The Cardboard Explorer Chapter 42: Chapter 42


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Cade fell on the floor after he was kicked by Cynthia. It was just a light kick and Cade fell because his body was still weak.

"??? What was that for???" Cade was surprised and clueless as to why Cynthia did that. He stared at Cynthia waiting for answer.

Shihoon was also shocked to see that Cade was kicked by Cynthia. He remembered that Cynthia looked really worried when they brought Cade out of the dungeon and out of nowhere, she kicked him.

"You must have done something wrong if your girlfriend kick you like that. Did you cheat on her?" said a man on a bed nearby.

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"We-we are not like that," said Cade quickly retorted that man. He also did not want to say something carelessly like that because Cynthia was a princess. Not just a normal princess but a princess from a super powerful family.

If the Golden Dragon Family caught wind of that kind of story happening between him and Cynthia, they might kill him. He was not only abandoned by his family but he also being an explorer wearing cardboard as equipment.

That would be unbefitting of someone who wanted to have a romantic relationship with a member from a royal family. They will lose face.

"That is payback for what you did before," said Cynthia and she pouted. As there were many people around, she did not want to give too much detail. She was really mad that Cade left her alone on the train.

She actually planned on kicking Cade harder when he came out of the dungeon but Cade was heavily injured and she was worried about him. However, she still wanted to kick him and that light kick was the result.

Shihoon walked on Cade's side to help him up. While he was helping Cade, he stared at Cade with a playful smile. Looking at that, Cade knew what he was thinking but decided to not say anything at that.

"Ehem! Well… I am sorry about that. I just want to be by myself at that time," said Cade apologizing to Cynthia.

"Here, your food. Eat it while it is still hot," Cynthia did not say if she accepted his apology or not but handed the food to Cade.

Cade took the food and looked inside. It was packed in a container and Cade cannot see what was inside but the smell was good. His stomach growled.

However, rather than eating, he had something more important he wanted to know. Cade looked at Shihoon and immediately asked him to lend him his geniusphone.

Cade wanted to check the news. He wanted to confirm the story he heard from everyone in the ward.

"I know what you want to know. I cannot lend you my phone because it has lots of private things," said Shihoon. He led Cade to his bed to tell him everything he wanted to know.

Cynthia just followed them to Cade's bed and pulled out a small chair to sit. She did not only brought food but also some fruits for Cade. She took out an apple and peeled it for Cade while Shihoon told Cade everything he wanted to know.

When Cade heard from Shihoon everything that had happened in the universe when they were inside the dungeon, he was extremely shock. It was too unbelievable.

According to Shihoon, no one had succeeded in closing the time limit dungeon. All the planets that the time limit dungeon appeared on were vanished completely just like Planet Snowball.

The three planets where the time limit dungeon appeared before Cade went inside the big tongue toad dungeon, Planet White Snow, Planet Desktra and Planet Lapto, all gone. They all failed.

The five planets that Jonathan told them before also gone and since one of the five was Planet Dineon's neighbor, Planet Chocoky, that planet also vanished.

Not only that, there were many more time limit dungeon appeared after that and no one was able to close them. They all gone. There were also many other time limit dungeons that were still ongoing.

The universe was now in chaotic. Millions of people had died because of the time limit dungeon and among them were precious explorers. A lot of powerful and highly talented explorers vanished together with the planets.

Up until the day Cade woke up, none were able to know what happened inside the time limit dungeon. Not even one explorer that went inside the time limit dungeon came out. They all gone.

War between planets, countries and everything else stopped completely as everyone prepared themselves for the arrival of the time limit dungeon on their planet.

Biscuit Star System contained ten planets and out of ten, two had vanished. Planet no 7, Planet Chocoky and Planet no 8, Planet Chochipsi were gone.

When Cade heard of Planet Chochipsi, he was stunned because that planet was where the Armored Bear family situated.

"Then… Jonathan's family…" Cade was worried about Jonathan.

"You don't need to worry about him. Other than the ones that enter the dungeon, everyone else from his family evacuated the planet and thus they are all safe," said Shihoon.

"Jonathan is with his family at the moment. He called me a few days ago and said that his parents and siblings luckily was not in the level limit of the dungeon and thus they were all fine," Shihoon continued.

Cade sighed in relieved that the Armored Bear family did not get completely annihilated. They lost many other members but that was better than when everyone was gone.

And Shihoon also told Cade that he lost his girlfriend too. His girlfriend decided to enter the time limit dungeon to protect their star system but she vanished alongside the planet.

Shihoon and his girlfriend were out of touch since he was inside the dungeon and he was really regretful about it. Shihoon also told Cade that he will go back home to protect his family.

He came to visit Cade that day to say goodbye. He never thought that Cade will wake up that day. It was better that Cade woke up because he can properly say his goodbye.

They did not know when they will meet again. With the time limit dungeon appearing without warning, any one of them can suddenly gone with the time limit dungeon.

Cade might have not like Shihoon a lot but he knew that Shihoon was not that bad of a person. He might be a bit too much with the stalking but that did not mean he was bad.

They exchanged their phone number so that they can keep contacting each other. Shihoon also left Cade with Jonathan's number as he knew that Cade was worried about him.

Other than that, Shihoon also gave the phone numbers of all the explorers that help them with the humanoid toad to Cade including Raja and Viola because he wanted Cade to thank them. The least Cade can do was thanked them.

After saying his goodbye, Shihoon left Cade and Cynthia alone with a cheeky smile on his face. Cade did not say anything to that and he just smile.

"Kacha!" Cade looked at the direction of Shihoon and saw he took Cade's picture with Cynthia with sinister smile on his face. He left after that and Cade sighed.

With Shihoon gone, Cade was left alone with Cynthia. Cynthia passed the apples she peeled to Cade and Cade did not know why but he felt really awkward.

"…" Cade wanted to start a conversation but he did not know what to say. He felt guilty of leaving her alone before and also thankful to her for staying with him when he was unconscious.

'I should apologize again and thanked her… This is awkward… or maybe is it just me?' Cade was thinking what he should do. After some thought, he made his decision.

"Cynthia… I am sorry about before and I heard from Shihoon that you took care of me all this time when I am in this hospital," said Cade.

"I already kicked you earlier so you don't need to apologize anymore and I took care of you because you are an orphan and no one to take care of you," said Cynthia. She assumed that Cade was an orphan but he can be considered one because his family abandoned him.

"Since you are fine now, I guess we will part ways now. You look like you really opposed of forming a party with me and I don't want to force you anymore," said Cynthia and she smiled. Just like before, it was too bright.

Cade stared at Cynthia with squinted eyes and he nodded, "Thank you for understanding. I prefer to work alone," said Cade. He felt relieved that Cynthia decided to not asking him to join her anymore.

"…" Cynthia did not say anything. Her body suddenly shivered and her face became red and the bright light became brighter and it was a bit hurtful too.

"C-Cynthia?" Cade called Cynthia as he did not know why Cynthia suddenly emitted that strong light.

"Oh~ boy. Aren't you too clueless?" said the man next to his bed… with sunglasses on his face.

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