The CEO'S Vampire wife Chapter 11: Dear old brother


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"where do you think I´m going," Rose asked
he stared at her for a minute and let her go she could feel the pity that he had for her in his eyes as she was walking out of the hotel she could still feel his gaze upon her I can't trust him yet not until I get my full memory from my vampire life there all not here yet so I can't trust you not yet she thought she then hopped on a taxi and went to cemetery she went up to a grave and gently stroked it
"I'm sorry but I have to I can't protect your family, for now, I am sorry I let you down" Rose sobbed a few seconds later she felt a gentle breeze go through her she stayed at the grave for thirty minutes 'I hope you can forgive me, papa, even if we're not blood-related you will always be my papa' she then got up and walked out of the cemetery.
she then went to her old house where she and her mom used to live no one was there it was an empty billding that looked like it was about to fall she went to her bedroom and looked at the bed it was really dirty Rose wanted to find clues that would lead to her mother so she started searching when she looked under the bed she saw a letter To My Dear Ural Rose opened the letter when she looked at it it had Cambrige wrriten on it and next to it Ural you knwo I can't just tell you the answer you have to find it out yourself be the smart girl I know and looke for him she then checked her bank account she had enough money to buy a ticket for Cambridge she had to find out what had happened to her mother and find out who her father was no matter what it took what if she's dead she thought she quickly brushed that thought and went to the airport when she was done with buying the ticket she sat down and closed her eyes she wanted to clear her memory and remember everything clearly. I am sorry I abandoned you, mom, sorry I will find you no matter what but first I have to know who my father is and if has anything to do whit what happened to you. I will eliminate anyone that comes to stop me I promise Mom I will save you she told herself then she took out her phone and searched up Cambridge she stared at it for a long time as she was about to put her phone away she heard the speakers that her flight was about to take off she quickly gathered her things and went her way
A few minutes later
she sat next to the window and stared out the window 'how beautiful' she thought but beauty doesn't last after hours she heard someone 'were going to land please have your seatbelt done'
when she looked out her window she saw a beautiful place her heart ached when the flight landed Rose got her stuff and went out of the airport she felt like her mom was here she shook her head and went to the hotel she had reserved and as she got inside the hotel room she felt like someone was watching her sRose hated being watched she looked around to see if there were any cameras then when she didn't find anything she sat on her bed and stared at the sellings she knew how her father looked I mean if it was him in that picture she had stolen from her mother when she was a kid if it was him then it would be way easier lets find a job first she told herself that night she couldn't sleep that well because she kept thinking who her father could be and if he has anything to do with her mothers kidnapping and almost killing her if he did she didn't care if he was her father. she was going to kill him no matter what if he did have anything to do with what happened t her mother and her she then fell asleep..... while thinking about who her father could be when she was asleep the door to her hotel room opened a man with board shoulders and thick Red eyes was standing there and staring at the girl the fragile girl in front of him
"still the same as ever" he sat next to the bed as he was about to stroke her hair someone grabbed his hand "who are you!!!" Rose asked
"oh how could you forget your dear old brother" the man whined
"go away" Rose pushed him to the door
"How could you" he whined again
"I don't have a brother" she replied
"not even the one from your previous life," The man asked seriously
"What do you want" Rose asked
"I just want to celebrate" the man continued "you finally got your memory back you know as your brother I wanted to visit you"
"Get down to business what are you here for" Rose knew he wasn't the kind to go celebrating he never liked Rose he always had a reason for his vistas
"I want you to stop investigating about your mother or whatever," The man asked Rose
"and why should I listen to you-you bastard" Rose looked frustrated
"the man your dealing with this time is more dangerous than any man you've ever faced Ro-Ro stay away from your mother's case," Miller Stentz asked
"go away THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU" Rose shouted
"I am sorry I know I was a bastard in the past but trust me this time" Miller Stentz pleaded
"and why should I trust a bastard" Rose smirked
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