The 99th Divorce Chapter 636: The Meaning of Calla is Eternity 1


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[At 2 am, a large amount of heroin was found in the warehouse of the Bo Musical Instrument Kingstown Branch. The president of the branch company had been investigated by the police. According to the investigation, there was a leader behind the president of the branch, who had escaped town overnight.]

The picture on TV was a scene of a large group of reporters surrounding an old man who looked like he was in his 50s or 60s.

[According to the investigation, the Bo Group had already faced a bankruptcy crisis seven years ago, and the loss was nearly 2 billion. It was the biggest crisis in the history of the company. Later on, it cooperated with an international company and then returned to life. The police had been conducting an investigation already. According to an insider, the fugitive is the only son of the head of the Bo Musical Instrument Corporation, who did not comment on this sudden change and has been under police control.]


The old man was watching with the remote control. He shook his head and sighed. "It's terrible. This family should have a good relationship with the Rongs in the capital. How did they suddenly get involved in drugs..."

Li Jianyue, Li Jianqian, and Li Mosen were having breakfast. Hearing great-grandpa say so, Li Jianyue took his small bowl and came over, asking in her sweet voice, "Great-grandfather, what is drug?"

"Drug is an awful thing. Don't touch it. It will ruin your life!" Captain Li said with a heavy heart and shook his head. "Ersu must remember that drugs can't be touched."

"Oh!" Li Jianyue held a small bowl and got herself some porridge, but while eating it, she dripped it onto her beautiful clothes. Li Jianyue looked down, pouted, and looked at the old man. "It's dirty now. What should I do?"

The old man laughed lovingly, took a few paper towels, wiped it off and said, "Come, great-grandpa will feed you."

"No, my mother said that I have to eat by myself, and I must wipe my own bottom. Otherwise, I will not grow up!" Holding a small bowl of porridge, she made a mess. When she saw the porridge falling on her clothes and the floor, Li Jianyue leaned back, and then the small bowl buckled on the floor. Li Jianyue saw it, pouted, and her pair of big eyes suddenly became wet. She cried and looked at Captain Li. "It dropped..."

The old man laughed, took the small bowl, put her on the sofa, picked up the paper towels and wiped the porridge off her clothes. "Liu Sao, clean up inside first!"

Liu Wei was outside, heard the old man shouting, and responded.

Su Qianci had just woke up and finished washing. Coming in, she looked at her watch. It was not even 7:30.

As soon as she came out, she saw a small bowl on the ground, and her daughter was looking miserable. Su Qianci felt a headache coming on. She was displeased and asked, "Li Ersu, what's this mess?"

Ersu licked her mouth, and tears came out of her big eyes. She sniffled and whispered, "I didn't mean it. The small bowl wanted to run. I couldn't catch it, so it fell."

"You!" Su Qianci couldn't help but laugh. She tidied things up and then went to the kitchen to get her a bowl. "Come, mom will feed you."

"Yeah!" Li Jianyue saw her mother was not yelling at her and was overjoyed. Carried by her pair of short legs, she moved off the sofa and ran to the dining room.
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