The Cardboard Explorer Chapter 41: Chapter 41


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Cade finally knew that he was too stubborn, reckless and maybe greedy of increasing his luck that it almost costed him his life.

With his puny stats, he cannot even stand one simple attack from that humanoid toad. One hit and he was out. He was really useless during that fight.

No, he was not only useless but he contributed nothing to the fight. Jonathan who was 4 years younger than him was more useful than him.

He did not know the details of the fight after he lose consciousness but he was sure that Jonathan must have contributed more than him.

"A teenager is more useful than an adult like me… no I am not that much different to a child… playing with cardboard at my age…" Cade sighed when he thought of all of that.

However, now that he achieved what he had wanted, he can now focus on increasing his other stat. He did not know if he was too late on that but he wanted to do his best.

If Cade wanted to get more stat points without relying on the leveled up stat points, he can collect many kinds of puzzle.

With his ability to choose his drop, he can easily collect a lot of different kinds of puzzle. It was all thanks to his luck.

Cade looked at his 101 luck stats and he wondered if the 1 point he thought was extra was the one responsible for his ability to choose the drop he wanted.

It was a really good ability. He felt a bit of regret of being useless but he also thought positively that due to his maximum luck, he had created more chance for himself to become stronger.

Cade tried touching his luck stat on the system screen but accidentally touched his wisdom stat. To his surprised something appeared at the side of his wisdom stat.

Apparently, there was now a limit of stat on the list. It was never there and everyone thought that there was no limit to the stats but there was now a limit.

Cade checked on all his stats and other than luck that was already maxed, all his other stats had a limit of 200. Cade did not know if the limit can be increased and will ask Shihoon about it when he came back.

Once he had enough of checking his stats, Cade moved on to his storage. There was nothing new with them. All his linked equipment was there and he wondered how they got inside.

He was knock out with them still equipped on his body. Was it another ability of his linked equipment? Other than restoring itself after destroyed, it will enter the storage back when their owner was knocked unconscious?

There was no way for Cade to test it. He did not want to get knock out again… especially in one hit. He checked his other spoiled of the battle in the big tongue toad dungeon and all of them were there in his storage untouched.

Looking at all of them, Cade was sure to become rich when he sold all of them especially the equipment, skill book and his incomplete puzzle piece.

Cade had no plan of selling his magic crystal as he had lots of uses with them. He will sell the toad and tongue crystal as he did not know it uses.

He can use them for his linked equipment but he wanted to know their value first. All magic crystals had their uses and he believed that the two new crystals had their uses too.

As for the loads of toad material he got from the dungeon, Cade decided to sell them for cheap. Looking at them, he felt really tired. He remembered that he ate lots of them because he ran out of food.

He did not bring much food because he did not know about the changes happening in the dungeon and the long time spent inside. He really regretted not bringing more food.

Now that he had more experienced, when he decided on his next dungeon explorations, he will buy ton of food to bring to the dungeon. Once he sold all of his drop, he will be rich and food will not be a problem.

Cade then moved on to his skill list and unsurprisingly, there was nothing new on them. At the moment, he only had two skills.

The first was his first ever skill and the most useful skill he had that contributed a lot to his strength, the link growth skill. His second skill was his physical resistance that he got from the skill book dropped by a slime.

"Now that I think properly, maybe my physical resistance skill help me a bit when I was hit by that powerful toad," thought Cade.

However, he dismissed that idea completely because he was sure that the humanoid toad must be of higher grade and his physical resistance at the moment was only useful for E grade opponent.

Cade had lots of E grade magic crystals and decided to pour all of them on his physical resistance skill. The skill level increase to 8 and it can reduce 80% physical damage done by E grade opponents.

With all of that done, it was time to check on the new functions. Cade first checked the equipment functions. It was empty and there was nothing there.

Cade moved his cardboard short sword on a slot there and the system asked where he wanted to assign the sword.

Since Cade was used to his sword on his left hand, he assigned it there. After assigning, Cade did not know why but he suddenly got a knowledge on what he should do next.

Using that knowledge, he thought of the sword and his cardboard short sword suddenly appeared on his left hand.

"Whoa~ so, I can easily summon any equipment I assign on the equipment function," said Cade. He stored the sword back. After that, Cade assigned all of his linked equipment in the equipment function so that it was easier for him to equip them.

Once he was done with the equipment function, Cade tried the appraisal function. Disappointingly, it was the same as the appraisal from the storage.

He tried appraised everyone around him but there was nothing much shown by the appraisal. It was the same as when the system appraised the monster in the dungeon.

Cade tried the mapping function next and the function surprised him a lot. The function showed every place that he had went to before including the big tongue toad dungeon in 3D.

When Cade minimized the map, Planet Dineon was shown but the neighboring planet was not shown because Cade had never once gone there.

Not only that, the mapping function also shown everyone that was within 500 meters around him. The blue dot was him and green dot was everyone else around him.

Yellow dot was someone he knew as when he touched that dot, it shown the name of Shihoon. Suddenly, a new color dot appeared and it entered the hospital. It was orange. Cade touched the orange color dot and to his surprised, that was Cynthia.

"Why is her color orange?" Cade wondered. He nodded as he was satisfied with the function but he wondered what the orange dot meant.

The dot showed that Cynthia and Shihoon met each other and they walked together towards Cade's ward. Cade fiddled around with the mapping function to get used to it and once he was satisfied with it, he took out his genius phone from his storage.

Unfortunately, it was out of battery. Cade took out his phone charger and charged his genius phone. Since he was unable to see the news, he decided to wait for Shihoon and Cynthia to arrive.

Cade tried to make a small talk with the other patients beside his bed and when he checked his mapping function, their green dot turned yellow with their name shown when Cade touched it.

Now, Cade had more understanding of the mapping function. However, the doctor and nurse that came to check on him earlier was not on the list of yellow dots. Cade can only conclude that since he did not know their names, their dot did not turn yellow.

With the small talk made with everyone around him, Cade accidentally found out about the matter regarding the time limit dungeon.

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When Cade heard the news, he was stunned and shocked. His mind went blank and he was speechless. His brain started processing everything they had said and he still cannot believe what they had said.

"Cade! You really woke up," a sweet voice called for him snapping him from his dazed state. When Cade looked at that direction, he squinted his eyes a bit as it was bright.

Cade knew instantly that the sweet voice belonged to Cynthia. Beside Cynthia was Shihoon with sunglasses.

Cynthia smiled at Cade as she was happy that Cade had woke up but Cade felt like her happiness was for a different reason.

True enough, when she stood beside Cade, she raised her leg and kicked Cade!

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