The Cardboard Explorer Chapter 10: Chapter 10


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Once the slimes heard Slime 2 command, they all started attacking the boss slime. The slime was huge and he cannot dodge the attack of the army of slime.

All it can do was take the damage and endured it. The boss slime's focus was to escape from them. He was afraid that if he wasted his time fighting the other slime, the unknown explorer will appear and killed him.

Slime was known to have high physical resistance and the only way physical attack worked on them was by destroying its core. Cade had been doing that since he started exploring the slime dungeon.

However, the physical resistance rule only applied to the attack from other species. If a slime attacked another slime using physical attack, they will receive the normal physical damage.

With that many slime attacking the boss slime, he received a lot of damage. The situation was dire for the boss slime and he decided to take action too.

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Cade was watching with interest at what was currently happening in front of him. He had no idea why the slime was attacking their boss.

While he was looking at them attacking their boss, three slimes approached him. Cade saw the three slime came to him and readied himself to attack.

However, one of the slimes immediately made some body movement and Cade weirdly looked at that slime. It did not look like it was trying to attack him. Cade lowered his sword.

Upon seeing that, the three slimes sighed. They were Slime 1, Slime 2 and Slime 3.

Slime 1 moved forward and tried to write something on the ground. Slime 1 had met a lot of humans before and he knew their language. Once it finished writing, Cade read it.

"We hate fighting and we mean no harm. Let's stop our war. Let us go and we will help you defeat our boss," said Slime 1 with its writing. Cade was shocked with what he read.

That meant, the slime rebelled. They were helping him killing their boss in exchange for their freedom. "They must have hated their boss a lot and decide to do this," thought Cade.

He was impressed with their intelligence and felt a bit guilty of killing a lot of them. Cade felt like he made a huge mistake of attacking the slime.

Cade knew they were attacking him because he attacked them first. They were getting revenge for their fallen comrade.

Cade wondered if the other explorer knew about this and decided to let the slime go. He also knew the slime was harmless but he never thought they were this intelligent.

Cade was the one at fault in this situation and he felt like his knowledge about the slime was too shallow. He always thought the slime was a mindless and stupid monster. He felt really guilty.

"I am sorry for attacking your home," said Cade and he bowed at the three slimes. They nodded and accepted his apology.

Even if they tried to attack Cade for revenge, they stood no chance. Cade was too strong for them. Their focus right now was to kill their boss.

While they were talking, the boss slime suddenly made his moves and started attacking the slimes. He was still in the dark about his minions' rebellion.

Tentacles made from the boss slime's body fluid formed around the boss slime's body. The boss slime launched his tentacles and attacked the other slimes.

Cade was shocked to see that the boss slime was capable of doing that.

Cade was also angry that he dared to attack his own species especially now that he knew the slimes were totally a nice creature. Humans did that a lot but he never thought that it happened in the monster community too.

Cade and the three slimes did not waste any more time and went to join the fight. Cade looked at his cardboard sword and it was wet and heavy.

Thanks to its high durability, the sword still retained its shape but it won't be long before it crumbled. Cade needed to finish the boss slime as fast as possible.

The boss slime saw Cade advance towards him and he felt more pressure. He did his best attacking his 'controlled' minions and now, the humans joined the fights too.

His minions were too many and he cannot one hit kill them like Cade did and now he knew what Cade felt. The slime boss did not possess any active healing skill too and his damage kept rising.

Cade was getting nearer and it knew that Cade was much more of a threat compare to his minions. He decided to ignore his minions and focused his tentacles attack toward Cade.

The slime boss's tentacles were moving fast towards Cade but Cade did not slow down and instead he kept moving forward.

One of the tentacles arrived and Cade evaded it and then cut that tentacle. He kept moving forward cutting and evading every tentacle coming his way.

The boss slime was shocked to see Cade's movement evading his tentacles. He knew Cade's strength, endurance, dexterity was low based from what he saw during Cade's fight with his minions.

Cade had a hard time evading their attack and always getting hit and the slime boss was right. Other than Cade's luck, his other stats were trash.

However, the boss slime was wrong about one thing, Cade was unable to evade the attack of his minions because there were too many of them.

With only the boss slime as his target, it was easy to evade his attack especially when the tentacles were straightforward in attacking him.

There were no feints or anything else in the tentacles. It was really easy to dodge. Cade fought hundreds of slimes earlier and comparing it with the tentacles, "Meh~" it was too easy for Cade.

The army of slime was much scarier compared to the boss slime. Tens of tentacles straightforwardly attacking at the same time was nothing compared to an army of slime fighting strategically.

Cade was shocked earlier when he first saw the tentacles but once he encountered it himself, it was nothing much.

They packed a lot of power but as long as it did not hit him, the tentacles were basically nothing. Cade got a lot of 'training' earlier when fighting the army of slime.

Many of the slime saw Cade getting nearer towards their boss and started attacking more and more to give more damage to their boss.

Cade evaded another tentacle and arrived in front of the boss slime. The boss slime was worried but not too much because his body fluid was thick and his core was still quite far from Cade.

He still manipulated his tentacles to attack Cade but his minions had started blocking his tentacles too.

Cade started slashing his sword to open a path towards the boss slime's core, however, the boss slime's regenerative ability was stronger than normal slime.

Every time he slashed, in a second, the wound healed. It kept happening and Cade did not know what he should do.

But then, when he slashed once more, Slime 2 jumped forward and blocked the fluid from healing.

The healing stopped. Cade and the boss slime were shocked. They were shocked because Slime 2 stopped the healing.

Cade did not want to waste the opportunity and slashed the boss slime's body more.

When the other slime saw what Slime 2 did, more and more of them moved towards the wound and stopped its healing. Bit by bit, Cade and the slimes were getting deeper and deeper into the boss slime's body.

The boss slime shuddered. They were inside his body and he cannot digest them because they were not inside his fluid.

The boss slime tried moving its body to shake Cade and the other slime out of his body but he was unable to do that.

His minions had been attacking him non-stop and blocking his movement. The boss slime encountered the biggest crisis in his whole life.

He did not know what he should do. He had no more tricks, skills or anything else he can use at the moment.

Looking at his minions, he also realized something else. They were not control by someone else. They looked totally sane and some of them even mockingly smiled at him knowing he will die soon.

The boss slime now knew that they betrayed him. He had been treating them well (he thought he was nice to them) all this time and that was how they paid him back.

The boss slime gave up and he called his tentacles back into his body. He will just let Cade killed him.

After continuously slashing the boss slime's body, Cade finally arrived in front of the boss slime's core.

Slime 1, Slime 2 and Slime 3 was by his side. They looked at Cade and nodded at him asking him to destroy the core.

Cade nodded back and without any hesitation, he slashed the core a few times and it broke to pieces.

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