The 99th Divorce Chapter 656: Confession


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This unexpected roar made everyone shocked. The last time, in the study, when his father asked him to kneel, he did not. At that time, Li Sicheng stood up straight and said in a determined tone that he was not wrong. This time...

The look of Li Sicheng was unexpectedly calm. Pushing Su Qianci away gently, he bent his legs and went down on his knees. "Sorry, Dad, I am wrong."

Li Xiao looked at Li Sicheng admitting his mistake, and his breathing was even more hurried. He glared at him with red eyes. "Beixing! Get me my whip!"

"No need!" The old voice came through smoothly. Captain Li walked over with his cane. Staring at his grandson, he hit him two more times. "I have just beaten this b*****d boy dozens of times. Even my hands are sore now. You want to kill him?"

Li Xiao went up to hold his father's arm without speaking. Li Beixing glanced at them and pretended not to hear that. Li Xiao snorted and asked, "Where were you in these years?"

Li Sicheng was quiet for a moment, looked up at his father and asked, "Dad, can I stand up and tell you? My son is still inside. It would be terrible if he sees me like this."

Li Xiao was almost amused, trying not to kick him. Li Sicheng quickly looked away and stood up from the ground.

Su Qianci was afraid that he would fall, and quickly held him and called, "Father..."

When he saw this, Li Xiao snorted and looked upset, but he didn't say anything. Going to the sofa and sitting down, he asked, "I heard that the fire was very big that day. How did you escape?" More importantly, he seemed to be half-dead at the time, so serious that he couldn't move. How did he escape later? Not only Li Xiao, everyone was curious about this, waiting for his explanation.

Li Sicheng walked over and sat down opposite his father. Li Beixing and Li Jinnan sat together with Li Xiao. Su Qianci and Li Sicheng were sitting on a sofa with their grandfather. So they were all facing each other.

Luo Zhan sat on a chair and got himself some tea. He saw that Li Sicheng was not whipped and felt a little disappointed.

"I was saved by Tang Mengying."

The first sentence surprised everyone. In particular, Su Qianci felt shocked, grasping his hand.

Li Sicheng took her hand and said slowly, "She left and returned with Bo Xiao. He shot the police officer who was watching me, and then he and Tang Mengying carried me out. Rong Anna distracted the police officers who were chasing them and then went to pick them up. I was thrown into the trunk. Later they sent me to the small hospital. I was in a coma for a week in the hospital and then lying in bed for more than half a year."

The brief explanation was frightening, leaving everyone in silence. Liu Sao and Qin Shuhua were busy in the kitchen. Qin Shuhua came out with fruits and happened to hear the words of Li Sicheng, and her tears immediately fell. Putting the fruit on the table, she sat down by her husband's side, and her eyes were red.

The state of Su Qianci was not much better than her mother-in-law. She held the hand of Li Sicheng tighter and tighter.

"After I could move, they sent people to imprison me. I was detained for a year and a half. There was a maid who has been undercover for a long time in the Tang family. Her name is Jing Sao."
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