The 99th Divorce Chapter 1196: Abandoning A Handicapped Person


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Nothing else was said for the rest of the night.

Yu Lili slept until 9 a.m. When she turned around, she realized that Ye Qianqian was nowhere to be found.

She picked up her cell phone and opened her inbox. She immediately saw the message Ye Qianqian had left for her: [We're eating in the restaurant downstairs. Come down and join us when you wake up.]

The message had been sent five minutes ago. When she saw it, Yu Lili subconsciously thought of Ou Ming. He didn't have any money with him. Other than a hotel room, she hadn't left him with anything else. Not even a piece of clothing.

Yu Lili suddenly recalled that she had called and notified Ou Ming's mother of his whereabouts. He probably was home by now.

She sat up and yawned, feeling a little playful. It wasn't any of her business anyway.

Yu Lili took a shower and headed downstairs. She found the group and had breakfast with them. They headed out together for some sightseeing and fun.

In the early afternoon, they went to the beach. The salty breeze blew at them and made them all shiver from the chill.

Yu Lili and Ye Qianqian removed their shoes and walked toward the water. As she observed the tide coming and going, Yu Lili developed a suddenly apprehension toward the cold.

In the end, Ye Qianqian had to forcibly pull her into the water. The water was cold yet refreshing. The cold stung so hard that goosebumps rose all over Yu Lili, making her shiver.

Old Mrs. Shen looked over from afar and yelled out, "Lili, don't go down if the water is too cold! It's not good for your body!"

Yu Lili felt a warmth spread through her heart. She smiled brilliantly and waved to Old Mrs. Shen. "It's fine! It's not that cold!"

"Come over quickly! It's time to eat!" Old Mrs. Shen took out a huge backpack. "Let's have a picnic!"

Although the old lady wasn't young anymore, she still often displayed a childlike demeanor. When she had heard they were going to have a picnic, she was so excited she could barely contain it.

When Yu Lili saw that, she pulled Ye Qianqian along with her up the shore. They wiped their feet, put on their shoes, and ran over.

The moment they sat down, Yu Lili's phone started ringing. The number was that of a local landline.

Yu Lili took one look and seemed to guess something, but she wasn't sure. After all, Ou Ming's mother would have taken him home by now, right?

After a moment's hesitation, she answered the called. "Hello?"

"Hello. Am I speaking to Miss Yu?" It was a very professional-sounding lady.

Yu Lili replied in the affirmative, "Yes, it is I."

"Please wait a moment."

There was a moment of static before a male voice came through the phone. "Yu."

It was that person, without a doubt. Yu Lili's brows knitted together. She looked around her and stood up. She walked a distance before answering curtly, "What now?"

The other party didn't seem to detect the annoyance in Yu Lili's voice and answered straightforwardly, "I'm hungry, but I don't have any money for a meal."

"None of my damned business," Yu Lili retorted.

"You're the one who brought me here. Of course it's your business," Ou Ming stated confidently. He didn't seem like he was pleading for anything. "You had your identity registered yesterday, as well. I can report you for abandoning a handicapped person."

Abandoning a handicapped person?

The corners of Yu Lili's lips turned down. She couldn't believe what she had just heard. "Report me then. In any case, I've called your mom already. Have you mom foot your bill!"

"My mom didn't come," Ou Ming said. "I'm so hungry now that I'm about to faint. You can't torture a handicapped person this way!"