The Black Out Chapter 15: Doctor, do you think I will let it go?


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Although from his reaction, he clearly had not felt satisfied, Dominick did not press him further. The blond man only dressed him with new clothes and brushed him gently as if he was really the man's precious doll.

Zhiqiang just grunted in annoyance and let him do whatever he wished as he still felt a bit weak on his legs. Dominick frowned in displeasure when he saw a bit wound on the black haired man's hand. He grabbed them to look over it closer.

"It is rat bite." Zhiqiang forced to say seeing the man's darkening face. "I got it before you came to save me in the lab," he continued to explain. Actually it was just a small bite. Its cut was not even deep. With his super healing body, the wound was already started to close. Other than this small wound, he only got a bit scratches or bruises from falling over in the sewer. He was sure they would already be healed tomorrow morning without any scar.

The man narrowed his eyes but did not say anything. He then turned his gaze toward his doll's neck, narrowing his eyes even further. He extended his hand and caressed the red marks on his doll's neck. It was not even an hour, but the marks were already healing. It seemed he had to find other way to mark his doll. Other things could not left any mark on his doll, but his mark was a must! He thought darkly in possessive.

After for a while, he finally let go of the younger man and stepped back. He grabbed new clothes and started to dress himself.

Zhiqiang stared at the man strangely and touched his neck for a moment. He did not feel anything on there, so he chose to ignore it. He packed his bag again and threw their dirty clothes in trash bin. He then sat on the bench and watched the man dressed his body.

Dominick really had an attractive body. Tall height, strong arms, six packed stomach, long legs, and more importantly a handsome face like a supermodel. Anyone who saw him would also say he had a really charming and funny personality. A strong and dominant man that was wanted by any woman in the world.


Zhiqiang subconsciously called in whispered tone.

The blond man finished his dressing and titled his head at him in question.

Zhiqiang gazed at the man absentmindedly, staring at the handsome face before stopping on those sharp silvery blue eyes. His lips then moved to whisper a question so softly as if they were afraid of the man.

"Why did you come back to the base?"

There was a silence as the man did not answer for a moment.

Zhiqiang also did not press him, just staring at those blue eyes in quiet gaze. In his heart, he was always wondering about this question.

A few hours ago, when the man said he did not care if the base was destroyed and they should go, a scared feeling immediately filled his heart. But not because of the man's cruel apathy that did not care about other people's lives, but because his mind immediately thought…

…if the man did not like the base, then he could not help it and they should really go.

Zhiqiang felt a shock from his own mind at that moment. He did not know since when, but he instantly realized at that moment that he had formed an attachment toward the man. He immediately felt so scared that he could not think anything for a moment.

This man was a psychopath. He could not felt any empathy.

No matter what would happen, no matter what his action toward him, the man would not felt a same feeling toward him. He also was not under delusion to think their intimate actions had any attachment feeling behind it. It was only a mutual pleasure between them.

Don't mention about feeling, he still also did not forgot about the man's crime past.

Therefore, that time, after seeing the man refused to stay in the base any longer, he immediately thought to separate himself completely from the man. He should use this chance to escape from the man's hold.

The man was strong. He could protect himself easily without him. Instead it was him who still needed help from the base's protection.

So he ran without hesitating any longer.

Imagining his surprise when the man came back to him again instead. At that moment, he instantly knew that the man knew his thinking about wanting to escape from him, also that he would not be able to escape from the man again next time.

He just still did not understand one thing.

With his attractive appearance, with his charming façade, the man could get any person as his new doll.

So just why did the man come back to him?

Dominick quietly gazed back at the black haired man. His blue eyes were clear and calm, void of any emotion.

Zhiqiang suddenly had a vague feeling that maybe he just glimpsed of the man's real personality.

The man lowered his eyelid a bit, his golden eyelashes were trembled attractively, giving the younger man an illusion as if he was the only person in the world that was important under his intense gaze.

Dominick lifted the corner of his lips slightly, creating a soft smile that was almost invisible. An indescribable glint flashed in those blue eyes as the man whispered back to him.

"I have found something that is very interesting for first time in my life. Doctor, do you think I will let it go?"

Zhiqiang widened his dark eyes in stunned. A strange feeling washed over his heart in a moment. He felt like he understood something from the man's words but at the same time not understand it at all. He exhaled his breath, not knowing what to say out of sudden.

Dominick curled his lips. His hooded eyes stared at the black haired man with too much of intensity watching his reaction. Zhiqiang felt his body tensed subconsciously. He forced an impulse to rub his arms in insecurity to the back of his mind, feeling naked all out of sudden under those blue eyes.

However, he did not miss how the man called him a doctor in his question. Is it some of code? Did the man just hint him something?

"That interesting thing…" Zhiqiang whispered before he could stop himself. "What if someday.. it became boring for you?" Will you throw it away? But he did not say the last sentences, though from the gaze of those blue eyes, the man must already know what he wanted to say. Zhiqiang tensed his body even stiffer, feeling very stupid for his words when he saw the man sent him a knowing smirk.

"Who know?"

With those words hanging in the air, the man then turned around and exited the room, leaving the black haired man alone.

Zhiqiang closed eyes and sighed again. He raised his hand and rubbed his closed eyes for a moment. He suddenly felt so tired from too many feeling he just felt tonight. The last time he felt this much feeling was when his parent dead years ago.

He did not know what he should do for a moment.

No, he should just forget it.

Dealing with the psychopath was too much for his heart. He should just follow along now. Maybe later he would be able to really separate himself from the man. Though down inside his heart, he knew it would be an impossible feat.

Zhiqiang sighed once again before standing up from the bench. As he was about to pick up his bag, something suddenly flashed in his mind as he looked at the puddle of water in the bathroom floor. He placed his bag again on the bench then walked toward the puddle.

He stared at the puddle of water for a moment. He then narrowed his focus on the water for a few minutes. After nothing had happened, he suddenly felt really silly.

Zhiqiang shook his head and turned around. However after a few steps, he suddenly turned around again sharply and extended his hand toward the water.

"Move!" He ordered with a very strong concentration.

The surface of water trembled creating a wave and moved toward him.

Zhiqiang gasped, a shock feeling enveloped his mind and broke his concentration. The water instantly stopped trembling as if what had happened just now was just illusion.

He exhaled sharply in shock. He never expected it to really work. He thought it was just really his illusion when he saw water suddenly splashed sharply toward the giant rat and slashed its eyes like a blade a few hours ago.

But just now…

Zhiqiang moved toward the water again and crouched down near it. He placed his right hand a few centimeters above the water and concentrate again.

After a few difficult moments, the surface of water finally trembled again. It raised upward shakily following his order in his mind, creating a little line of water that was moving upward toward his palm. As the water was about touched his hand, something suddenly caught in his eyes and his concentration was broken.

"Huh? Just now…" He murmured in wonder. But after he checked it, it was already gone.

Zhiqiang decided to try again, but this time he turned his hand so his palm was facing upward. He concentrated to move the water again. His dark eyes immediately moved toward his right wrist as that something came out again.

There, on the skin of his wrist, something lit up in blue color. After looking carefully, he realized it was a drawing or some kind of symbol. It was small, only about a size of nail. It formed a small circle like a drop of water with its tip was curved pointing downward to his arm.

The symbol was vanished as soon as he broke his concentration. It seemed the symbol would only appear when he used his ability. Did it mean to symbolize his ability or something?

He was not sure. This mutant ability was still new. He even thought that the mutant ability was only to strengthen their body, like Dominick's hard body for example. Come to think about it, did that mean Dominick would also receive a new ability later?

There was also something strange that he needed to note in his mind. When he used his water ability just now, he felt something rushed inside his body toward his wrist, making the symbol appeared. It felt like some kind of energy. It was familiar. He remembered he felt them the first time he woke up after the disaster. However he did not know what it is.

Something must be happened when the blackout took place. It changed the human's genes and gave them whatever the energy it was to use a mutant ability.

Zhiqiang furrowed his eyebrows as he suddenly thought about the white fog. It was too bad he was sleeping when the white fog came.

He sighed and stood up. Now was not the time to think about them. He would think them again after he had freer times. The base just experienced a terrible attack a few hours ago. He needed to go and helped them what he could.

With that thought in mind, Zhiqiang picked his bag again and exited the room.

The base was indeed in terrible situation right now.

After he placed his bag again in his room, he immediately went toward the infirmary.

In fact, without needing to go to the infirmary, in front of the military main post, a lot of people were sitting in the ground with pale and crying faces. Some soldiers and civilian nurses were pacing around the survivor on the ground, distributing a cup of hot drink and blankets to everyone, while people with injuries were treated by some nurses and doctors.

Behind the group was lined up of dead bodies covered by white cloth. Soldiers were seen moving around bringing a body from somewhere and placed them orderly in the lines. Almost all bodies had some people crying miserably beside them.

"Dr. Zhou!" A nurse immediately called after seeing him came toward them.

Zhiqiang just nodded and asked softly. "How is the situation?"

The nurse shook her head with a grim and pale face as she explained the situation. Zhiqiang listened for a while before he moved to treat some injured people.

That night, the base was experiencing a long night.

This attack was too sudden. The military always prepared themselves for outside attack, who knew that the attack would come from inside? This was certainly gave all leader in the military a lot of headaches.

Almost one third of people in the base had become casualties, while the rest was experiencing injuries which almost half of them was gravely injured. There were only small numbers of them who were fortunately saved from any wound.

"Here, Dr. Zhou, you should take a break first." A nurse interrupted him after he finished treated his current patient and gave him a cup of hot coffee.

"Thanks." Zhiqiang gave him a tired smile and took the cup. He walked toward the hospital tent and sat on the empty bench. He looked around the situation of the base for a while as he drank the coffee.

It was almost dawn now. But there were still a lot of people who were moving around in the base. It could not be helped. Even though there were a lot of people who helped, there were too many survivors who were injured. So the treatment took a long time.

The soldiers also were seen moving around to clean the base. They did not want to risk another attack because of their negligence. Zhiqiang would sometimes see Dominick walked around with the troops.

It was certainly a long night. Not many people could sleep after the terrible event.

Zhiqiang furrowed his eyebrows as he finally realized something missing. No, it was someone. Because he was too busy just now, he did not notice it, but now…

Why he did not see Dr. Martin everywhere?

A bad feeling instantly filled his heart. Zhiqiang quickly pulled an infirmary nurse he knew when he saw her walking toward the hospital tent. He stared at her with a grim face.

"Dr. Martin?"

The nurse widened her eyes a bit, before tears instantly filled her still red eyes. She shook her head with bleak expression.

Zhiqiang's face immediately fell in dismal.

Dr. Martin was found in his bathroom two hours ago, with almost all his flesh was bitten off by the mutated rats.
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