The 99th Divorce Chapter 657: He Was a Drug Addic


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"The identity of Jing Sao is a police officer. She asked if I would like to be undercover with her. I was drugged by Tang Mengying and had addiction..."

"Were you an addict?" Li Beixing was shocked and glared at Li Sicheng.

Li Sicheng looked at Li Beixing and nodded.

Su Qianci thought of the voice she heard that night, Li Sicheng's pain and helplessness were all real! Clenching his hand, Su Qianci's heart was torn apart.

"Jing Sao promised to help me get clean, but the condition was that I must help her annihilate the drug trafficking gang. I promised. Later, we spent half a year getting me clean. With her help, I trained with the police, pretending to be imprisoned while collecting evidence of their crimes with the police."

Although the words he used were very simple, Luo Zhan could imagine how terrifying it must be. A bit shocked, he could not help but secretly think: only Li Sicheng could do that, if it were himself, he must have died there.

"Just last month, I tried to disclose information to her and let her help me cooperate with TL. This way, the time it took to defeat TL has been greatly shortened. Only when TL is taken care of first can we go deep into the Bo family. Sure enough, when TL was destroyed, the Bo Group started to transfer the goods. But because of this, I was exposed."

Listening to him, everyone was even more shocked.

"But it's good that everything ended well. Now I'm back." Li Si clenched the hand of Su Qianci, soothing her. His voice was low and soft. "Everything's fine now. Don't be afraid."

Captain Li immediately thought of the news that he saw this morning and asked, "The Bo Group you said, is it the Bo Musical Instruments? I heard that they escaped. What should we do now?"

Li Sicheng's eyes became deep and he said, "This is the drawback of my exposure. If we have half a month or a month, we can perfectly get rid of all of them. This action was still too hasty and mature. The top figure ran away, but they were having a hard time trying to protect themselves and will not come back in a short time."

More importantly, he has already set them up, as long as they couldn't wait and activate his trap, the people he had arranged could capture them at any time. He believed it would work out. Li Sicheng's eyes became deep as he thought about it.

Qin Shuhua cried and hit her husband. She said, "Sicheng has suffered so much outside, and you still want to beat him. Are you his father?"

Li Xiao sighed and did not speak.

Liu Sao was almost done in the kitchen, and she didn't know what they were talking about. Seeing such a heavy atmosphere, she said, "Come to eat. Would you call the children?"

"Then you will not go back later?" Li Xiao asked Li Sicheng.

He shook his head. "No, other things can be handed over to the police. It has nothing to do with me now."

"That's good. Let's eat!" Li Xiao stood up and the family quickly went to the table.

Su Qianci led the children to the dining room, and Li Jianqian's little face looked upset. Especially after seeing Li Sicheng sitting next to Su Qianci, he became even more pissed.
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