The Almighty Ring Chapter 430: Reward Time!


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"Since I have this True God's Blessing buff, I don't have to worry about losing anything if I died and I can test out the skills of these bosses bit by bit. But, considering the strength of such a boss combination, even a Level 50 party with a hundred people would not be able to defeat them! Sigh!" Jiang Fei shook his head.

The final boss of this Dungeon was really way too strong. It would be fine if it was just one Lord-ranked boss. The additional three Leader-ranked minions made things troublesome. Moreover, Jiang Fei could not kill the minions first. Every time a minion died, the boss would strengthen a little. If all three minions died, the boss would immediately go on a frenzy and its Attack Power would increase five times. The boss would instantly kill anyone with an Attack Power of nearly 100,000.

So, even if a party of a hundred players wanted to defeat this boss, it had to at least be a party that was an average of Level 55. Furthermore, the players in that party had to have decent equipment.

In actuality, Jiang Fei was a little silly. Although the Dungeon allowed players to enter after reaching Level 40, there was no requirement that only Level 40 parties could enter. In Heroic mode, the bosses dropped Level 50 equipment. This meant that parties that attempted the Dungeon were definitely above Level 50.

"Since it's already the last boss, we don't have to save anything for later anymore. Bella, go finish them!" Jiang Fei definitely could not defeat this boss. Even if he transformed into his Nephilim form, it was still impossible. If these four bosses with over 10,000 Attack Power surrounded him, he would certainly die.

However, Isabella was different. A Level 59 Demonic Naga like her could definitely crush these Level 50 Demons.

"Okay!" Isabella nodded and Jiang Fei retreated. He did not want to get involved in the battle. If these four bosses with over 10,000 Attack Power attacked him, he would die instantly.

"Roar!" Following a dragon roar, Isabella showed her true Demonic Naga form. After she had reached Level 50, her Demonic Naga form became bigger and her body was already more than thirty meters long.

Isabella also received the effects of the True God's Blessing. So, after a short moment of casting in Draconian, a huge black fireball started to form in the air.

The moment the black fireball started to form, the boss and its minions were alarmed. It was not just the boss. Even a non-Magician player like Jiang Fei could feel the Fire and Darkness elements filling the atmosphere.

"Boom!" Isabella's Abyssal Flame hit the Lord-ranked boss squarely.


A damage figure of nearly 900,000 appeared above the boss's head. Jiang Fei's jaw almost dropped.

"Holy sh*t! So overpowering!" Although he kind of knew how powerful Isabella's Demonic Naga form was, Jiang Fei had obviously underestimated Isabella's strength.


However, something that made Jiang Fei even more surprised happened. The High Priestess Shirvallah's heal was even more amazing. She could recover 30% of the boss's Health Points with a single heal. If they just ignored the High Priestess Shirvallah, they would not be able to win this battle at all.

"Bella, generate aggro. I'll drag the Priestess away!" Jiang Fei shouted loudly.

"Roar!" After Isabella's dragon roar, she hit the three other bosses with her dragon breath in order to generate initial aggro. She avoided the Priestess on purpose.

"Okay, you can attack now!" Jiang Fei attacked the Priestess a few times. Then, after he generated aggro, he led the Priestess to a place forty meters away from Isabella.

Lifesteal Demon form.

When Jiang Fei was in his Lifesteal Demon form, this Priestess was not a problem at all.

"Roar!" Although the other three bosses were quite powerful, for Isabella who was in her Demonic Naga form, their attacks were just like tickles.

In her Demonic Naga form, Isabella not only had enhanced Attack Power, but her Defense had also transformed directly into a Naga attribute. Her total Health Points was even more terrifying.


Another super Abyssal Flame smashed onto the Abyssal Demon Annihilan's body. This time, as the Priestess was too far away, there was no one who could heal this Lord-ranked boss.

Isabella dealt nearly 900,000 damage, causing Annihilan's Health Points to drop by more than one-eighth of the total. Moreover, Isabella's cast time for each Abyssal Flame was less than ten seconds.

While Jiang Fei was busy attacking the Priestess, a status suddenly appeared above his head.

Maim: Your Attack and Casting Speed is reduced by 50%.

"F*ck! This is really annoying!" Jiang Fei frowned. Then, he looked at Isabella and realized that she had not been affected by Maim. Obviously, the Demonic Naga Isabella was immune to this kind of low-level Darkness Spell.

Even though Jiang Fei was affected by the effects of Maim, he had the True God's Blessing and the aura from Isabella's optical distortion. So, his Attack Speed was still higher than usual and the Priestess's Health Points was decreasing rapidly.

Toward the end, Jiang Fei started to relax on his attacks. He had to avoid increasing the boss's Attack Power so that the boss would not be able to break through Isabella's Defense. It was fine as long as the amount of Health Points he recovered through his Lifesteal could offset the Priestess's damage and he could stay alive. He had to be careful not to kill the Priestess in advance.

After Isabella cast a few more Abyssal Flames, the boss was about to die.

"Impossible! Who are you? My plan will not fail!" Annihilan roared in anger.

However, his roar obviously could not save him in any way. After Isabella cast another two super Abyssal Flames, the high and mighty Lord-ranked boss crashed to the ground.

"Ding! You have eliminated the Abyssal Demon Annihilan. Obtained 2,200,000 Experience Points. Obtained 1,000 gold coins."

After the Lord boss died, the other Leader bosses could not even withstand a few more of Isabella's super Abyssal Flames.

"Ding! You have eliminated the Wrathguard Rodier. Obtained 1,000,000 Experience Points. Obtained 800 gold coins."

"Ding! You have eliminated the Doombringer Ereduin. Obtained 1,100,000 Experience Points. Obtained 800 gold coins."

"Ding! You have eliminated the High Priestess Shirvallah. Obtained 1,000,000 Experience Points. Obtained 800 gold coins."

After Isabella cleared the small monsters around her, she instantly killed the Priestess that was already low on Health Points. Only then, she changed back to her human form from her Demonic Naga form.

"Bravo!" Isabella was looking at Jiang Fei eagerly. Obviously, she wanted Jiang Fei to praise her. So, Jiang Fei quickly gave her a thumbs up and praised her.

"Quick, let's go see whether they dropped anything good!" Isabella said happily. After all, if Jiang Fei became stronger, it was better for her reputation as well.

"Okay!" Jiang Fei nodded. He was planning to flip the Priestess's corpse, as it was the closest to him.

"Ding! You have eliminated all the bosses in "Temple of Deities and Demons" (Heroic Difficulty), Dungeon cleared!"

"Ding! Since your party is the first party to clear the "Temple of Deities and Demons" (Heroic Difficulty), please enter your party name!"

Before Jiang Fei could even flip the corpse, the Dungeon clear system prompt appeared.
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