The Black Forest Chapter 11: Wedding


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The last night in Greece was the best. The food was awesome, the performances were awesome as well.
The moments of the trip will be forever engraved in Sophia's mind. She will miss this group. But, the best thing is that she will marry the most handsome man, Matt. Her future husband and a wonderful father to their child.
As they headed back to their room, Sophia organized her stuff and went to take a shower.
As she looked at the mirror, she gently rubbed her growing belly. She still cannot believe she is having Matt's child.
When she finished taking a shower, she noticed Matt sitting on the bed, his whole body was shaking as if he was scared of something. Sophia went to his side and gently rubbing his back. She held onto Matt's hand and gently talked to him, "Matt, don't be scared. I'm here. Did you see something?" Matt nodded his head.
"Matt, I am here for you. Don't be afraid." Sophia gently hugged Matt as he shook uncontrollably. "Sophia...I'm afraid. He's... He's watching me. He's looking at me now!" Sophia looked behind her and saw nothing.
"Don't look at him. Look at me. Don't be afraid." As Sophia embraced Matt, she covered his head as if protecting him from seeing the ghost.
"Matt, I am here. I love you." Sophia embraced Matt tighter.
As the night went, Sophia was awake for the whole time watching to make sure Matt was alright. Thankfully he slept peacefully.

Today, they will leave Greece. Sophia will not forget this beautiful country. It was such a wonderful vacation. When they flew back home, they said goodbye to each other.
"Sophia, we'll see you soon at your wedding!" Tiffany said.
"For sure! Make sure to come." Sophia was glad they can come.
Matt smiled at them and waved them goodbye.
"Are you feeling well, Matt?" Sophia asked.
"I'm alright. I just feel a bit tired. Probably from jetlag. You should rest, Sophia. You probably didn't sleep well because of me." Sophia nodded. "Kate, can Matt use your master bedroom? My bed is too small." Kate led them upstairs and said, "Sophia, you can move your stuff here later on." She smiled and nudged Sophia. Sophia nodded and said thank you.
"Matt, I'll be downstairs if you need me. I need to help Kate unpack. Make sure to rest some more." Matt held on to Sophia's hand and whispered, "I love you, Sophia. Make sure to not overwork yourself. I'll rest up a bit." Matt smiled. Sophia kissed him as she left the room.
Sophia went downstairs to meet Kate. "Kate, do I put these stuff over here?" Kate replied as she came over, "Yup. Just leave it here. Sophia, I need to talk to you for a sec." As they sat on the sofa, Kate asked, "Sophia, is Matt alright? He was acting weird ever since his mom passed away. It feels like he is someone else. I don't know how to explain it. He never acted like that before. He's starting to act a bit over possessive. Probably it's me over thinking. What do you think?" Sophia sighed and replied, "There is something I need to talk to you about. Matt was acting strange especially last night, he said he saw something in the room and he was frightened by it. He acted strange every single time after nightmare. He had nightmares ever since he was young. When I was at the grad party, I saw him acting a bit weird. I thought I was thinking too much. He is acting a bit over protective. I'll watch over him and see if he improves. If not, can you help me find a psychiatrist?" Kate nodded. "Let's watch over him some more before we decide. Matt is a great guy but he changed a lot. I heard his father commited suicide. He must've been close to him." Kate said.
"Kate, when he wakes up. Just act normal. I don't want to burden him. He already know about this. I don't want him to think too much." Sophia told Kate. They all nodded in agreement. Kate hugged Sophia and said, "You're such a great woman. Matt is so lucky. Sophia, if you ever need to talk to me, you can always come to me. We're best friend!" Sophia smiled and nodded.
In the next few days, Sophia and Matt were busy preparing for their wedding. Sophia's parents came over and talked over some stuff to Sophia.
"Sophia, do you still remember Gail?" Sophia nodded.
"Your mom and I never told you about this but ever since she left us. I've been in contact with her adoption representative, Gail is currently in Japan, Tokyo. Here's a photo her representative sent. Here's a message she wrote: Dear Sophia, you were once my little sister. I cannot believe you grew up and soon to be married. You must be very pretty now. I am sorry I lost contact with you for a long time. I got into contact with my adoption representative and got your address information. I hope we can see each other again one day. Goodbye for now. Sincerely, Gail.
"Mom, dad. Is Gail coming tomorrow?" Sophia's dad answered, "I don't know yet. Gail didn't say anything. It must be a hard answer. I mean.. she hasn't seen you for such a long time." Sophia sighed and nodded.
"Thanks for telling me, dad. I always wanted to know how Gail was doing. No matter what happens, I am happy she is alive and well." Sophia hugged her father.
Today is Sophia's wedding, all of the decorations are set in the banquet place. Sophia, Kate, and Tiffany are in the preparation room getting ready.
"Sophia, you look gorgeous." Tiffany was in awe. "Tiffany, you will get married in 2 weeks. You will be the same." Sophia said.
"Sophia, your little one is really growing. Can I touch it?" Kate never changes. Sophia nodded. "I cannot wait to meet you, little one. Is it a boy or girl?" Sophia answered, "It's a boy." Sophia smiled as both Tiffany and Kate touched her pregnant belly. "You guys will never change." Sophia teased them. Kate and Tiffany laughed.
"Guys, it's starting." Sophia suddenly felt nervous.
"Sophia, you will do well!" Kate was smiling like an idiot.
As Sophia entered with her father, there were so many people.
"Sophia, you look amazing. You and Matt are a pair matched from heaven." Sophia's dad said.
"Thank you, dad." Sophia smiled as they walked down the aisle.
Sophia saw Matt, he was so handsome. Sophia thought, "I'm so lucky." As she walked, she had tears in her eyes. She still cannot believe she is marry Matt.
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