The 99th Divorce Chapter 1197: Can You Get Any Beastlier?


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Ou Ming's statement carried a hint of grievance and resentment. He sounded so pitiable.

She had initially thought that he wouldn't be able to come to terms with his blindness. Never did she expect that he would embrace it so readily. The way he kept referring to himself as a handicapped person was even more enthusiastic than she.

"Didn't your mom come for you?" Yu Lili found that hard to believe. Given the "tiger mom" that Jiao Ziqing was, how could she have yet to reach him?

Ou Ming heard the suspicion in Yu Lili's voice and said with a shake of his head, "No."

"Why not?" Yu Lili asked.

"Are you sure you called my mom? You're not lying to me, are you?" Ou Ming asked. Before Yu Lili could reply, he said, "Lying to a handicapped person? Yu Lili, can you get any beastlier?"

Yu Lili was speechless.

"Come quickly. I'm borrowing the hotel's phone to make this call. If you don't come, I'll die of hunger here." With that, he hung up the phone.

What the h*ll? He hung up?

Yu Lili felt a sudden anger rising and laughed in disbelief.

Who is this guy to order me about?

He was the one who had chased her off to begin with. Now, here he was harassing her. What on earth? He could starve to death for all she cared. She'd gone hungry before, too.

Since they had already broken up, it was better to sever the ties cleanly. She had already notified his mother. Whether he lived or died now had nothing to do with her.

Yu Lili's eyes darkened. She switched off her phone and turned to her group of friends to resume the picnic.

Shen Zhilie noticed her sad face and offered some biscuits to her, asking along the way, "Who was that?"

"It's fine." Yu Lili picked up a biscuit and took a bite.

Ye Qianqian found it strange and asked as she took a sip of drink, "Don't tell me it's that friend who asked you out in the middle of the night last night? What kind of friend is that? Why are you so angry?"

It was just a random question, but once it was voiced aloud, Yu Lili's expression darkened even further.

Ye Qianqian saw Yu Lili's face and retracted her statement. "Just treat it as I didn't say a word."

"No," With the biscuit still in her mouth, Yu Lili reached behind for something to drink.

Old Mrs. Shen saw how upset Yu Lilli looked and quickly changed the topic, discussing where they were intending to go next.

When the four of them finished their picnic, the packed up their things and got into the car to head to the next famous tourist destination.

Yu Lili did not switch on her phone the entire time.

Everyone could tell that Yu Lili's attention was someplace else for the entire afternoon. Shen Zhilie thought that she was in a bad mood, so he took the three ladies to a dessert café.

"Rumor has it that when a woman is in a bad mood, desserts will cheer her up." Shen Zhilie passed the menu to Yu Lili and asked with a laugh, "Will ice cream do?"

The moment Yu Lili heard the word "ice cream," she felt unsettled. She picked up her phone and switched it on. She had 10 unconnected calls. Some were from a cell phone, and others were from a landline. All were local without any exception.

Did he still not have a meal yet?

She checked the time. It was past 4 p.m. If he didn't eat at all for the whole day, his stomach was going to suffer. What if… he starves to death?

Shen Zhilie was seated beside Yu Lili and he saw all the missed calls. He immediately asked, "Who's that?"