The Cardboard Explorer Chapter 11: Chapter 11


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The boss slime's core was destroyed by Cade's cardboard sword and died. Cade were inside the boss slime's body and around him were steam coming out from the evaporating boss slime's body.

Not only Cade, Slime 1, Slime 2, Slime 3 and few others slime also seeing the spectacle inside from inside the body of the boss slime. Cade felt weird as the steam was not hot or cold, it felt like normal air.

After Cade killed the boss slime, he levelled up once to level 9. He did not distribute his stat points yet as he was viewing the vapors.

In about 30 seconds later, the boss slime evaporated completely and to Cade surprise, the boss dropped a skill book.

Cade saw it and he cannot help but feel extremely happy. Skill book was super rare and he got one. "Raising my luck is the right thing ever," said Cade with huge smile on his face.

Cade put the skill book into his storage without viewing it. Suddenly, the dungeon started shaking lightly.

Cade looked around and he knew the dungeon will disappear soon. He needed to get out of the dungeon fast.

Cade turned around and saw many slimes collecting the drop item and put them in front of Cade.

Slime 1 came forward and wrote on the ground, "Take this and quickly leave this dungeon. It will be gone soon."

Cade took all of the drop items and put it in his storage. Most of them were vitality crystals and there were two equipment among them.

Once Cade put all of them in his storage, he decided to leave. If he stayed any longer, he might have been trapped there or worse died alongside the destroying dungeon.

The truth was, there was no one in the universe knew what happened to the dungeon when someone completed it.

Some theory said that the portal closed but the dungeon was still there. It will reappear back a few years later. There was also a theory that the dungeon was destroyed forever.

Cade did not want to know what would happen and decided to leave immediately but then, he stopped his steps. He remembered something, the leftover slime.

Cade looked behind him and saw that the slimes did not intend to leave the dungeon. He looked at the slime weirdly.

"You guys are not leaving the dungeon?" Cade asked the slimes.

Slime 1 being the only slime who knew human language stepped forward and wrote on the ground, "We are not. Don't worry about us and leave here fast. Humans will die if you get trap inside the dungeon."

'So, human will die if they stay in the dungeon?..." thought Cade. He looked at slime 1 and asked, "What will happen to all of you if you stay here?"

Looking at the slimes relaxed nature, Cade thought that they will be fine but will they live inside the dungeon for all their lives.

"When this dungeon is destroyed, we will be sent back home," Slime 1 wrote on the ground.

"Home? Where?" asked Cade. He thought it will be nice to know where they live. One of the mysteries of the monsters were their origins.

After 10 000 years had passed since the appearance of dungeons and monsters, human still did not know where they came from.

There were theories they came from another universe or dimension. There was also theory that they were actually byproduct of human's misdeeds and there were many more theories.

However, no one managed to get any proof of their origins. In the beginning, everyone was eager to find out the mysteries but later, no one care anymore.

They just hoped that the dungeons and monsters did not suddenly disappeared because their drop item was valuable.

"Our world," wrote Slime 1 while smiling.

"Which planet?" asked Cade curiously but Slime 1 did not answer him. It just smiled at Cade.

Looking at the response from Slime 1, Cade knew they did not want to tell him. Maybe because he killed too many of their comrades and did not want him to come to their planets.

Cade felt guilty again. He decided not to pursue that further and left the dungeon. However, before he left, he bowed once again towards the slime and apologized for killing their comrades.

After that, Cade immediately left them and rushed towards the dungeon's entrance. He had stayed too long inside.

While passing through some place inside the dungeon, he saw some of the wall had collapsed and he hastened his pace.

Finally, he arrived at the dungeon's entrance and immediately got out of the dungeon. Once he got out, the white portal of the dungeon entrance slowly dissipated.

A few minutes later, the dungeon completely disappeared. Cade got worried about the slimes. He wondered if they really will be fine.

[Congratulations for completing the slime dungeon solo. Gain Grade E 'Conqueror' title and all stats increase by 10] the system suddenly gave a notification to Cade.

Cade did not get surprised by the title gained because it was common knowledge of gaining the title after dungeon completion.

Cade checked his stats.

Name: Cade

Age: 20

Lifespan: 60

Potential: E [504 / 1000 Grade E Level 1 Magic Crystal]

Level: 9

Stat Points: 10

Vitality: 20

Strength: 13

Endurance: 23

Dexterity: 13

Wisdom: 15

Luck: 61

Thanks to the Conqueror title, Cade got a boost in all of his stats. He felt happy seeing his boosts in his stats. He can feel the effect of his stats increasing totally different from his luck.

He had 10 stat points unused from levelling up earlier and decided to use it on his luck like he had planned all this time and increasing it to 71.

"My luck had almost reached the same amount as that lucky girl… Am I a lucky boy now?" muttered Cade while looking at his high luck.

Cade checked his limit entry license and had 2 more extra days. Alongside that, the license also listed his list of drop item and also marked red at the item he should use as his 5% tax.

He got too many magic crystals and needed to pay quite a lot. Luckily, the license marked he pay using one of the equipment he got. He had no need for any of the drop equipment and thus he did not mind to part with one of them.

The body armor he used against the army of slime was totally unusable. He decided to throw it away.

Cade took out the equipment the license marked and put it on top of the license. The license glowed and enveloped the equipment and then the equipment was teleported to the government office as his tax. The license then disappeared as the dungeon had been completed.

The license was made from special materials with few functions on it.

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One of them was recording the drop item and suggested which one should be paid as tax. However, even if it was recording the drop item, no one can see it and only the owner of the license was allowed to see the record.

Even the government who issued the license cannot see it. The tax can also be paid only using the license. So, explorer cannot cheat the government with their tax.

If the license judged that the tax was not enough, it won't teleport the drop item. If after the dungeon was completed and the government did not receive any tax, the explorer become a criminal.

Once Cade was done with all of that, he stored all of his equipment into his storage. He did not want to walk around the city with cardboard all over his body.

Cade did not go straight home but stopped at a small café and have some late lunch before he went home.

While eating his lunch, he realized something. He had awakened but he heard nothing from his family. He even completed a dungeon solo and no one from his family called him or anything.

"Are they really keeping their eyes on me?" Cade wondered. Cade made quite a lot of fortune on his first dungeon exploring and were they not curious how he got too many drop items?

Cade actually wanted them to keep an eye on him. If they were keeping their eyes on him, it meant that he was not fully being abandoned by his family. If not…

"It was all lies… Now that I know that, I don't care anymore. If they try to kill me, I will kill them back. I am not a normal human anymore. I am an explorer and I have huge potential of becoming the strongest of all," said Cade with determined face.

He decided to fight back if his family ever tried to harm him but he knew in his heart that they won't even bothered to do anything to him.

His family was too high in society that someone who was at the bottom won't even be in their eyes.

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