The Cardboard Explorer Chapter 17: Chapter 17


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Cade finished his classes for the day and went home. On the way home, he found out about the three new time limit dungeons. The news about them were all over the internet.

The most news was about the dungeon at Planet White Snow. It was the second time limit dungeon that appeared at the Ice Star Sector.

The first was a total disaster and less than a week, another one appeared. The ex-snowball citizen did not yet recover from their shocked and suddenly another one appeared.

Not only that, the ones that escaped to Planet White Snow were blamed to bring their bad luck there. They were blamed and hated by the citizen of Planet White Snow.

It was understandable for them to do that because there were high chance that they will also lose their planet. Thinking of that, they needed someone to blame.

Other than that, the space area was jammed packed with spaceship coming out of the planet with many humans evacuating the planet.

Explorers were travelling in another spaceship entering the planet with the mission of closing the time limit dungeon.

The explorers from Ice Star Sector were shown to have united to close the dungeon in Planet Snow White.

Those guilds that had enmity against each other decided to let them go at the moment and worked together by sending their explorers for the mission of closing the time limit dungeon.

Many huge name explorers from the Ice Star Sector were seen on their way to Planet White Snow. Many were there either participating or escorting the ones that will be participating.

It was a weird view for everyone when so many strong and popular explorers were seen together at the same place.

Usually, they decided to stay away from each other to avoid fighting but at the moment, they were all together due to the threat of the time limit dungeon.

Up until that day, no one knew what actually happened to Planet Snowball. No hints were left. It was a dead end for the investigator that went to the scene.

Cade was watching the news and he frowned too. He also felt worried with the current situation. He also wondered if the dungeon that appeared on Planet White Snow was the same dungeon that appeared on Planet Snowball.

It was too weird for suddenly another time limit dungeon appeared right at the next planet after Planet Snowball.

Cade was not the only one that thought of that. Many people had the same thoughts too. However, there was no way for them to know anything due to insufficient information.

Even the system did not give them any more information other than the time limit and level limit. There was no grade and no species of monsters mentioned by the system.

Usually, when a dungeon appeared, the system will let out the grade of the dungeon, the levels of the monsters inside, the floor of the dungeon and the species of the monsters inside.

With only a few information available, many explorers speculate that the dungeon were mixed with monsters and grade. Only their level will be within the limit.

However, no one can confirm that speculation because there was zero information about the inside of the dungeon.

Cade decided to stop reading the news about the time limit dungeon and went to Dineon's government website to check if there will be any limit entry license available.

Upon opening the website, there was an announcement from the government in urgent need of scientist. They were to recruit a lot of them.

They also wrote why they wanted to hire scientist. Dineon's government wanted to do researched on making an item or equipment that can lock someone's level at certain level.

Reading the announcement, Cade knew what they were trying to do. The threat of the time limit dungeon was huge and it had level limit too.

If they can create an item or equipment that allowed someone to change their level, it was possible to send high level explorers to enter the time limit dungeon.

With that item or equipment, the risk of failing will be lowered because the high-level explorers were obviously stronger than lower level explorers.

Cade agreed with what they were trying to do. He liked it that the government was taking the initiatives to do something that will benefit many people.

Cade clicked the announcement and there were so many people applying for that. It looked like they knew how important the project that the government was pursuing.

At the moment, everyone knew the highly dangerous time limit dungeon. If there were someone that knew nothing about it, that meant that person was either in a comma or vegetable.

Cade went back to the main page and click on the limit entry license page. To his surprise, there were a lot of limit entry license available.

"Are they changing their policy?" Cade wondered but he knew the real reason for this. They wanted to prepare every explorer in the planet for who knows when the time limit dungeon appeared in Dineon.

Cade immediately scrolling down the page to looked for a suitable dungeon. He found a few dungeons that interest him.

The first dungeon was the level 10 horn rabbit dungeon. It had 5 floors like the slime dungeon and all the monsters inside were horn rabbits.

The second dungeon was the level 10 big wing butterfly dungeon. It had the same floors as the horn rabbit dungeon.

The third dungeon was the level 10 big tongue toad dungeon. This dungeon had 10 floors.

The horn rabbit was a monster with horn on any part of their body. Most of them had horn on their head but there were some of them with horn on their arms, legs, tail and others.

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There was also some horn rabbit with variations to their horn like a drill horn, a horn made of diamond, a branching horn and many more.

The horn rabbit was an interesting species. The big wing butterfly was quite the same as the horn rabbit too.

All of the big wing butterfly possessed wing twice or bigger than an original butterfly. Other than that, some of them had more pair of wings and some with different patterns on their wings.

The big tongue toad was the most boring species out of the three. They all looked the same and had big and long tongue.

The tongue was their main weapon and combined it with their strong jump and thick skin, they were quite a formidable monster.

The big tongue toad was inferior in appearance compared to the horn rabbit and big wing butterfly but their strength was far superior than the other two.

The tongue can deliver a strong attack, the jump made their attack had more variations and their thick skin can receive a lot of attack and protected them properly.

If it was someone else, they will surely choose either the horn rabbit or big wing butterfly. However, Cade decided to go to the big tongue toad dungeon.

With the universe currently in chaos, Cade needed to challenge something harder if he wanted to grow stronger.

The big tongue toad was enough for him at the moment to give him some challenge. He did not know how he will fare against the toad but he will do his best.

Once he made his decision, Cade applied for the license. It will take a few days for him to get the license and he started making his preparations.

Thanks to his previous explorations, Cade had quite a good amount of money. He decided to buy an armor and many potions.

The toad was strong and it can attack from afar. With his current stats, it was quite hard for him to endure any attack that landed on him. So, he needed the assistance of an armor to protect himself.

An armor can prove to be important to him as it had help him a lot when he was exploring the slime dungeon.

As for potions, Cade learned from his experience to know how important it was to him and how he survive the army of slime thanks to them. He decided to buy a lot of them.

Cade shopped online for his armor and potions. He was too lazy to go out and bought it himself. It was the age of technology and everything was easier than before especially when someone wanted to buy something.

Everyone possessed the shipping teleporter. This teleporter was a cheaper version of normal teleporter and it was exclusively used for teleporting non-living things.

Due to its function of only teleporting non-living things, it was cheaper and easier to produce compare to a normal teleporter that can teleport all things, living and non-living things.

Due to the shipping teleporter, online shopping had become easier and explorers used them a lot when they were selling their drop item.

The shipping teleporter was used widely in the universe because it had a lot of safety features to prevent scam, damaged products and many more.

It did not take him long before he found what he wanted to buy.

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