The 99th Divorce Chapter 1198: Tailing Yu Lili


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Yu Lili panicked and hastily covered her cell phone. When she turned her head, she saw suspicion clearly written all over Shen Zhilie's face. His expression suddenly changed as if he realized something. Yu Lili's guilty conscience became even heavier.

Everyone knew that she and Ou Ming had broken up, and Old Mrs. Shen had heard every word that Ou Ming had said to her. If they knew the caller was Ou Ming, that would make for an awkward scenario.

Yu Lili shook her head and replied, "Just a friend."

Although her actions were somewhat justified, Yu Lili felt guilty nonetheless.

Was this considered a lie?

It was a lie, but it could also be considered a white lie.

When she turned and came face to face with Ye Qianqian's expression of obvious suspicion, her guilty conscience flared up even more.

She took her phone and stood up, saying, "Give me a moment. I'm going to make a call."

Under the strange scrutiny of the three people, Yu Lili walked out of the dessert café and dialed the landline right away.

The call was answered very quickly, "Hello. This is the Sheraton Resort."

Indeed… Yu Lili unscrambled her mind for the correct words and said, "Hello, I am Miss Yu…"

Before Yu Lili could finish her self-introduction, the receptionist interrupted her and said, "Is this Miss Yu? Are you looking for Mr. Ou?"

"Yes," Yu Lili said.

"He is currently in the lobby of the hotel. The check-out time for his room has already passed. Please come to pick him up," the receptionist said.

Upon hearing this, Yu Lili felt guilty.

The receptionist on the line realized that Yu Lili wasn't speaking and continued. "It seems the Mr. Ou hasn't eaten at all today. He hasn't drunk anything either. The service staff here gave him some water and food, but he didn't touch anything."

That guy…

Yu Lili felt her heart ache momentarily at that news and asked, "Did no one come to the hotel today for him at all?"

"No. He's only asked for you today. No one else came for him," the receptionist said.

"I see. Thank you," Yu Lili said.

"You're welcome. Please hurry over. What Mr. Ou is wearing is way too thin. It's not too convenient for a blind man." With that last sentence, Yu Lili could identify the mild admonishment in the receptionist's tone.

A dull ache appeared in Yu Lili's heart. With a sound of affirmation, she walked back into the dessert café.

Under their questioning gaze, Yu Lili picked up her handbag and said, "I'm heading out for a while. I'll be back later."

"You're going to meet your friend from last night?" Old Mrs. Shen asked Yu Lili as if nothing was out of the ordinary. "Is it a male or female? Why don't you have Zhilie accompany you?"

At Old Mrs. Shen's suggestion, Shen Zhilie dutifully got up and agreed. "Yeah. Let me accompany you. You're not familiar with this place. It'll be better with a man by your side."

Yu Lili knew they were concerned for her, but she felt awkward about the place she was going and the person she was about to meet. How could she allow Shen Zhilie to accompany her?

She obstinately shook her head and laughed offhandedly as she said, "That's not necessary. I'll be right back. You guys go ahead."

With that, Yu Lili quickly strode out.

Old Mrs. Shen saw Yu Lili's flustered actions, and her suspicion increased.

Shen Zhilie just got up and said, "I think I'd better take a look. Go ahead and place your orders."

"What?" Ye Qianqian looked up in surprise. "You're going to tail her? I don't think that's a good idea."

"What do you mean by 'tail'?" Shen Zhilie asked "What I'm doing is being her security detail! What the h*ll do you know?"