The Anarchic Consort Chapter 518: Here Comes The Overkill!


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One suspicion after another made Zhang Xin's heart pound heavily in fear. He could only remain humble while wiping off the cold sweat from his forehead. He attempted to interrupt, "General Jiang, who is this young master?"

"I thought you were calling me a murderer?" Whenever Heize raised his eyebrows, even without anger, it was sufficient to send chills down a person's spine.

Zhang Xin laughed bashfully, "That's all a misunderstanding, it's all a grave misunderstanding!"

"Misunderstanding?" Heize stepped on Commander Wang's hand once more as he raised his gaze on Zhang Xin. "Would you dare to say that these people who ambushed me are not related to you?"

Commander Wang was so pained until he fainted moments ago, now when he looked at Zhang Xin, the first thing he wanted to do was to take revenge!

"Lord Zhang, you should inform General Liao to dispatch the army immediately, I want all these ignorant people to be disposed of!"

Hearing Commander Wang's instructions, Zhang Xin fought back the urge to strangle him. How could he not observe carefully that General Jiang was here too!

Jiang Liuyun sneered as he yanked Commander Wang's chin upward, "I was wondering who this was, now that I noticed it's Commander Wang, how impressive you are, intending to dispose of none other but the Second Young Master!"

"Second, Second Young Master?!" After Commander Wang recognized Jiang Liuyun, he subsequently turned to look at Heize's face, he asked shockingly, "You, you?"

Jiang Liuyun laughed, "Why, hadn't General Liao always paid high respect to the Old Master Hei, now that his beloved grandson is standing right before you but you can't recognize him?"

Old Master Hei's beloved grandson?!

The moment these words leaped out, Commander Wang knew he was finished!

Just think, what status is held by the Hei family, and Young Master Hei!

He was pretty much the prince of the military barracks!

It was not just him, if General Liao was here, he would have to dutifully subservient himself to prostrate.

Yet, he had just dragged a fight with him in this alley.

Even though he was the one that was being beaten up…

Regardless, he had injured the 'prince'.

Commander Wang almost fainted again, he even had the urge to chop off his own hands!

He was really done this time, even a god would not be able to save his life!

After all, Zhang Xin was only a local scholar-official, he was quite confused at the moment and hence, he asked in puzzlement, "Old Master Hei? Who's that?"

"The Hei family of the Four-nine City, commander of the four troops, the Old Master Hei that counseled the previous emperor!" Jiang Liuyun's volume was rather soft, but it was enough for all the soldiers on the premise to hear clearly.


The blood rushed from Zhang Xin's face to his head immediately!

The...the Hei family of the Capital!

This… If Old Master Hei found out about this, even with the protection of General Liao, he would not be safe this time!

Who did you think the Old Master Hei was?

He was the founding general of the nation that could make the military barracks shake in their boots with a simple stomp of his feet, with the intellect to run the country and the power to maintain its peace. A figure heavily relied upon even by the current emperor himself.

While for Young Master Hei, even if the Old Master Hei did not show up, a foot each by the soldiers here would be enough to stomp him to death!

It was then when Zhang Xin knew he had lost all paths to preserve himself, he collapsed onto the ground. He mumbled as he looked at Helian Wei Wei's face, "If he's the Young Master of the Hei family, who are you then?"

He heard Wei addressed Young Master Hei as the second brother just now, could it be that he was also a member of the Hei family?

"Me?" Helian Wei Wei smirked, as she engraved each word with clarity, "Helian family's eighty-ninth successor, Helian Wei Wei."

"He, He, Helian, Wei Wei?!" Zhang Xin felt as if he could not breathe. Isn't that the current Third Princess Consort?!

How did things turn out this way!?

Both General Liao and he had always thought Wei was a poor scholar from some remote area.

But now this person was telling him that she was the Third Princess Consort of the era!

Other than the pain on his face, Zhang Xin could only feel the terror unlike any that he had felt before!

If she was the Third Princess Consort, then the Private Advisor Long beside her…

At this point, Zhang Xin's vision blacked out. The last moment before he lost his consciousness, he knew there was absolutely no way out this time.

If they had not thrown the Private Advisor Long into jail, they might still have a sliver of hope.

But they had chosen the worst move they had!

Meanwhile, in jail.

Liao Qingtian was staring coldly at Baili Jia Jue. "You're refusing a toast only to drink a forfeit! Cuff him with metal chains! Once it's past noon, bring him to court along with the forged confessions. Then, we can rip off a layer of Wei's skin before the Retired Emperor himself!

"Understood, general." The prison warden nodded and bowed appealingly as he followed after Liao Qingtian. "General Liao, I think he deserves a good beating, beat him up an entire day. When he is unable to hold out any longer, he will then obey General Liao's every command."

Liao Qingtian sneered, "You think I've never thought of that before? But now the Retired Emperor is here in person. His eyes are sharp as ever. If he sees the criminal is injured, he would surely relate this to a forced confession, and I would be looking for trouble by doing so. It would be better to just go over like this normally, then, as long as you give firm proof that the testimony was personally signed by him, this brat and Wei would surely be done for!"

"General Liao is truly farsighted!" The prison warden raised his thumb as he appealed to Liao Qingtian.

Liao Qingtian had always been egoistic, so he did not comment further. Now that things were almost settled, he felt more relaxed.

Though Zhang Xin had yet to get back to him.

However, from past experiences, no response would be the best response because Zhang Xin would bring Commander Wang along with them to celebrate upon completing a mission every single time.

It was about time, he would send a couple of court runners there in a while and this matter would be sorted out.

For a mere old people beyond her sixties, it was normal for her to die from a fall, so surely no one would pay any attention…

It was hard not to say that Liao Qingtian had thought everything out too smoothly. He thought that without the court runners from the city, Helian Wei Wei would have no guards of her use. Though in stark contrast, Helian Wei Wei was clearing up at this moment.

"Pfft, this Lord Zhang just won't wake up after he has fainted," Heize laughed devilishly.

Helian Wei Wei arched an eyebrow. "It's better if he won't, it saves the trouble of him trying to report back."

Jiang Liuyun was unaware of the details in this situation, hence, he merely paused and pointed at the tens of people disposed of by Helian Wei Wei and the rest, asking, "What shall we do with all these people then?"

"Bring them back to the court," Helian Wei Wei said purposefully. "All these are evidence, not a single one must be lost."

"And me, the wound on my arm is evidence too…" Heize licked his lips and smiled.

Jiang Liuyun caressed the bridge of his nose. There were rumors around that whenever the Second Master Hei showed a smile like this, it meant that someone was in deep trouble.

To ambush no one else but this one and offend the Third Princess Consort, it was hard not to say that Liao Qingtian... he was truly fearless of death!
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