The Black Card: Remake Chapter 3: The week only just begun


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Ferro was on his way back from the store when he heard his phone ring as it had stopped his music.

"Answer phone." He told as the ringing stopped to which he followed with a hello.

"Ferro! Asking a girl out on a date over a voicemail isn't right!" He imagined her pouting in an anime style and couldn't help but laugh.

"This isn't a joking matter!"

"Sorry Sorry. You're right I should ask girls out in person, not over a phone. Good thing I wasn't asking you on a date then." He countered. (P.S. IRL you will get slapped by for this statement, do not try at home. These are paid professionals.)

"Ferro!" She sounded almost sad there, must be a mistake.

"If you aren't coming I can ask someone else."

She sighed, there was no gain at being angry. "What are the plans..."

"Friday at 8 will be an Italian restaurant and Saturday will be Habachi at 7. That good? I can change the times if needed."

"These sound like dates..."

"I'm not taking you on a date."

"Is it going to be just the two of us in a romantic scene?"

"Yes but that can be true even for people who are friends."

"Is the Italian dinner candlelit?"


"Oh Oh! You are driving right?"


"So it is just the two of us, at a romantic candlelit dinner and it isn't a date?"

"No, it is not a date."

"It sounds like a date."

"I'm hanging up."

"Fer-" He hung her up before she could pester him further.

"Really does sound like a date. Should I bring her a bunch of roses and make it official?"

He immediately disregarded the idea and put the music back on, "What am I thinking this is Jacklyn we are talking about! Nope never going to happen. I like living my normal peaceful life."

The two of them had been friends since childhood, their statuses in each other's lives were already set. Their parents may pester them to get together but Ferro never saw her that way. Don't get him wrong she is beautiful the long white hair contrasting her dark eyes and a skin complexion similar to the moon on a cloudless night... seemed to drone on there for a bit.

With the exception of that call, the drive was without incident. He parked his car and took the shuttle back to campus, heading back to his dorm for an early dinner. He opened the door to find his roommate laid out on his computer laying on his lap. They waved at each other but didn't say anything.

The atmosphere of the room was lazy, after Ferro had eaten some of the excess food from earlier he replicated his roommate. The both of them were laying on their respective bed computers on their laps and headphones for the videos on the screen. The two stayed like this till 7, Ferro sat up and grabbed the TV remote.

"What channel is NFL?"

"Should be 55, whose on?"

Ferro proceed to flip through to the channel while he answered back, "Jets vs Lions,"

"I thought you only cared about the Eagles."

Ferro had found the channel and put the remote back, "I do, but I have a friend who is a fan of the Jets so I like to make fun of her when they lose."

"Jacklyn?" His roommate guessed with a laugh having only now taken off his headphones.

He responded with his own laugh.

"You sure you two aren't dating?"

"Yep positive. I have no interest in dating someone until after college, women are like whales."

"Huh! Dude, what you smoking? I would define these girls as twigs, not whales." He retorted but he still chuckled at Ferro's view.

Ferro shook his head, "No no. They aren't physically whales. A better example would be a black hole."

"That could be taken sexually."

"They are a black hole for your money. Dude, get your head out of the gutter."

"Are you sure you're not gay? I have nothing against your preference but would feel more comfortable not rooming with a gay guy."

"Haha, great joke. How much do you think Jacklyn spends in a week?"

"Idk, 150 maybe."

"If only. Closer to 400. 280 on food, 49 on Voss water, 49 on protein bars, 10 for the gym membership, and this when it isn't when she has to buy new clothes or makeup. Or when she has to redye her hair, the number just goes up and up."

"Why do you know this?"

"I help with her money management. She used to spend close to 650 a week as she would buy needless things that she never used aka jewelry.

That reminds me. I have a great story, about the ATM today."

His roommate nodded signaling him to continue.

"The screen when black and a scepter appeared on the screen calling me an intern. They ended up putting 1,500 in my account and want me to spend it within the week or I would be quote-unquote punished.

This is also why tomorrow I will be bringing a fridge to replace our current one. Also why I'm wearing this suit."

"That's weird dude, sure its good to spend the money? I saw you were wearing the suit but it didn't seem abnormal so I didn't comment on it. Why you bringing the fridge tomorrow and not today?"

"I forgot?"

"You forgot the fridge in the car?"

"I have no idea what you're talking about,"

They were then interrupted by the shouting of the announcer, "He on the 20, 10, touchdown Lions!"

"WOOO!!! Go Lions!" Ferro shouted, not caring for possible noise complaints. This was met by banging on the wall beside him.

"Hello to you too Mike!" Both himself and his roommate broke out into laughter.

The two didn't talk for the rest of the game, having gone back to their own worlds. Evidently, the Lions won to which Ferro took a photo of and sent to Jacklyn, it didn't get sent as he had no signal in his room. He ignored this and decided to instead send it over facebook.

These were the times he enjoyed, the times where the world was calm and peaceful. How the world would soon be flipped on its head.
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