The bully I fell in love with. Chapter 1: The time we met


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"Vincent,Vincent, NO! What are you gonna do about it?,huh? Are you gonna cry to your momma? Like you always do? Oh, no. Such a shame little missy doesn't have no mother! No, Vincent STOP! Shameless bitch like you don't deserve anyone! You freak, MOTHERLESS FREAK!

That scene kept on repeating in my head. Over and over and kver again. Is it true? I'm alone in this world?

My name is Lucianne Angeline Ventor. I'm 15 years old and I'm bullied. I was bullied since I first lived in this cruel neighbourhood. I'm an orphan as so they say. My mother died before me in results of her suicidal thoughts. She used to cut herself all over her body, tried to hung herself but saved by my relatives. Luckily, I was never harmed as she is always distant with me. My father however, left me and my mom as my mother was his mistress. I don't know if he's alive or not but I never really cared for him. And out of the blue I was an orphan. The trauma I had was unforgettable and doctors even say that it was a miracle for a little 4 year old to be able to handle all the pain.

My neighbors firstly thought of adopting me but her cruel son and daughter framed me of stealing then i was directly sent to the orphanage. There I lived peacefully with a great education and health care. I loved the woman who took care of me there. Her name was Lauren. Ms.Lauren was impotent so her fiancee left her. Then, she took over her mother's old orphange and renovated it. Now she's making sure all the orphans with flaws love themselves and ignore the negative vibes people give to them. She was so kind. Living there was my dream come true of having a great family. Years passed. A man in a suit went to the orphanage. He was looking for Ms. Lauren. I thought that it was her fiancee coming back to her after all these hardfull years. She saw me snooping around while having a conversation with the man. She then called me. Then those words came out of her. "Take care of yourself, ok. You're great and beautiful not to mention intelligent. But i have to let you go." I didn't understand a word she was saying. "That's your uncle he's gonna take care of you," she said pointing at the well-dressed man. Oh, no! I whispered slowly. "ok. " that was my only reaction to this.

As expected, I cried the whole night after my last dinner with my dearly beloved 'family ' . Everything turned 360 degrees in an unexplainable way. The day after, leaving Ms. Lauren was the most painful part. Oh, all the sweet memories. I had one last talk with Ms. Lauren. Hse said, "I know this is sudden. I know it's hard. But sometimes, you gotta let things you love go. It doesn't make you farther it makes the love grow bigger. " seeing her eyes with the crystal that's almost broken. I shed my last tears.
"wave them goodbye.Let go. And love may grow. "

The long drive ended as my uncle woke me up. He introduced me to his wife, Mrs. Annie Mcburth. She had lovely features no wonder they fell in love with each other. They're such a great match as if it's made in heaven. Haha. I did wonder why only now my uncle wanted to adopt me. That slipped out as soon as I thought of it. He said warmly " I was studying abroad and only knew about you a year back. My wife and I looked hard for your orphanage and finally came across it. So we decided to take you in." There was nothing suspicious about him as he is a young man. About 29 or so. He was quite good-looking to be honest. "wow, " I thought. I barely spoken through the conversation we were having. And finally he said, "you're going to start school next week. For now you could get used to the neighborhood. " I answered heartly "sure, I'm really excited to meet new friends" was it a little sarcastic? maybe. Hey, what do you expect from a 13 year old.

Then, I met him.

I was walking around neighbourhood greeting people taht i pass by. I noticed that a boy was checking me out. I looked directly at his direction. He turned away vigorously. It was just a little matter to me. But the thing is this happened throughout the 3 days I've been here. I was getting suspicious. Something isn't right. He walked up to me on the 4th day. All of a sudden he pushed me down and yelled, "piece of shit like you don't deserve here. You know the things they say about you. Heck, it's a good thing you're pretty. I wouldn't dare to hit a treasure like you. " That line disgusted me. I almost punch his face but the boy's grip was too much for me." Hey , remember my name. VINCENT AZVEN GEORGE. Remember it nice and neatly. Tata~" and he left with a grin.

I went back all dirty and scared. I didn't want my uncle and his wife to see me so i snuck in through the window as the house was a two-story house. "Vincent... I'm getting myself in big trouble.
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