The 99th Divorce Chapter 637: The Meaning of Calla is Eternity 2


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Li Jianqian and Li Mosen gazed at each other while eating with their own spoons.

Su Qianci saw them doing that and couldn't help but ask after a few minutes, "What are you doing?"

"Focus competition!" Li Jianqian did not turn his head while using a spoon to eat porridge, chewing while watching Li Mosen. Li Mosen's movements were similar. He nodded and continued to eat. Su Qianci looked at the two little guys, laughing without a word.

Finally, they both finished their porridge, but the boys still watched each other.

"Are you done?" Su Qianci curiously came over.

Li Mosen shook his head "Unless one of us turn the head first."

Li Jianqian nodded and stared at Li Mosen. Su Qianci reached out and covered the eyes of Li Jianqian, and then turned his head to the side. Li Jianqian was dumbstruck, but immediately yelled, "Mom, you sabotaged my game! I lost!"

Li Mosen laughed, his blue eyes curling beautifully. Then he climbed down the stool and ran to the backyard.

Li Jianqian's dark pupils were full of reluctance. His tender little face became red, and he climbed down, shouting, "Don't run. This doesn't count!"

Li Jianyue looked at the two brothers running and gazed at Su Qianci. Blinking, she said, "Mom, I am full."

Su Qianci knew what she wanted to do at first glance, took a paper towel, and wiped her mouth. "Go."

Li Jianyue immediately climbed down from the stool and ran into the place where the two boys disappeared in small sandals.

When Su Qianci had finished eating, it was already eight o'clock. The tutor hired for the children had just came over. The tutor was a single mother, with only a high school diploma. She was more than 30 years old and had a child in middle school. Since her patience and love touched Su Qianci, she was chosen as the tutor of the children. After a few days, the children liked this tutor, and she decided to let her stay.

After saying hi to her at the door, Su Qianci drove to the company. Busy for a whole morning, she only straightened and stood up when lunch break started. Today, she was supposed to meet Lu Yihan in a high-end shopping mall. This was the best-performing shopping mall under the Li group in the city. She was ready to inspect the surrounding area after eating. The appointment was made at a Cantonese restaurant on the first floor of the mall. Out of the restaurant door, it was the south square of the mall, very large and lively.

When Su Qianci entered the private room, Lu Yihan had not arrived yet. About ten minutes from their agreed time, Su Qianci sat in the room and refreshed the Weibo page on her phone.

Suddenly, the waiter came in and knocked on the door. "President Su, there is someone looking for you outside."

"Who? Let him come in."

"Well, he hopes you can go to the square. Please come here."

Su Qianci was a little surprised and raised her eyebrow. What kind of tricks did Lu Yihan have to play? She took her purse and walked outside. The waiter took her to the South Square.

The square was empty. Su Qianci did not see Lu Yihan at all. Turning her head, she saw the waiter had already returned to the restaurant. Suddenly, a little boy ran over who looked like seven or eight years old, holding a flower in his hand. It was a calla lily.

"The meaning of Calla Lily is eternity."

Su Qianci took it, smiled a little and asked, "Who asked you give it to me?"

The little boy replied, "It is sir!"
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