The Adventures of Sir L Dick Chapter 1: The adventure


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'Where am I ?'
Current garments..... none
' this is.... I'm alive!'
A young man is clenching his fists while keeling on the ground.
There is a never ending scenery of lush green country side grass and trees.
'I.... '
'I will be strong.... '
The young man glances at the sky above and decides to walk randomly to a nearby road.
He walks the distance with a plague of unclear thoughts. He only recalls bits and pieces of his past yet he can't remember much except for one thought...Strength.
An hour passes by...
*Click *click *rattle *rattle
There is the sound of wagon with a knight escort drawing nearby
'I need to move'
The young man runs for cover behind a nearby tree but suddenly...
An arrow struck the tree near his head.
"Take one more step and I promise I won't miss!"
"Say.... everyone check this guy out!"
A bearded middle age man feeds another arrow to his bow and approaches the naked young man.
* chatter *chatter
There are 4 additional men in full leather armor and metallic swords that follow along close by with the bearded man.
It seems that there are a single wagon with an assigned guard escort being this bearded man as a leader.
Sigh... 'my lucky day'
The company encircled the young man shortly amused at the sudden encounter.
"Why are you here?" Asks one of the guards
"Hmm... I"
"Are you a thief!?"
"Are you alone!?"
" I.... I don't think so"
"Don't be a smart @ss!"
" Search the area!" The bearded man commands the escort.
""Yes sir!""
"Don't say anything" the bearded man warns the young naked man.
Time silently passes by until the men return.
"Nothing sir"
"Why are you here?"
'I can't really remember.... but I have to make a good excuse'
"I was robbed."
"Hmm.... really?" The bearded man doesn't seem to believe it.
"Men check him for any slave markings!"
The men immediately pin the naked man on the ground and procede with their search.
"No markings sir!"
"Alright, get up!"
The sudden struggle leaves the young man staggering to keep on his feet.
"Hmm? Is there a problem?" The bearded man notices the frustration on the naked man but responds with an amused look.
"What do you think happens to the squirrel when you grab his nuts?"
(killing intent)


'Pft... bunch of broke losers'
The young man opens his hand to reveal a bag full of shiny copper coins.
Current garments ...
Black leather sandals with baggy gray pants over long sleeved gray shirt. The clothes are worn and somewhat smelly but surprisingly warm. In addition to the clothes and loot, there was a small chest the young man was dragging along.
" It would all have been fine... but still... how DARE THEM!..."
The young man walks the streets in a small town gazing at the activity near him.
There are crowded stores with old fashioned signs and displays.
'This seems... mid century..."
Venders and people haggling over prices, sound of carriages and metallic tattering of armor fill the night, yet a lonesome figure walks the streets.
'I ... I need to find someplace to stay'
The young man walks and walks until he sees a building that seems like an inn restaurant.
He sees a beautiful young lady at the counter.
"Are you staying or dining?"
"Ah, I'm staying... how much for a night"
"1 cooper"
"1 copper? "
"Alright I'll take a 2 nights please"
' I feel confused, but mostly extremely sleepy..."
"Sure! Follow me"
The young lady leads the way to the second floor where all the rooms are. On the way I glance at all the people eating and drinking happily chatting through the night.
'Hmm... a lot of armed people... whatever it seems I need to be careful around here... so barbaric...'
The young lady opens the door to a small room with a single hard wooden bed.
"Well, This is it! There is a small bed with a window to let in some breeze but if you ever need something just let our staff know. In addition we provide meals please join us in the first floor!"
The cute attendee smiles warmly at the young man
"Yes, thank you"
Alright, oh, I almost forgot.... I need to register you... may I know your name?"
'My name...'
"Sir L Dick"
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