The Anarchic Consort Chapter 517: An Impressive Slap in the Face!


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Did General Liao not say that he would simply send some court runners to run a procedure ceremonially when things are almost settled?

Why are there so many soldiers?

"My Lord, this doesn't seem right!" The bodyguard next to Lord Zhang was restless. Others may not know the implications behind the dispatching of the cavalry, but for someone who had been in the military barracks before, he knew clearly that the city shaking army would only dispatch the most speedy cavalry when a major event had occurred!

Most importantly, why did they enter the city?!

Not to mention that they were coming this way!

Lord Zhang cursed, "Dammit! Of course, I know something's wrong, what are you chickening out for!"

"I, I…" How could he not be restless when these many soldiers came out of nowhere!

Lord Zhang inhaled deeply while his fingers were trembling slightly. "Answer me, is the old lady killed?"

"She should've been."

Lord Zhang arched his brows. "Should've been?!"

"A few people came out of nowhere from the alley and they were in a rather heated brawl. I didn't manage to see everything, but by looking at Commander Wang's stance, capturing an old lady shouldn't be a problem."

"Inform Commander Wang and the rest, don't drag the fight any longer and kill the old lady immediately, then we must retreat!" The Old Lady Wang must not end up in the hands of others, or else if Wei found out, he would have his grip on their weakness and they would be over by then!

"I'll go now!" The guard was just about to leave before he saw that their rear had been completely surrounded!

Lord Zhang stood up hastily. Before he was able to escape from it, he was swallowed up by a cloud of dust.

"General, we found an official here!"

"Who cares about his position, tie him up before anything else!"

Jiang Liuyun had lost any rationale by this point, from the moment he was informed of Young Master Hei's ambush, he felt like beating up anyone within sight!

Only then did Lord Zhang saw the leader clearly and he almost stumbled in fear.

G-General Jiang?

Why is he here?!

What's happening?!

How is the general of the city shaking army involved?!

The sweat perspired from Lord Zhang's forehead flowed down quickly. He was petrified that Jiang Liuyun would really take him into custody. He raised his arms and exclaimed, "General Jiang, it's me, it's me!"

Jiang Liuyun was extremely furious. Not seeing the second master anywhere nearby caused his eyes to be in crimson red. "Who are you?"

"I, I am Zhang Xin, the one in charge of the financial department under General Liao!" Lord Zhang desperately tried to get close with Jiang Liuyun while carefully avoiding the knife blades.

Jiang Liuyun responded, though his expression remained quite hostile, "What are you doing here?" For a sixth rank official to be hiding in such alley, cowering, surely there was something fishy going on!

"I-I-I'm on a stroll…" Lord Zhang smiled falsely as he stretched his arms.

When Jiang Liuyun noticed his gaze which was hovering over the alley, his gaze deepened. "Since Lord Zhang is in such a good mood to take a stroll, let's take a stroll along the alley ahead together!"

The alley ahead?

Isn't that the alley where their assassins were ambushed?

Lord Zhang's expression changed drastically when he heard this, he fought to keep his lips in an upward curve. "General Jiang, that alley ahead is narrow and incredibly difficult to walk in, it won't be easy for you to enter since you're bringing this many soldiers."

Why this alley when there are so many other alleys in the provincial capital!

Lord Zhang was agitated.

If the matter is not tended properly this time, he would surely end up stirring the hornet's nest!

He must find a way to divert General Jiang!

"A narrow alley? This old man loves going through narrow alleys!" Jiang Liuyun did not spend any longer rambling with Lord Zhang as he waved his hand, signaling the cavalry to bring him along on the horse!

Within three minutes, Zhang Xin managed to conjure up a scheme since General Jiang insisted on going through that alley.

By then, he could place the blame of the Old Lady Wang's death on those few people, along with a legitimate reason for the assassins to be dispatched.

With this, Lord Zhang felt a wave of relief. He would just have to go on one step after another.

Yet, Jiang Liuyun had no intention of paying him any attention, he was as aggressive as a lion until he saw Heize, blood-lustful and standing before the hay storehouse. He quietly heaved a sigh of relief.

He's alright, as long as he's alright!

Heize saw Jiang Liuyun too. He then tossed aside the metal bar with condescendence.

Then only did Jiang Liuyun realized the bloodstains on his sleeves, he quickly came off the horse!

But before he could say anything, Lord Zhang struggled up from the horseback and pointed at Heize accusingly, "You murderer!"

"Murderer?" Heize sneered coldly, "Who are you calling a murderer? Could it be that these were your men?"

As he spoke, Heize stretched his long legs and kicked Commander Wang who was groveling on the ground. The coldness swirling in his eyes was enough to freeze the atmosphere within the deep alley!

Lord Zhang, as a scholar-official, was clearly unaccustomed to horse riding. He had been dizzy the whole journey over, and only as he heard Heize's words did he fully registered the situation before him!


How is this possible!

Lord Zhang looked incredulously at General Wang's pig-headed, swollen face!

Then, he looked at the assassins strewn all over the place. The corner of his eyes spasmed vigorously!

These were the finest soldiers of the Liao family's Army, how could they be beaten up to such an extent?!

"Second Brother, be gentle on them, you wouldn't want to scare our dear Lord Zhang off." Helian Wei Wei shoved over the last of the figures and stepped out from the dimly lit corner, with the rocket launcher still held in her right hand.

If Lord Zhang was merely stunned moments ago, he was now utterly dumbfounded. He retreated one step after another, and his pupils trembled violently. He could barely believe what he was looking at.

"You…you…" Why would Wei be here?!

Not to mention in such a get-up!

What is the Wei holding in his hand?

Wasn't he a feeble scholar?

How could he be this good at fighting?!

Lord Zhang was at a loss for words. He could only turn to look at Jiang Liuyun who was standing behind him, hoping that he would leak a hint of what was going on!

Though Jiang Liuyun was only worried about Heize's injuries. "Young Master, your arm…"

"Injured," Heize responded carelessly and curtly.

D*mn it!

I know it's injured!

That's why I wanted to know where the wound is!

Hurry and get it treated if it is serious, don't you come back to the military barracks and give me a good bashing afterward!

Jiang Liuyun's attitude was very obvious, he was pretty much serving Heize like his master.

Up till now, the color had drained completely from Zhang Xin's face!

Of what status could a man be to make General Jiang this respectful?

He could barely bring himself to imagine this man's background!

What further chilled his spine was that he was just pointing at him moments ago and saying that 'he is a murderer'.

Not to mention, why would Wei be so close with this man?!
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