The 99th Divorce Chapter 658: To be Tsundere, who's afraid of who


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"Ersu wants to eat crabs!" Li Jianyue's sweet voice sounded, as she pointed to the big red crabs on the table, licking her mouth and looking at Su Qianci. "Mom, I want to eat that."

Su Qianci smiled and took a crab. "Let Dad crack it for you?"

Li Jianyue looked at the red crab with her mouthwatering and immediately nodded.

Su Qianci gave her a something else and said, "Eat something else first, let Dad crack the crab for you."

Li Sicheng's lips curled, using his fingers to separate the crab roe. Carefully removing the inedible part, he asked, "Does Ersu want vinegar?"

"Yes!" Ersu licked her mouth and looked at the red crab roe eagerly.

Li Sicheng took it in his hand and dipped it into a little vinegar. He deliberately teased her, "What do you call me?"

"Dad!" Li Jianyue had no principal or stance whatsoever. She stared at the crab in his hand and shouted, "Dad, I want to eat that!"

Li Sicheng was overjoyed and fed it to her. Li Jianyue directly opened her mouth and smiled happily. Su Qianci fed her a spoonful of rice and Li Jianyue also ate it, chewing busily.

Li Jianqian was eating his rice while looking at this side enviously. He looked at Luo Zhan and said, "Uncle Luo, I want crab too!"

Luo Zhan was busy eating his food and did not even glance at him. "Ask your father to crack it for you. He's really good at that."

Li Jianqian saw that he didn't want to help and became upset. He snorted and grabbed crab himself. But… Staring at the red crab, Li Jianqian did not know what to do.

Li Mosen looked at him with amazement and asked, "Do you crack it, Dasu?"

Li Jianqian felt that he was being provoked, and said with his face straight, "Of course, what is the big deal! Uncle Lu taught me once. It is very simple!"

Saying that, he touched the crab and shrank his hand back, being burned.

Li Sicheng was slowly peeling the crab, handing some crab roe to Su Qianci and said, "Eat more. This season has the best for crabs."

Su Qianci knew that he said that deliberately. She glanced at Li Jianqian and saw that his little face was wrinkled, his eyes were red, and he turned his head to stare at his father. He simply placed the crab on the table and refused to eat it!

He could choose not to have it. What's the big deal! Humph! Li Jianqian took the spoon and went to dig the meatballs not far from him, unwilling to call Li Sicheng dad.

The adults looked at each other and looked to Li Sicheng. He was eating elegantly, without any desire to help the kid with the crab.

Su Qianci nudged him and said, "Dasu also likes crabs."

"Oh, is that true?" Li Sicheng looked at Li Jianqian and asked, "Do you want it? Should I crack one for you?"

Li Jianqian looked away with his eyes red and said coldly with his tender voice, "No!"

"Oh, forget it then." Li Sicheng didn't mind him, peeled off a crab leg, dipped it in the vinegar, and handed it to Ersu.

Ersu happily ate it and shouted happily, "It is delicious. Thank you, Dad!"

Li Sicheng's smile became deeper, and he looked down at Li Jianqian. Su Qianci kicked him and motioned him to pamper the little guy.
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