The Black Card: Remake Chapter 2: I forgot to change...


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Ferro didn't keep his car on the school lot as it cost too much so he had to take a shuttle to get there. Ferro's car wasn't high end, it was a Mustang GT made 12 years ago and had 250K miles, its age was greatly evident. He took great care of it cosmetically but with the faulty A/C unit and the constant misfiring, the car likely had 2-3 more years.

The two stores he planned to browse weren't in the same mall so he went to the clothing store first. He looked in every way like an average college guy, not likely to spend anything on clothes. Nor had he walked in with a girl. In reaction to this, the guy at the front didn't even move to lead Ferro around.

Undisturbed by this he made his way to the back to see what selection they had in-store versus online. Even with the price of 400, he knew most suits would be out of his reach. All the main dark blue suits he liked were just out of range at closer to 600 instead. He contemplated a few times lowering how much he would spend on the mini-fridge but his one in the dorm was close to breaking.

"Do you need some help, sir?" Ferro turned around at hearing the voice to find a girl a head shorter than him. She had long brown hair and matching brown eyes. Her figure was skinny but endowed well. She was also wearing nice clothes that matched the scenery of the store. His main critic for her appearance would be her face was too quiet and felt she would look better with a pair of large glasses.

"It would be much appreciated." He returned her smile as he grabbed a grey suit from the rack.

"I was curious if you had this suit as a 40R tall?"

She brought her small hands to get a closer look at the suit before checking the brand.

"There should be a few over here." She led him to the corner with suits similar to the one he showed. The two engaged in idle conversation as she looked through all the inventory.

"There a special occasion?" She started the conversation.

"Not really, came into some money recently and decided to upgrade my wardrobe."

"Might I make a suggestion then?"

"I'd be happy to listen."

"The grey was a nice suit but instead of the medium grey, I would suggest a charcoal grey instead like this one." She proceeded to pull a charcoal jacket from the rack before stepping down to grab the matching pants. It wasn't a solid color and a technically being a plaid but, with the colors being so similar throughout the outfit and the design being seamlessly small, it didn't stand out. He took it in his arms after seeing the suit was within his price range.

He looked around for a nice dress shirt to which she took notice of, "A light blue shirt and a dark blue tie would be a nice pair."

"Thank you..." He looked at her name tag, "Anne."

"It's a pleasure." Ferro went into the changing room getting out of clothes he had now worn for two days, it wasn't till he looked himself in the mirror he had noticed though. He effortlessly got out of the clothes and into the suit.

He appraised himself and found that he would be needing a haircut to bring out his full look. The black stubble didn't look bad but the long unkempt hair didn't mesh with the outfit. He walked out of the room and was surprised to see Anne was out waiting for him, he had the expectation she would move to the next customer.

"Looks nice on you, but it's missing something still..." She looked around the store her eyes evaluating the objects.

Her eyes shortly locked in with the hat, fedoras. She walked over with a smile coming back with a back fedora with a red feather on the side, a classic. He in agreement, with a casual flourish, put it on and tilted it toward the front. It helped hide his unkempt hair.

"Better." She nodded at his current appearance. He also agreed after evaluating himself in the mirror. He walked back to the changing room to get his initial clothes.

"You not changing back?"

He was too embarrassed to admit he had been wearing those clothes since yesterday, "I just like the outfit so much I'll be wearing it out. I'll have to trouble you further."

She laughed at his overzealous speech but didn't comment as she led him to pay. "The total comes out to be 487.97." It was over his price by almost a hundred but he believed he would get it back.

He thanked her again before he left the store. He didn't delay and got to his car to drive and get the new fridge. This was overall less eventful. He walked in getting a few looks as he passed by but not many people would walk around during summer in a suit, doesn't matter it is the end of August.

The fun came when he tried to find space in his car for it. He ended up having to move the sandbags from his truck and through some magic it fit.

Sitting back in his car he looked over the remaining amount, 467.92. "Let's see here what is the best way of going about this..." He would be finishing the rest of the food he bought during lunch today for dinner so there were six more days of expenses. Three meals at an average of 20 each would bring him to 360. If he invited someone out for 5 of them he would get the remaining 100, or do two really nice dinners. He pulled out his phone and called Jacklyn, unsurprising to him she didn't answer "Hey seems you're likely still in class. I'm wondering if you wanted to join me for dinner on Friday and Saturday." Next was more google to see what the high-end restaurants were in the area.

The first was a romantic Italian restaurant, "Hello, I was wondering if I could make a reservation for 2 on Friday at 8?" The other side took a moment to check the book but agreed. Next was to see what else as two days in the row of the same place would be boring.

Next was a nearby hibachi which he made the reservation for 2 on Saturday at 7. He hadn't heard back from Jacklyn but he was confident she would agree because everyone loves free food.
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