The black cloud Chapter 7: ox horn city (2).


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entering the ox horn city from the front gates ray saw a long and wide street with many shops and inns , various demon beast carriages carrying various goods and material were also on the street , majority of these demon beasts are ox like bulls but their size were twice the size of normal bull and they also have long and sharp canines emerging from their mouth.

ray lifted is right leg up and started walking on the street road which is made up of cement bricks and there were also bull horn like design carved on them, after walking for about 10 minutes on the streets he was in front of a 8 stories high building which is quiet exquisite looking , and on the top of the first flour of the building their was a red coloured wooden board written on which is 'ox horn city treasury' in white and bold strokes.

there were many males and females were entering and leaving the shop. Females here were all wearing tight Cheongsam which can show their curves and their knees were exposed too.

seeing all the beautiful girls ray's heart started to beat fast , his eyes were roaming all around their bodies, seeing this a lady about 23 to 25 years old, wearing a blue cheongsam, glared at him with an angry expression on her face, with this look on her face ray knew that she is angry at him , he quickly turned his eyes away from her and started entering the shop.

he steeped on the first step of the ladder towards the shop, seeing this the lady with angry face taunted , "this place is not for poor beggars like you, so if you are here for begging then go away because no one is going to give you anything here, you filthy piece of shit". listening to this ray's face become cold , he knew that this lady is still angry at him because of his previous eve teasing.

he cupped his hands and bowed towards the lady and said "young lady sorry for the previous mischief , I had no intention to tease you back than , its just that the young lady is so beautiful that i can't get my eyes off you".

listening to this her face turned back to the normal and with still somewhat a little taunting voice she said "ok ok no need to flatter , just go inside".

hearing this ray turned his head away from her and started moving towards the shop, still trying to peek towards her two big bosoms.

just as he was about to enter the shop she said "listen brat if I found you teasing other females around here then I am going to castrate you", listening to this ray gulped a mouthful of saliva in fear and imagined himself without his flute, just by imagining it he feel a chill in his spine and he got goosebumps around his body.

he turned around towards the lady and with a forced smile on his face he said " how this lowly servant can disobey her majesty's order , I will never tease an another lady in my entire life" , hearing his flattering words she somewhat blushed in her heart but not changed her expression on her face.

"ok go now" she said with not as cold voice as before , listening to this ray bowed towards her and again stated walking towards the shop.

entering the shop he saw many peoples buying and selling their stuff on the different counters , on each counters there were two ladies assisting customers.

ray walked towards a wooden counter near him, on the counter there were two ladies of an age about 20 , ray went on the counter , seeing a boy coming towards them one of them asked "dear customer how can we help you" .
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