The Black Out Chapter 13: Who said the party is over?


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A pair of dark eyes stared tensely at a pair of blue eyes.

Zhiqiang held his breath as the blond man stared at him with cold eyes.

Even so, seeing the man here, his heart could not help but felt a mixed feeling. Happy, relief, disappointment, and scared were mixed into one indescribable sensation that he could not name in his heart. But he could not deny that happy was the strongest feeling he felt in the moment.

"Why are you here?" Zhiqiang whispered subconsciously.

He shook his head and grabbed the man's hand which was pinching his chin. He cleared his throat softly. "I thought you already left the base."

A displeasure frown was painted on the man lips as he looked over the younger man's body condition. Muds and bruises were all over his doll's beautiful body. Dominick narrowed his eyes. He released his fingers on the black haired man's chin, but grabbed the hand on it instead.

A sardonic smirk was curled on the man's lips as he asked, "You think you could escape from me that easily?"

A pair of dark eyes widened shakily, but that motion was quickly cleaned up in next second. Zhiqiang cleared his throat softly. "Who wanted to escape from you?"

Dominick gave him a small smirk as if he knew what the black haired man was thinking, "I think so too."

A roaring was heard from the giant rat behind them. Zhiqiang took the chance to distract the man. "We have to beat the monster first."

Dominick glanced at him slightly before gazing into the monster with his murderous eyes. "Don't think that you can escape punishment easily for making a mess of your body, doll."

Zhiqiang pursed his lips and ignored the man.

"Are you guys okay?" Colonel Williams approached the black haired man from side as he also watched the monster cautiously. He glanced once curiously at the new blond man who suddenly appeared beside them.

Dominick frowned a little at the Colonel. His hand subconsciously pulled his doll to other side of his body. Zhiqiang blinked in surprise when his body was pulled abruptly. The man even pressed his head into his strong chest when he wanted to look over to the Colonel.

"Dom!" He pulled the man's arms from his head in irritation.

Dominick grunted and pushed the black haired man a few steps behind him. "Wait here. I will kill this bastard who dared to scratch your beautiful body."

Colonel raised his eyebrow strangely at the blond man when he heard his words. "How do you plan to kill it?" he asked in curious. He already saw the blond man's strength when he kicked the monster. This man was not inferior to him at all.

However Dominick did not bother to answer him and rushed to the monster in fast speed. The giant rat was kicked by a strong force as it was about to attack the blond man. It howled in pain and anger, rushing forward again in retaliation. However Dominick gave it a strong punch as counterattack.

Colonel Williams's green eyes lit up as he saw the strength of the blond man. It was the first time he saw someone that had an equal strength as him. No, maybe, the blond man was even stronger than him. After watching for a moment, Colonel also rushed forward to attack the giant rat.

Dominick glared at the Colonel in displeasure as if there was a bug that wanted to steal his prey. But the Colonel was oblivious of it as he tried his best to help.

In term of strength, Dominick indeed was stronger than Colonel Williams. But in term of speed, Dominick was slower than Colonel. From closer observation, Dominick's body also seemed harder than Colonel. Because even after scratched by the giant rats, his skin only peeled a bit without any blood dropped, while the Colonel had to avoid the monster attack as his body could be hurt. His wound on his chest proved his body's hardness was weaker than the sharpness of the monster's claw.

Under barrages of attacks from two strong humans, the giant rat finally could not hold any longer. With a last squeak, the monster eventually exhaled its last breath.

Dominick kicked the monster's body in displeasure. His expression clearly told that he had not felt satisfied after killing the bastard who hurt his doll. Obviously he wanted to torture the monster a lot longer, but the Colonel beside him was disturbing his revenge, making the monster was killed faster.

Zhiqiang quickly pulled the man away from the giant rat's body, could instantly realized the man's thinking from his expression. "Let's go."

Dominick frowned but allowed his body to be pulled. He glared at the Colonel who was about to walk beside his doll. He immediately warped his arms around the black haired man and pulled him to walk faster, leaving the Colonel to blink in confusion.

They then joined with the team again, and cleared out any rats they found in the sewer. They returned to surface a short while later and handled the situation in the base.

After an hour, they eventually could eliminate any rats they could find in the surface. There were certainly rats that were escape from them since the base was still in the darkness. But they could only let them go as their capability was limited.

A half of hour later, the electricity in the base was repaired. Lamps immediately lit up brightly, removing any darkness in the base. It turned out a lot of cables in the electricity mechanism were bitten off by the mutated rats, thinking about the intelligence of the rats that could plan like this brought a terrifying feeling in their mind. Thankfully, they already eliminated the leader of the rats and their nest cleanly.

Zhiqiang followed the Colonel to the military main post and helped any soldier who was injured. Dominick of course stalked behind him. The man even refused to help the troops in rescuing survivors and killing mutated rats. He just stood there hovering behind him even when Colonel Williams was ordering his subordinates to do this and that.

The civilian who joined military did not have any military uniform. They just received an armband as their indicator. Therefore without those armbands, there was no one who recognized Dominick as one of their new soldier because he just joined for two days, even more the Colonel, a man with ranks so high.

Speaking of the Colonel…

Zhiqiang glanced at the red haired man who was still busy ordering his subordinates. He was really dutiful man, handling the base's situation without care of himself. Zhiqiang walked toward the Colonel. Colonel glanced at him once he saw him approaching.

"Colonel, your wound… it should be treated first before getting worse. Infection risk rate after the disaster is really high." Zhiqiang said glancing at the Colonel's bloodied chest.

"It is fine. I did not know you are a doctor. Thank you for treating my subordinates." Colonel Williams smiled gratefully. His face was melting into a gentle expression, sending a warm feeling toward anyone who saw them. "I also wanted to thank you for your help before. If it was not because of you, we would take a longer time to eliminate the danger," he continued with a warm smile.

Zhiqiang glanced up at him in surprise, but his face did not show any emotion. He opened his lips to answer but Dominick who was glowering behind him already pulled him behind his body as if hiding him.

Dominick smiled at the Colonel so brightly that Zhiqiang who also saw it almost cringed from blindness. With his eyes curving warmly, the blond man said at the Colonel, "That's good then, Colonel. But my wife is tired so I hope you would not disturb him any longer." With another bright smile, Dominick then pulled his doll far away from the Colonel.

"Eh?" Colonel Williams blinked stupidly in confusion.

Zhiqiang palmed his face in annoyance as he finally understood why he kept smelling sour scent of vinegar from the blond man. "You are ridiculous," he said drily at the man.

Dominick narrowed his eyes at him dangerously. "You are mine. I will not allow you come to another man without my permission."

"You are so childish." Zhiqiang huffed. He understood that the man did not only mean about just now, but also about how he asked for help from the Colonel to eliminate the mutated rats, instead of persuading the blond man.

Dominick narrowed his eyes even further. "So? I don't care. If I said you are mine, then it means you are mine. You only allowed come to me for anything."

Zhiqiang pursed his lips and refused to reply, but a red flush was sneaking up to his ears without permission. He looked away. "Where are we going? I have to help them to check survivors. There must be a lot of casualties and injury because of this attack."

'No." Dominick refused with a firm tone, closing any chance the black haired man had for complains. He pulled his doll toward their room to pick their only bag. Well, there was only one bag, his backpack, because Dominick refused to bring anything from the last apartment. He did not care enough to bring some essential things since they could always find them in the city. So Zhiqiang could only pack a few clothes for the man in his backpack.

Zhiqiang glanced at the man in confusion seeing him picked up their bag. The man could not be thinking to leave the base again, right?

But after walking again for a while, he realized the blond man was pulling him toward somewhere in the base.

After a closer observation, he finally realized the man was pulling him toward the soldier dormitory. But instead entering the dormitory, the man pulled him toward the building behind it.

It was a gym, Zhiqiang thought in curious. The man kept pulling him toward the back of gym, entering a corridor before finally stopping in a room.

It was a public bathroom

Zhiqiang realized as he looked over the large room with many showerheads was hanging from the walls. He turned around to the man to find him locked the door and placed their bag on a bench beside lockers at the side of the room.

"Strip." Dominick ordered as he walked toward the black haired man.

"W-what?!" Zhiqiang jumped a few steps back with a flustered expression.

Dominick frowned and pulled his body toward him. "Hurry up. I refused seeing you full of disgusting muds," he said and forcefully pulled the younger man's shirt.

"W-wait, wait!!" Zhiqiang cried out in flustered. Warm flush was quickly filling his cheeks. "I will do it! I will do it myself! Damn it!!" he cursed out as the man forcefully took out all his clothes without leaving any piece behind.

After so many useless resistances, Zhiqiang could only stand naked in middle of the public bathroom. He glared fiercely at the man with red flush filling his face. The man only raised an eyebrow in answer before taking off his own clothes.

With a still flushed face, Zhiqiang decided that he may as well wash himself now. Beside they were both male, there were nothing to see. Even though his mind said that, there was a warning bell in the back of his mind that kept telling him about a pervert that liked to take advantage of him. Therefore, he took some soap and shampoo from his bag and chose a shower furthest away from the man.

Once the cold water touched his body, Zhiqiang sighed comfortably. It was really refreshing. Why didn't he realize there was a public shower here? There was only one small bathroom in the room he stayed. With eleven people who used it, he could not take his time to wash himself properly. Furthermore the water was turned off at every 9 pm. So in the past few days he could only use wet towel to clean himself. So this was the first time in few days he could wash himself freely.

Zhiqiang swept all muds that came from fighting in the sewer on his body cleanly. Afterward he poured some soaps on his palm and brushed himself. As he focused himself to wash, a pair of arms suddenly slithered around his waist and pulled his body to the back.
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