The Bad Boy Doesn’t Always Get What He Wants Chapter 2: How I Beat The Bad Boy


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I walked it of the car and looked around at the students.

Why are the girls dress so .... revealing? That's kinda gross.

I walked into and got a few whispers. I started to walk around to see if I could find my locker. I had all my books, but my bag was pretty heavy so I need to get some books out. I looks down at my phone. My locker was 715. On the top floor.

Great. I hate walking.

I got to the fifth floor and started looking for my locker. I was getting pretty close. I could see the 700th. I stopped in front a little group. There was three girls and a guy. All the girls were blonde and where dressed like strippers.

I'm not lying. You could see their boob falling out of their shirts.

I couldn't really see the guy so I didn't care. I continued walking but I was on the 740th. I passed my locker. I walked back and looked closely. I stop in front of the group again. I look around them and could see the 714. I looked one down and see one of the girls on my locker.


I walk towards them and they look at me with confused looks. One of the blondies was going to say something, but I just ignored her and pushed her a little to the side. I look for my locker and opened it. I hear whispers and I just ignored them. I open my backpack and put some random notebooks inside. I was zipping up my backpack when I heard someone walk to me. Then I see my locker slammed shut in front of me. My finger just inches away. I turn and see the three blonde girls.


I turn to leave, but someone grabs my hair and I turn around quickly to see one of the blonde hoes tightly holding my hair in her nasty ass hand.

Ohhh fuck no.

I smack her hand away and then I hear whispers and a few gasps. Then I notice the small crowd around us. "You little bitch. Who do you think you are?" Says one of the three girls. I just look at her. "Are you new?" Still say nothing. "You are. Ok. So, I'm Mia. That's Lily and that's Camila." Say the tall blonde with a short pink skirt and very short white crop top. Then, she points at the blonde girl to her right and then to her left. The girl on the right and the left had the same as the girl called Mia. Just the shirt is pink and the skirt is white. Then, I do what any person would do.

Turn around and walked away.

(Still not done)
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