.

Of course, small-scale slaughters, hostages and revenge tactics still existed. A war couldn’t be that civilized. Normally in the eyes of an opposing faction, lives were seen akin to livestock.

The raiding team naturally didn’t have the intention of attacking the family members of those soul pets. They hid in the darkness and slowly approached the very center of this area of the city. That place was their target for tonight - the city lord’s residence.

As long as they could take down the enemy city lord and destroy a few crucial locations, the collapsing Spring City army would have no path of retreat and would suffer a total collapse!

The city lord’s residence was situated at the very center, and there were numerous sentry mounds located there.

The sentries were easily disposed of by Nightmare Palace’s assassin experts, and they quickly arrived in front of the city lord’s residence.

The area in front of the city lord residence’s entrance was spacious. In the middle there was only one recently built water fountain that could be seen.

“Why is this place so spacious?” softly muttered Shen Yue.

“Yes, there are a few guards, but it shouldn’t be hard to get rid of them. Just charge!” said Shen Kun.

Although there were still a few more lines of defenses before they could reach the city lord’s residence, these lines of defenses definitely wouldn’t be able to stop three thousand elite troops of the three great palaces!


Shen Kun gave the order and instantly, all of the soul pet trainers chanted an incantation, summoning their soul pets!

Their sudden raid this time was composed of a majority of demon world soul pets. All different colored summoning arrays flashed and the entire street was immediately filled with ferocious-looking and incomparably malevolent soul pets!

“Hou hou hou hou!!!!!!!!!!’

“Ao ao ao ao ao!!!!!!!!”

The killing intent was torrential as the wild beasts violently charged. The silent night was instantly blown apart as terrifying balls of energy blew up the street to pieces. The buildings on either side began to teeter and collapse with a bang!

Instantly, the sky was covered by a murky color as the savage beasts charged towards the magnificent city lord’s residence like a flood!!

Quickly, all of the soul pets and soul pet trainers managed to enter the spacious area in front of the city lord’s residence. These savage beasts roared and smashed into the tall rocky wall of the city lord’s residence in an attempt to smash the city lord’s residence to pieces!!

“Beng!!!!!! Beng!!!!!!!!!”

Continuous waves of techniques blew up, easily knocking down the outer wall.

Seeing the outer wall defense fall so easily, a smile couldn’t help but emerge on Shen Kun’s face. He let out a loud “Kill” order!

However, as he yelled out his order, Shen Kun abruptly saw what was behind the wall in the murky air. Unexpectedly a plant wall had appeared!!

The plant wall was extremely thick, composed of countless roots and vines. The densely packed and thick plant objects resembled a group of interweaving snakes with a boundless majesty!!

When the plant wall appeared, Shen Kun’s smile immediately froze. He glanced at the recently constructed spacious ground and abruptly realized something!

Practically at the same time, identical plant walls appeared on the other three sides around the spacious ground in front of the city lord residence!!

The four plant walls trapped half of the soul pet trainers and their soul pets within. Immediately after, screams of “Kill” rang out from the surrounding silent buildings. Promptly, countless elemental soul pets appeared on the roofs!

Chanting incantations, multicolored elemental techniques rained down on the soul pet trainers trapped in the plant walls. Terrifying explosions rang out, causing flesh and blood to fly everywhere as miserable screams assailed one’s ears!!

“We… we’ve fallen into a trap!” Shen Yue’s face was pale!

Shen Kun was stunned. He never expected there to be an ambush in the city lord residence!

Identically, Chu Mu, Mu Qingyi and Ye Qingzi never expected this sudden change. Moreover, they had even used their soul remembrance earlier to scout, not discovering any enemy in ambush...

Obviously, this place had a barrier that prevented soul remembrance detection and would cause them to enter the trap!

Seeing countless blood flowers emerge from the plant wall, Chu Mu’s face sank and his eyes turned cold!

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