The Boy Of My Dreams Chapter 1: Prologue


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Hey Amigos! Wondering what my story is?? Hmm. It's nothing special I guess. But then again it was truly amazing. To meet the boy you always had a crush on and to make him love you back is kinda hard... But as the saying goes "Nothing is Impossible" is something I truly believe in.

So let's start with the introduction.

I'm Olivia Season. Yep that's me. People usually call me Oli or Via or somethin'. And usually I don't care. I am 20yrs old and you can't exactly categorize me as fat. and definitely not slim. Either.


I don't know why I just informed you that. Ah well, On with it.

And here comes the most important part.

I am in love. Or I was??

His name is.... Zane Brooks.

Zane.............. (Drooling all over the table)

I met him when I was 15 yrs. I still remember that day. Snow was falling all over the place and I was in my home desperately trying to warm myself. And yes, it was winter.

K... Now I know exactly what you are thinking of....

If I was at my home them how did I meet him??

Well it's kinda a loooooonnnnnggggg story...

But then again it's not.


If you are interested why don't you follow me??

I am super excited to say my tragically magical story.

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