The Cardboard Explorer Chapter 39: Chapter 39


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After he saw that the last humanoid toad was killed, Raja walked around to see if he can find any survivors among the explorers.

Raja found a few that was still alive but without any treatment, they will die. He moved them one by one to healer girl so that she can at least gave them first aid treatment.

Seeing Raja doing that, Jonathan also got up and searched for any other survivor. Shihoon focused himself in summoning another healer girl to help the real healer girl to heal the survivor.

His 'picture come to life' skill might sound powerful but unfortunately, he can only summon one at a time. Until the previous summon was gone, he cannot summon another one.

His summon can only use a part the original power. The higher the level of the skill, the more power it can use based on the original owner of the summon.

Shihoon was busy printing lots of healer girl picture so that he can summon without stopping. His skill level only allowed him to summon the picture for 10 seconds.

Because healer girl wanted to reserve as much of her energy as possible, she only gave Cade an emergency treatment so that he did not die.

Once she was done with Cade, she moved on to the other explorers that needed immediate treatment.

Jonathan and Raja went around to find more survivor and once they confirmed that there were no more survivors, they started collecting the dead explorers' body.

The body that was in almost perfect condition were put together in one side. The ones that were crushed and ripped apart were collected and put on another side.

It was a really gruesome work as collecting the organs, meats and bones were not really a pleasant experience. Not one or two but many of them.

There were only 20 explorers survived including Cade, Shihoon, Jonathan, Raja and healer girl. Almost hundred of them lost their life fighting the three humanoid toads.

Shihoon and healer girl was busy healing the survivors while Jonathan and Raja was staring at the corpses lying in front of them.

"I am Jonathan. What should we do with all these dead bodies?" asked Jonathan. He did not have any experience in dealing with this many dead bodies. Heck, he never once met a dead body in his life.

His exploration in a dungeon since he awakened had always been successful without any death happening to any member of his party.

Even his newly party members, Shihoon and Cade survived. Cade was in a near death state earlier but he survived.

"Raja… Maybe we should bury them," said Raja saying his name while he solemnly looked at all the explorers' body in front of him.

"Here? Isn't it better if we bring them out?" asked Jonathan. He wanted to pass the body to their family.

"There are too many of them and there is only a handful of us that can move around. We need to bring the injured out too," said Raja calmly. He himself wanted to bring all of them out but he knew himself that it was impossible.

"How about we put them in our storage?" asked Jonathan. Humans cannot enter the storage but it was possible for dead bodies to be put inside the storage.

If they put the dead bodies in their storage, they can bring all of the dead bodies out of the dungeon.

"That do not look proper. They used to be alive. They used to be human. Putting them in the storage like they are some kind of things is not proper," said Raja refused to do that.

Jonathan understand what Raja meant and he dismissed that idea. If he cannot come with any other ideas, the only thing they can do was buried them inside the dungeon.

"How about sending them using the emergency badge? If we group them up together and use the badge, it was possible to send them out of the dungeon," suggested Jonathan.

"The limit of the emergency badge is 5 explorers per badge. We do not have that many emergency badges with us and besides, it does not work with dead explorers," said Raja.

Jonathan fell silent as he did not know what he should do. He actually had a lot of emergency badge but he did not know that it only worked on living explorers.

"Let's clean the face of the one that has their face alright and I will take their picture. Collect their belonging and group it up with their picture. After that, we can give their belonging to their family," a voice came from nearby and it was Shihoon.

"For the one that unfortunately cannot be identified, just get their belonging. We will put all of their belonging outside the dungeon and let their family collect it themselves. As for their bodies, lets bury them. There is no way for us to bring them outside." said Shihoon.

"And besides, it will be really cruel of us if we bring them outside with their conditions like that," said Shihoon.

"How about one of us teleport outside and ask everyone outside to help us moving the corpse?" suggested Jonathan again. It might be cruel but he wanted their family to be able to see them for the last time.

"We ourselves needed more than ten days to arrive here and are we going to let their body rot here while waiting for them to arrive?" said Shihoon as he thought that Jonathan was too hung up on bringing the intact body outside.

"Let's follow your idea and collect their belonging… We will need to dig out a huge hole but how do we do that?" asked Raja. He agreed to follow Shihoon's idea as he thought that will be the best.

"No need to worry about that. I have a picture of a monster that is really good at digging. Just leave that to me," said Shihoon.

As Jonathan cannot think of any more ideas, he silently followed Raja and started collecting the explorers belonging.

They can only collect what was outside their body. Anything that was inside their storage was not accessible to Jonathan and Raja.

Shihoon on the other hand move from one person to another and clean their face with clean water and took their picture. He printed them and put it next to the dead's belonging.

Healer girl did not help them and she only looked from a far as she was really tired from healing all of the injured explorers. She needed to rest or she will collapse immediately.

It took them around an hour to sort out everything. At that time, a few parties of explorers that came from the third floor got to the fourth floor and was shocked to see everything that happened there.

After the explanation from the healer girl, they also helped Shihoon, Raja and Jonathan in collecting the belonging of the dead explorers.

After all of that was done, it was time to dig the hole to buried them. Luckily, there was an explorer that can use ground magic and there was no need for Shihoon to dig the hole by himself.

That explorer made a huge hole and the other explorers around helped moving the dead bodies and properly put them in the hole. After they all finished moving the dead bodies in the hole, the ground mage explorer closed the hole.

They did not know if the bodies or the dungeon will disappear in the future but they still put a sign that the fallen explorers were all buried there.

Although there were explorers that came from the third floor, there were only about ten of them. Two of them were healers and thanks to them, the injured got more healing.

Not many of the explorers from the third floor arrived at the fourth floor because they failed in defeating the third-floor boss.

They all made some discussions and the newly arrived explorers decided to head out of the dungeon following Raja, Shihoon, Jonathan and healer girl.

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They needed to report about the humanoid toad and were afraid too that there might be more of them inside. They decided to stop their explorations inside the big tongue toad dungeon.

They also decided to help carried the injured outside while they used their emergency badge. They choose the one they wanted to brought outside and after all of that was done, it was time to escape the dungeon.

Weirdly, the humanoid toad bodies did not evaporate and they decided to bring the bodies outside. If they handed them to the authority, they will be able to find out what were they.

That humanoid monsters were really dangerous and weirder thing were that none of the big tongue toad on the fourth floor came near them.

The explorer did saw a few toads on the fourth floor jumping around nearby. They wanted to come to them but weirdly enough, once they saw the bodies of the humanoid toad, they shivered in fear and ran away.

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