The Anime Legends- Fight For Survival Chapter 10: Learning Valuable Information!! An Univited Guest!!


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"Oh so you ran into Gladisor so soon after entering?" King asked, twirling his copper knife with his fingers. "Well I guess that makes you the leader of the refugees then. Or at the very least, it means your the one who shows the most potential to be the strongest."

Jack and King were still sitting in the bare room, with Jack now sitting on the mattress while king sat on the floor fiddling with his knife. Jack had already told King everything that had happened from the moment he entered into this world, simply telling him that he lost all his memories from before that time.

"What do you mean by that," Jack asked, a bit confused. "Are you saying that he's done this kind of thing before?"

"Well, its not so much that he done it before, but more like he's ordered to do it," King said, stabbing his knife into the wooden ground of the room. "Let me explain what I mean." He then launched into a full explanation of not only Gladisor but a bit about the city as well.

In the City of Syphilia, as well as other cities scattered throughout the world, their existed a single power that controlled everything, a king of sorts. This individual, chosen based on his pure overwhelming strength, ruled over everything, placing nunerous laws over the citizens, telling them what they should view as right and wrong. Slavery was even considered okay and was quite common for those who could afford it.

This king, who was known as Sir Draken, was a level 98, the mightiest warrior in the entire kingdom. The next most powerful existence in the City of Syphilia was the one and only Gladisor Adriach. As the second most powerful warrior in the city, Gladisor answered only to Draken and followed his every order unquestioningly. One of these orders was how to treat refugees.

Refugees weren't actually that rare, as many tended to flee from city to city after their own homes and towns were destroyed by demons. So in response to the number of refugee groups coming into the city, Draken gave Gladisor an iron clad rule for dealing with them, one only he could do. That was to make himself seem like the enemy!!

Draken's reasoning made it seem simple. If people had a common enemy then they would be united and attempt to get stronger of their own volition. As Syphilia was one of the weakest cities in the world, Draken figured that this plan would succeed in fostering new talent and raising talent.

Draken gave Gladisor another rule after the first. To make the leader of the group, or rather the one who looks like he/she has the most potential, being both selfless and have the trust of at least two people, hate Gladisor to the point of making him/her an enemy. The idea was that if the hatred was strong enough, the male or female would vow vengeance and woukd train relentlessly to gain strength. It was dark plan, but Gladisor had no choice but to agree, opting to take the path of a hero by being the villain.

"So your saying that Gladisor was only like that to me and the other two girls because he wanted me to consider him an enemy?" Jack asked, feeling as if he was being tricked. "And how would you know that?"

"Well, because that guy is my older brother," King admitted with a shrug. "His full name is Gladisor Adriach Tatsumi, and he belongs to my moms side of the family. My whole family lives in the micer part of town, while I live here in the slums."

" lets say I believe that Gladisor isn't a bad guy," Jack said standing up on the mattress. "Then what about this Draken guy? Is he bad? He sounds like it since he's the one pulling the strings!!"

King simply nodded and stood up as well, pulling his knife out of the floor. "Draken is by far one of the most malicious and most dangerous individuals inside of these walls. No one even comes close, not even the lowest scum within the slums."

King turned around and walked to the door. "Come with me, I'm heading out to see a friend of mine, Haminu Catchin. If what you said is true, then it's highly possible that she would know where your two friends were sent. She has an uncle in the same squadron as Gladisor and is usually up to date on the situations happening in the city."

Jack nodded and followed King out of the room and into what looked like a very small living room. Instead of heading for the door however, King stopped and turned around facing Jack with rather curious look on his face.

"I almost forgot to ask, but that extremely small symbol on your left shoulder blade, do you know what that is?" King asked with a rather intriguing expression. "It means you unlocked a light point, but I've never seen a symbol like that before."

"Symbol? Unlocked my first light point? Impossible," Jack exclaimed. "I haven't even done any training or cultivating or whatever your supposed to do to unlock a light point. Also, what the hell is a symbol."

"A symbol appears when you unlock a light point, not only offering proof that you unlocked it but also the image depicts your ability." King explained as he took off his shirt. He then turned around and pointed near the right shoulder blade. "If you'll notice, I activated three light points and the images are of a lightning, rabbit, and a dragon. The last one is pretty rare which is why I dont normally show it off."

"Oh, okay, but you still haven't answered why I have a light point," Jack said, not wanting this question to be overlooked. "I haven't done anything to activate it."

"Oh thats an easy one," King said as he picked up his shirt. "Its because of your desire to protect your comrades, or rather that one girl. Its called the 'Breakthrough' phenomenon. Where one surpasses his usual limits vased on the purity of feelings alone.'

"That sounds so cheesy," Jack said, rubbing his temple with one of his fingers. "Your telling me that I got stronger because of my desire to protect?"

"Its more like you got so mad at Gladisor and wanted to stop him from hurting your girl so you stepped up and the power of your will unlocked it." King explained, clealry trying to put it in a way that wouldn't embarass Jack. "Anyways, the picture of your first symbol is that of an arrow pointing upwards, doesn't look like anything special. However, I've never seen it before and I studied most of the common ones in school."

King shook his head and grabbed a hoody from off the table. One that actually looked kinda cool, pitch black with a blue cross running across the chest. "Here, where this for the time being as that tank top you have on reveals that mark. Be careful though as thats one of my favorite hoodies."

"If its your favorite then why are you giving it to me?" Jack muttered as he slid it over his head. "I'm a complete stranger, why the hell would you trust me?"

"Because from the way it sounds, you have the potential to be the strongest and even quite a leader," King admitted as he headed for the door. "You got nothing on me of course, but with proper guidance and some basic smarts, you'll rise to the top in a matter of years, or maybe even months."

Jack slid his hands into the pockets of the hoodie. "I guess we'll see, now lead the way to this friend of yours. I have friends I have to meet by the park when it gets dark."

"I'm afraid you might be a bit late for that," A voice said, the front door opening suddenly. "I have some things I would like to discuss with you."

The two of them, both Jack and King, stared at the figure in silver armor, a picture of a golden lion on the top left of the breastplate. Standing in front of them was Gladisor Adriach Tatsumi.
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