The Anarchic Consort Chapter 516: Stunning A Group Of People!


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"Brothers, it's time to go." Helian Wei Wei smiled evilly.

In the blink of an eye, a group of people appearing behind her!

Although all of their weapons were different, their clothes were the same, alpha-styled black. Some of them were carrying long guns while others were biting hay in their mouths. By looking from afar, it was as if one could smell the smoke of guns! 

Governor Chen did not expect to see such a scene, his eyes widened in shock, "Princess Consort, who are these people?"

The main thing was that he did not understand where these people were hiding just now.

How come they just appear out of nowhere?

Also, the weapons in their hands!

Why has he never seen the black long tube?

"My hidden army."

Helian Wei Wei said the word 'mine' aggressively.

She was born to be arrogant but she had tamed down her queen arrogance just because of one person.

But now her army was standing right behind her, so of course, she behaved arrogantly! 

Governor Chen was once again dumbfounded, he stared blankly as Helian Wei Wei reached out her right hand for an assault cannon. 

She did not seem to care about its weight, instead, she carried it skillfully on her shoulder. As she was inching forward, her long robe fluttered vigorously. The scene could not only be described by a mere word, 'cool'!  

When the leader of the assassination troop proudly looked at Heize who had been surrounded by them, little did they know they had actually been surrounded by two groups of the army from the left and right!

The capability of the hidden army was that they were able to rush to the scene in a very short time!

Helian Wei Wei looked at the ruckus along the long lane and smiled casually, "Tee-hee, this is such an uproar."

When Heize who was happily fighting heard her, he wiped the bloodstain on his face with the back of his hand and laughed evilly. They are finally here. 

The assassination troop halted their movements and turned around to look at Helian Wei Wei. The leader pointed with his long knife. "Boy, I warn you. This is none of your business, you better get back to where you're supposed to be!"

"Second brother, how can you be whacked by these fellows? Grandpa Hei will surely be very sad if he found out about it." Helian Wei Wei completely ignored the threat of the other party, only scoffing at the cuts on Heize's face. A hint of merciless flashed through her eyes. 

After Heize slammed another assassin, he gasped and pointed to his back. "You should just look again at how many have been knocked down there!"

How dare she complain about his combat effectiveness, he was dog-tired after the fight!

"Around twenty of them." Helian Wei Wei counted and said, "Not bad, you may rest now, I'll take over from now."

The leader of the assassination troop freaked out for he was completely ignored!

"Why are you all staring blankly over there? Punch this little dark face as well!"

Helian Wei Wei looked at the leader and laughed slowly, "I really hate people criticizing my skin color. By the way, you are too noisy."

While talking, Helian Wei Wei raised her arm and put the rocket launcher on her shoulder, two points, and a line, she then pulled the trigger.


The assassins who were rushing toward her were bombed faint.

In the midst of the fire, she curled her lips slightly. "I will be able to knock out twenty in no time by my current speed."

"You…you!" The leader gazed at the rocket launcher on Helian Wei Wei's hand, he was completely stunned. What the f*ck is that thing!

He had also been on a battlefield before, how could he have never come across such a powerful weapon!

Furthermore, it could shoot with high accuracy!

The leader had turned pale within seconds. He hurriedly yelled to the back, "Retreat! Retreat at once!"

There were not many who were with him from the beginning, the soldiers who tagged along were thinking to live a happy and unfettered life in the city after killing the old woman. However, they had never expected to be defeated. 

"Trying to escape?" Helian Wei Wei smiled evilly. "Da Xiong, Yun Feng, you guys block the left side. Hong Tu, Li Yong, both of you block the right side. Let's give this leader from the Liao family's Army a lesson on fighting!"

"Got it!"

Swish, swish, swish. The sounds reverberated through the atmosphere.

When the leader turned around, there was already a man in black standing behind him, grinning and punched him in his face right away!

How could it be so fast?

The leader's eyes widened in shock.


The sound of broken bones resounded.

The leader was in great pain until he almost fainted!

Helian Wei Wei wiped the bloodstain on her hand. "Don't beat them to death, we still have to keep them as evidence." After finishing her words, she walked toward Heize.

Heize quickly pointed at his face and asked, "Come and check for me, am I disfigured?"

Helian Wei Wei could not tell him the truth, she then ordered the hidden army, "Punch them right in their faces to take revenge for Second Master Hei."

Heize was upset. A dashing man like him could not earn a living with his face anymore!

"Do you know who my master is? How dare you treat me this way!" The leader stood up in his badly-beaten face, resisting the attack from Da Xiong with his fists. "I have achieved notable merits on the battlefield!"


Without much ado, Da Xiong lifted his leg and kicked him as he said, "Don't talk like you're the only one who has achieved great on the battlefield!"

" guys just wait! Wait until General Liao is back, I want all of you dead!" It could tell that the leader was used to throw his weight around and put Liao Qingtian on the table whenever he faced trouble.

Helian Wei Wei laughed indifferently, "I would like to see if Liao Qingtian dares to come. If he does, I will bomb him to death directly for hurting my second brother's face!"

"Wei Wei!" Second Master Hei was so touched. He could hardly hear her calling him brother, but why would she always add the word 'second'...

Helian Wei Wei turned around and patted his shoulder, she then smiled with her eyes squinted and said, "This injury is not bad enough, let's get some more blood and spurt some on your arm too."

As soon as this group of people showed up, Heize already knew what Helian Wei Wei was planning. His purpose and objectives were to drag these assassins and play the ruse of inflicting an injury on himself at the right time.

Having a playful sister, he, as her brother, for sure he had to fully cooperate with her.

"It seems like I have to be badly injured in order to achieve what General Jiang who was still rushing here with his army wants," Heize evilly touched his chin while saying so.

Now only Helian Wei Wei knew that he had called the suppression troop.

Sure enough, he was the Master from the Hei Manor, so much more crafty than her...

The two of them gazed at each other, Helian Wei Wei heaved out a long sigh, "The Liao is so unlucky."

"He brings himself to this, no one could be blamed." Heize sneered. Even if he was suppressing, he could not hide his domineering power of owning military power throughout the year.

 At this point in time, Jiang Liuyun had arrived together with his one thousand cavalry. It brought out the feeling of being oppressed by a large army from afar.

Lord Zhang who was guarding the alley was completely dumbfounded upon seeing this!

What situation is this?
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